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CV-Library can generate impressive ad responses by advertising your clients' vacancies to a large number of highly targeted jobseekers and provide access to a CV Database that boasts in excess of over 8.5 million CVs.

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Registered Users

  1. Admin 1,153,350
  2. Retail 1,008,421
  3. Cust Service 906,714
  4. Sales 602,544
  5. Warehouse 584,836
  6. Construction 521,134
  7. IT 449,745
  8. Engineering 372,340
  9. Finance 165,965
  10. Automotive 148,267

Current Live Jobs

  1. Engineering 21,643
  2. Sales 16,553
  3. Construction 5,772
  4. Cust Service 17,653
  5. Automotive 4,064
  6. Finance 5,522
  7. IT 9,350
  8. Admin 9,894
  9. Retail 4,200
  10. Warehouse 1,786

Job Applications

  1. Admin 329,850
  2. Engineering 200,864
  3. Construction 140,502
  4. Sales 144,511
  5. Cust Service 118,913
  6. Retail 97,122
  7. Finance 110,879
  8. IT 75,149
  9. Warehouse 72,547
  10. Automotive 55,884

*Statistics correct as of 02/04/2014

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7.5 Million

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2 Million

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Rate card - £1,250

Offer Rate - £500

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Rate card - £2,250

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Rate card - £4,500

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Featured Job

  • Live for 28 days
  • Includes logo
  • Appears with "Featured" label in search results
  • Ranks higher on results page

HTML Email

  • Custom HTML email that targets up to 20,000 candidates
  • Targeted by keyword, job title, location, salary, language, age & industry
  • Best traffic driver on the site for relevancy & volume
  • Can link externally or back to jobs on CV-Library
  • Creative can be supplied OR built in house (at no extra cost!)

Candidate Banner

  • Target a selected audience with a banner in our candidate login area
  • Targeted by keyword, job title, location, salary, language, age & industry
  • Creative can be supplied OR built in house (at no extra cost!)

Plain Text eShot

  • Sent to 500 candidates
  • Candidates targeted on relevancy & most recently active

Keyword Button

  • Logo & job title highlighted on the first page of job results
  • Targeted on keyword (default by job title)

Display Job

  • Fully customisable HTML job advert
  • Receives higher conversion than any other job type
  • Appears as featured job on the results page
  • Creative can be supplied OR built in house (at no extra cost!)

Homepage Logo

  • Logo on the homepage, great for raising brand awareness

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TV Advertising

CV-Library TV advertising

Our TV advertising campaigns help us reach and target millions of active and passive candidates nationwide at peak viewing times.

We also advertise on on demand internet services and in gyms.

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CV-Library Pricing Information

CV-Library Pricing Information

CV-Library offers every single client a personalised, recruitment solution. We want to offer you the most cost effective solution whether you're recruiting one or 1,000 employees.

It's quick and easy to get a price. Just call our friendly sales team on 01252 810995. Alternatively, you can request a call back for a time convenient for you.

Our service isn't free but rest-assured that we are the most cost effective, leading job site in the UK. We currently work with over 4,000 companies and every client has a dedicated Account Manager and Client Response Coordinator who closely look after the account.

We'd love to chat to you about how we can support your recruitment campaign today or in the future; simply call us on 01252 810995.

"Their pricing is very competitive and for the service we receive, I would say CV-Library is excellent value for money." Maxim Recruitment Solutions

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