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TV, Tube, Train, Bus, Gyms and more, discover where CV-Library are advertising in 2015 to find even more candidates for your vacancies.

Discover more about where we are advertising in 2015

CV-Library Two Towers advertising in London

Two Towers London

Voted one of the best digital sites in the world in 2012, two, double-sided, synchronised digital screens on London's most prestigious arterial route offered CV-Library an unrivalled advertising impact.

The Two Towers West deliver one of the highest audience figures in the UK, 6,627,360 adults every two weeks and are key in targeting the illusive AB demographic.

The A4/M4/M3 connect central London to Heathrow Airport, the affluent suburbs of South West London and the home counties beyond.

CV-Library Two Towers advertising in London

The Torch London

With over 2.5 million pairs of adult eyes passing the Torch every 2 weeks, there is no doubting the exposure it offers CV-Library.

The M4 Torch is the height of a 7-storey building and is one of the largest commercial structures in the United Kingdom.

Displaying two high-resolution digital screens capturing both inbound and outbound traffic flows, its iconic shape and subtle LED lighting inspires digital desire on the busiest stretch of road between the City and Heathrow Airport.

CV-Library Two Towers advertising in London

North London Towers

The North London Towers, located as the M1 meets the North Circular at Brent Cross, are ideally placed to deliver a high impact message to our target audience of the capital's job hunters.

The Towers allow brands to 'think big' and push creative boundaries with the striking, dual advertising screens visible to inbound and outbound traffic on both sides of the road.

Benefitting from high volumes of traffic at all times of day and night, the impressive advertising opportunity promotes the CV-Library brand to millions of commuters and Londoners as they travel to and from work.

TV Advertising

Featuring alongside your favourite programmes on the most popular online and offline TV channels, our advert tells you why you should be using CV-Library for your job search.

CV-Library's adverts can be found on the following channels
National Rail

National Rail

Rail travel is hitting record levels with 20% more rail services running compared to 10 years ago. CV-Library regularly targets this growing commuter audience on train lines and station platforms throughout the UK.

Our train advertising panels are sleek and strategically located on carriages and station platforms for maximum commuter impact, particularly our new landmark sites which can't be missed!

Train advertising offers CV-Library high coverage and frequency of ABC1 commuters in a captive environment which delivers one of the best dwell times in outdoor, giving people enough time to think about their 'next job'…

Train lines include:

C2C, Govia Greater Northern, Govia Thameslink, First Great Western, Gatwick Express, London Midland, Southeastern, Stanstead Express and South West Trains.

Stations include:

Liverpool Central, London City Thameslink, Bristol, Bolton, Manchester, Oxford, Plymouth, Reading, Swindon, Sheffield, Newcastle Central

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National Rail
Trafford Tower, Manchester

Trafford Tower, Manchester

The Trafford Tower is located on a popular route in close proximity to the busy Manchester city centre, placing our advertising in an ideal location to capture the attention of candidates as they travel to and from the city and the airport.

Offering one of the largest portrait screens in the North, this prime advertising opportunity affords excellent long range visibility and a high quality audience of over 1 million adults every two weeks.

With frequent congestion in the area, this spot provides the added bonus of a greater depth of engagement as candidates wait in traffic and take in the CV-Library brand.

The double sided Trafford Tower can be seen by traffic heading in both directions, and is an integral advertising triumph in candidate engagement in the Northern regions of the UK.

London Underground Advertising

London Underground

The London Underground provides CV-Library with the opportunity to reach a professional audience as they commute to work across the Capital. The London Underground is a significant and iconic opportunity, with 3.5 million passenger journeys a day that connect our adverts with commuters.

We advertise on all lines, and at over 36 stations including the following:

  • Baker Street
  • Bank
  • Barbican
  • Canary Wharf
  • Cannon Street
  • Charring Cross
  • Euston Square
  • Fulham Broadway
  • Hyde Park Corner
  • Temple
  • Kings Cross St Pancras
  • Liverpool Street
  • London Bridge
  • Waterloo
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London Underground Advertising

"CV-Library are leading the way in their use of out of home advertising with Exterion Media and have been the most active recruitment website in the last 12 months.

Their coverage across the London Underground network this year spanned 36 major stations and provided comprehensive and impressive exposure - we're working hard to help them expand their marketing reach across multiple media channels throughout 2015."

Paul Cranwell, Director, Exterion Media

CV-Library advert in gyms nationwide


We run both TV and Six Sheet poster advertising in over 600 leading gyms across the country.

Our gym advertising provides us with the opportunity to engage with the active and hard to reach professionals who like to keep fit across all the countries leading health clubs.

Gyms which our TV advert will be seen in
CV-Library bus advertising

Bus Advertising

Everyone knows that buses move, but did you know that a bus can cover 700 miles every week? Buses draw in pedestrians as they walk down the high street whilst gaining direct responses from the customers that travel on them. That's 5.2 billion passenger journeys across the UK each year!

Our engaging interior panels and 13ft long street-liners can't be missed. CV-Library featured on buses across the country in major city locations including Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle, Leeds and Sheffield.

CV-Library bus advertising
Other CV-Library advertising activity

Online Advertising

Being an online business, CV-Library uses a multitude of online banners, adverts, publications, platforms and social media to drive the high levels of online traffic required to keep our site as effective as it is.

A selection of our regular partners is shown below, but we are constantly looking for and taking new opportunities with key industry and lifestyle publications.

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Criteo
  • Sky Media ads
  • Yahoo Gemini ads
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Other CV-Library advertising activity

Other Activity

CV-Library continues to diversify its presence by undertaking new forms of advertising to increase brand exposure and drive more candidates to apply.

Some of our other campaigns include advertising in motorway service areas, city bars and the University Paper.

Other CV-Library advertising activity