The Week in News: UK Employment Round Up – 31/10/14

Time for a break from your job search? Check out our run down of the news which caught our attention from the UK employment industry this week.

‘No job’ families number plummets

There has been a record fall in the number of UK families where all members are unemployed, research has suggested. Households with no working adults dropped by 1.4% in Q2 of this year.

US Army could be forced to relax recruitment rules

The US Army is notoriously hard to get into, and with the pool of eligible males at an all time low due to age, obesity and health problems, they may be forced to relax their entry requirements. The US Army is currently focussed on a huge recruitment drive aimed at identifying 6,000 cyber-focussed personal over the next two years.

Halloween gives economy ghoulish boost

Celebrations for Halloween could see the UK economy grow in excess of £330m.  Pumpkins, fancy dress items and decorations now tot up far larger profits for retailers than Bonfire Night.

cv library in the newsCV-Library is now helping 8 million people find their next job! Read our article in Onrec about this landmark acheivement, and our tips for recruiters on treating candidates well this Christmas.

Is the UK workforce getting healthier?

Or perhaps we’re just more scared to take time off of work. A recent report has found that staff took less than one day off work in the last 12 months for colds and flu, on average. This is a vast difference to 2008, when staff took five days off for similar ailments on average.

Scottish tourism job industry up by 16%

The number of tourism jobs available in Scotland has increase by a massive 16% in the last year alone. This can be attributed to a number of high profile events such as The Ryder Cup and The Commonwealth Games.

Tesco pledges support for our Armed Forces

Tesco has become the first UK supermarket to sign up to the Corporate Covenant, a venture by businesses to provide positive support for Armed Forces personnel, including discounts and deals. There are currently around 300 other companies involved in the venture.

And some news from across the pond….

A study in Oregon has found haunted house and corn maze Halloween workers can earn up to $12.69 an hour but as little as $9.05.

see you next week

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Workplace Mistakes to Avoid this Halloween

career-savvy-halloween-sept14Here at CV-Library, we like to celebrate the Halloween holiday by dressing up and transforming our office into a woeful workplace. However, it is possible to go too far when it comes to frightening festivities. Here are our top workplace mistakes to avoid this Halloween!

  • Trick or treating your boss as soon as they walk in the door
  • Assuming that it’s fancy dress without checking first
  • Answering the phone in your best vampire voice
  • Bobbing for apples in the kitchen sink
  • Turning your desk into a pumpkin carving station

Happy Halloween from everyone at CV-Library!

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Least Stressful Jobs

savvy stress

Demanding deadlines, regular travel and inadequate growth potential can cause increased stress levels for workers. Although the following professions are not anxiety-free, recent studies suggest that they’re certainly the best pick of the bunch. Read the newest blog from Career Savvy.


£19,500-£29,500 per annum
The working environment is the key factor in determining this profession’s position on CareerCast’s list of ‘The Least Stressful Jobs of 2014’. As a librarian there’s no need to face the temperamental weather outside: you will be able to work comfortably in a public library, or perhaps one situated in an educational institution/large company. This role also provides you with the opportunity to help others on a daily basis. Regularly receiving thanks for your services will not only establish a positive working environment, but also allow you to maintain a high level of job satisfaction, helping you to feel less stressed while at work.

Hair Stylist

£14,000-£30,000 per annum
Imagine what it would be like to work alongside your friends in a sociable environment. Well according to most hair stylists, this is exactly what they experience on a day-to-day basis. Their job to help people improve their image enables them to feel rewarded, as well as providing them with the opportunity to build relationships with clients. There’s no battling the elements outside or sitting silently in a cramped office, instead you’re able to chat away with both your customers and colleagues about the weather or what’s on TV tonight. You can even relieve the stress from your home life by getting things off your chest at work! Unless you’re the owner of a salon, your work day is regulated by set hours and you’re not required to meet any targets or overhead costs. Plus, you can even receive a tip for your hard work from happy customers.


£20,000-£40,000 per annum
This role also enables its employees to assist others, this time with their health. Once again, the rewarding feeling gained from the ‘thank yous’ you receive throughout your working week will help keep job satisfaction levels high and reduce anxiety. Your hard work goes towards the greater good as you help people to adopt and maintain a better lifestyle, therefore you can finish each day knowing you’re making a considerable difference to people’s lives. Furthermore, as the ‘baby boomers’ become older the demand for your services will increase, so a healthy growth in this profession is expected in the next few years.


£20,000-£40,000 per annum
In this role your job is to assist those with hearing difficulties to overcome or manage them via various methods, such as using hearing aids and learning how to lip-read. As well as being fulfilling thanks to your ability to help others, this career is also quite autonomous. If you work in a private practice, clients pay you directly and you avoid the majority of hefty paperwork associated with the healthcare sector. If that wasn’t enough to keep your stress levels to a minimum, then the incredible growth expected in this sector should certainly help. It seems that many of those in the profession are reaching retirement age fairly soon, so the need for more workers in this profession will be high.

Visit CV-Library to find your next job!

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How to Get Interview Confident


Preparing yourself for that upcoming interview is one thing, but making sure you’ll be 100% interview confident on the day is an entirely different challenge. Studies have shown that confident people perform better in interpersonal situations including interviews, so we’ve compiled some helpful advice to guide you through to complete interview confidence.


Dress to perform

If you’re wearing an ensemble that makes you feel comfortable, you’re more likely to feel confident in your interview. Meeting your potential employer for the first time is a lot like any other social meeting – if you had to go to a party dressed in a bin bag, you’d find it harder to be yourself, right? Similarly, attending an interview in an uncomfortable, unseemly outfit is not going to make you feel your best. Choose something to wear that makes you feel good, and there will be one less thing for you to worry about.


Plan for everything

Eliminate last minute nerves by thoroughly planning for every hurdle. Prepare answers for every question you can think of, and use the internet to do a little research on your interviewer. Make sure you eat beforehand – hunger can be a big distraction. Don’t book another engagement directly before or after your interview, so you won’t be pressed for time if things run over. Most importantly, plan and re-plan your route just in case traffic or public transport lets you down on the day.


Rope in a friend

If you get particularly nervous about interviews, ask a friend or family member to support you throughout the process. This works especially well if you know someone with a lot of experience of performing well in interviews. Use them to discuss ideas, practise interview responses and if needs be – ask them to travel with you and wait in a local coffee shop so they can help keep you calm before and after the interview.


Perfect the art of waiting in reception

Your interview effectively starts the moment you walk through the door. If you’re unsure how to navigate the nerve-wracking wait in reception, you may feel your confidence slip. Aim to arrive 15 minutes early, no more and no less. If offered a glass of water – take one – you may not get another chance once your interviewer turns up. If there is literature on offer, have a light browse – it will show your interest and you may pick up an interesting fact or two to discuss in your meeting. Don’t play on your phone or make a call during this time – you don’t want to be mid-conversation when you’re called in!


If you haven’t registered your CV with us yet, you could be missing out on being headhunted by a local recruiter with your dream opportunity! Create your account today, or search over 100,000 vacancies on CV-Library.

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Five ways to find out if you’re in the wrong job


Do you ever feel completely in the wrong place, like you’re not reaching your full potential and your colleagues just don’t understand? Every day, hundreds of people will find themselves wondering, “am I in the wrong job?” Perhaps you’re one of them. Find a career that’s right for you, and you could see a massive increase in your job satisfaction, productivity and general wellbeing.


Read on for CV-Library’s tips for figuring out whether you’re in the wrong job, or take our fun Ideal Career Quiz to help you find out what sort of job could be right for you.

Ask yourself some important questions

Set aside some time for some in-depth soul searching. Ask yourself open-ended questions such as: How do I feel about going to work in the morning? How happy do I feel in my current job? How can I describe my attitude towards work? How is my relationship with my colleagues and boss, and do I feel appreciated? Which jobs do I dream about doing? Do I have any friends with careers I envy? Be honest with yourself about your answers, and you should begin to see a picture of your job satisfaction emerge.

Match your skills to your role

Write a list of all of the skills you have – personal, interpersonal and professional. Now, put a tick next to all of those you regularly use within your job. This exercise should help you realise how well-matched your career and aptitudes are. Having a chance to make the most of your natural skills is an important part of any job.

Visualise your life plan

“When I grow up I want to be…” is a common phrase you may have used as a child. If you think you could be in the wrong job, it’s time to get reflective. Imagine your five, twelve or sixteen year old self. Where would they have wanted to be at this stage in your life? Are you living your dream, or far from it? Sometimes, reflecting on the hopeful aspirations of your inner child is the only way to figure out exactly where it is you want to be.

Ask for a second opinion

We all have one – that friend, partner or family member who is occasionally compelled to declare that they know you better than you know yourself. It is this person who can become very valuable whilst you figure out your next career move. Ask what they think your opinion of your job is – you may be surprised by how much of what you say they’ve absorbed, and what their answer is.

Consider the culture

Whilst the actual day-to-day work involved in your job is important, deciding factors which should not fall outside of your consideration include: whether you get along with your colleagues, whether you’re comfortable in the environment, whether you respect your boss and vice versa, whether your job allows an agreeable work/life balance, and whether the remuneration is adequate for your lifestyle. If these key factors are causes for consideration, it could be time to consider a career move.

Search for your next perfect job with CV-Library, or read more from our blog.

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“I hate my job!” Read our five simple steps for transforming that loathing into love


Search volumes from Google Trends suggest more and more of us are telling the search engine, “I hate my job.” So, how about transforming that loathing into love? Our tips, below, have been designed to help you fall back in love with your career.


Make every day a good day

We all have them – good days. Those days when you’re full of energy and brimming with ideas. Wouldn’t it be great if every day could be like that? Well, it can be. Eliminate bad days by ensuring you’re sleeping, eating and exercising well. Take vitamins if you need. Ensure you’re giving yourself enough time for socializing and personal projects. Create a positive work/life balance, and you’ll find that the time you’re spending at work will become much more productive. Remember, a healthy body equals a healthy mind, and a good platform for doing your best work.


Become indispensable

First stop – identify how your business could benefit from your unique aptitudes. Through networking and an inquisitive nature, carve a niche for your skills and aim to become the ‘go to’ person for what you have to offer. Great with computers? Have a flair for words? Endowed with an unparalleled network of useful business contacts? Make sure your colleagues – and bosses – know what you can bring to the table, above and beyond your job role. Become indispensable by spreading the wealth of your knowledge and talents with others. Your efforts will be noticed and rewarded.


Avoid workplace obstacles

Every path to career success is littered with obstacles; you just have to know how to overcome them. Think back over your working life, are you able to identify hurdles that have stood in your way, tripped you up, or dragged you down? Usual suspects include: being overly affected by workplace stress, having to deal with toxic colleagues, succumbing to office gossip, taking criticism too personally, allowing personal drama to get in the way of your concentration, and battling a lack of motivation. Figure out where your weak spots lie, and do what you can to stop them affecting you again in the future.


Assess your workload

Many people fail to perform their best because they’re either taking on too much or too little work. Too much, and you’re overworked and not giving your full attention to each project. Too little, and you’ve got time to spare and could be getting bored at work. If you feel that there’s a discrepancy with what you’re doing and your optimum workload, it could be time to have an honest chat with your manager. Angle your discussion so that they understand you want to do your best for the business – if you want to ask for less work, tell them it’s because you want to dedicate more time to each endeavour, thus improving quality. If you think you should be given more work, tell them you’re happy to undergo frequent reviews to check you’re keeping up. Either way, they will value your insight. Managers love employees who are able to intelligently monitor their own workload.


Be community-minded

A workplace is like any other community. Treat your colleagues like neighbours and you will cultivate an environment which is far more enjoyable for you and those around you. Little things like bringing in some treats to share or offering to make a round of tea will go a long way. Why not volunteer to organise work events, look after the office plants, or become the point of contact for first aid advice? Suggesting – and where appropriate, implementing – beneficial changes to the work environment will be appreciated by your colleagues and not forgotten when it comes to your next appraisal.


Visit CV-Library’s award-winning job board to search over 110,000 UK vacancies or read more from the CV-Library blog.


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The Week in News: UK Employment Round Up – 24/10/2014

Time for a break from your job search? Check out our run down of the news which caught our attention from the UK employment industry this week.

Newcastle filmmakers focus on disabled job hunt

Young filmmakers in Newcastle have showcased their latest work centering around employment for disabled people. The Beacon Hill Art Centre showed The Devil of Jobs, The Apprenta-ship, The Interview Saga and Don’t Make Me Angry, which were aimed at educating and entertaining the audience.

UK Job centres to see digital revamp

Job centres across the UK will see government-funded changes including electronic pads that recognise signatures, new PC stations and free wifi. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), which runs the job centres, estimates that installing the computers will save over £2m per year.

Egg-freezing for female staff will not work in the UK

Tech giants Apple and Facebook have announced initial plans to offer egg-freezing to female employees as a benefits option, allowing them to hold off starting a family until later in life. Experts in the UK have warned that due to the fierce war of talent in London, such strategies would never be adopted over here.

More women in work than ever before!

George Osborne has announced that 67% of the female population of working age are now in jobs, the highest figure ever recorded in this country. There are now 14.4m women in the workforce, and government plans aim to bring a further 450,000 in the near future.

cv library in the newsCrystal Umbrella - online services for the freelance and contracting community has reported on CV-Library‘s most recent job market findings. Read the article about London’s massive post-summer hike on employment opportunities here.

Strongest growth in 6 years for car manufacturing

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has announced that the UK car manufacturing industry is in the midst of its strongest run of growth in 6 years. Over 1.1 million cars were produced in the UK in the first nine months of this year alone, with that figure set to increase over the winter months.

A quarter of Homebase stores to close

DIY store chain Homebase is to close a quarter of its stores over the next three years, potentially affecting thousands of jobs. The chain currently employs more then 17,000 people.

And some news from across the pond…

Starbucks has joined forces with the mayor of Baltimore City, Maryland, to address employment amongst the local youth. The coffee chain will host employment events whilst also offering recruitment opportunities of their own.

see you next week


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How to Balance your Career with Kids

careerbalancing picIn this new blog from Career Savvy, the team look at how to balance your career with kids.

A recent study carried out by 4Children found that 47% of the parents asked had considered leaving their jobs to care for their children full-time. If childcare is a concern for so many, what measures can you take to help balance your working life and parenthood?

Kids Clubs

Kids normally finish school when the majority of people are still in work. Fortunately, most schools run after-school activities, ranging from sports, to art and music. The majority of children will attend an extra-curricular club each week anyway, so doing so straight after school will not mean less time spent together. Plus, you’ll have more quality time with your child in the evening if they do their activities while you are at work. Also consider the benefits it will have for your child: they can learn a new skill, make new friends and develop in a multitude of ways.

Flexible Working

As new regulations allow any employee of at least six months to request flexible working (read more here) more parents are finding it easier to arrange their career around parental responsibilities. Flexible working can involve re-arranging your hours or working from home. You can potentially organise a later start so you can take your kids to school/nursery or an earlier finish to collect them. If flexible working isn’t currently on offer in your workplace, you’ve got nothing to lose by asking your employer whether it can become an option.

Working From Home

With many offices making the transition to cloud-based computing, working from home is easier than ever in a technical capacity. Of course, working from home doesn’t allow you to give your undivided attention to a child, so it’s a lot to take on when looking after a baby, for example. But as kids become slightly older, it can be the perfect solution. A combination of office and home working during the week is preferable to many, as those with small children can synchronise their office days for when their children are at nursery.

If you’d like to find out more on this topic, read our blog on getting back into work after maternity leave.

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Top 10 Awkward Office Moments You Won’t See On The Apprentice


Are you one of the thousands of people across the UK working in an office job focussing on anything from administration, to sales, to finance, to customer service? If so, you’ll probably agree with us that real life is nothing like The Apprentice!

Working in such close proximity with the same people day in, day out, can lead to some pretty cringe-worthy situations! Below is our list of top awkward office moments you won’t see on The Apprentice. How many can you identify with?


1 –Walking behind someone down a particularly long corridor, and having to say thank you every time they hold one of the many doors open for you.


2 – Being asked to transfer a call but having no idea how, so having to randomly mash buttons until you completely cut the caller off. Maybe you should just avoid answering the phone altogether.


3 – Having no choice but to stubbornly hover behind the person using the microwave, because you’d really like to heat your lunch up next and there’s no way you’re going to let anyone else nip in there before you.


4 – Receiving an unmarked birthday card on your desk and having no idea who it’s for, so writing the most generic message possible – “Good luck, you.”


5 – When someone uses your pen and forgets to bring it back. What do you do? Stay silent and rue the day you let them borrow anything of yours, or make a point of going over and asking for it back – even though it seems incredibly petty? Of course, you could easily go and get a new one from the stationery cupboard– but it’s the principle of the matter!


6 – When you friend request a colleague on social media and they don’t respond, ever… but you can clearly see them logging into their account every day.


7 – Realising that you’ve been saying someone’s name wrong for the whole time you’ve known them. Like really, really wrong. Like calling Jennifer ‘Helena’ kind of wrong. There’s no going back from that!


8 – Being forced to make small talk with that person you really don’t like because you both got up to make a round of tea at the same time. So how are the kids?


9 – Accidentally touching someone’s hand at the photocopier/ water cooler/ paper towel dispenser.


10 – Spraying a considerable amount of water up yourself at the sink and then having to do the walk of shame back to your desk looking like a messy child.


If you’re looking for your next office job, check out top job board CV-Library’s current vacancies, or visit our blog!

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My Boss Added Me On Facebook! Social Media at Work


The use of social media at work is fast becoming the norm, with employees connecting up on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn and XING, and even using social hubs such as G+ to maintain intra-business communications.

However, there are many social networking sites which are best kept separate from work!

Facebook – the, ‘look at this hilarious photo of me doing shots through my eye’ offender, Twitter – the, ‘look what I had for dinner, again’ network and Instagram – the ‘look how attractive I am in high contrast’ app are all fantastic fun when utilised for non-professional purposes.

However, when the lines between work and social media become blurred, the consequences can be dire. So, if you have fallen into the trap of (either willingly or begrudgingly) acquiring your bosses’ online friendship, here’s how best to manage that relationship!


Follow suit

It’s a good idea to figure out your boss’s online behaviour towards you, and follow suit. If they’re posting links on your wall, commenting on your statuses and re-tweeting your nuggets of wisdom, then feel free to reciprocate. If they’ve not gone out of their way to interact with you online then it’s best to keep that “Which Game of Thrones Character Are You?” quiz to yourself.


Hide as much as you can

We’re not saying delete all your holiday snaps and funny videos, but do make use of the settings which allow you to choose who sees what. Similarly, if you’re creating an event and inviting work colleagues – but not your boss – make sure it’s set to private to avoid causing offence.


Only discuss work positively

If you’re usually one for having a little moan about how tough your day was – it’s time to nip that behaviour in the bud. If you want to rant about any aspect of your working life then keep it to private messages between friends.


Watch out for sick days and late nights

Not that we’re suggesting you’d ever pull a sickie, but if you are taking legitimate time off work make sure your online presence doesn’t suggest otherwise! If you’re at home with the flu don’t spend your day playing Candy Crush (and publishing the results) – you’re supposed to be recuperating. Similarly, if you’re out late on a Sunday night don’t let the world know about it – if you’re a little off your game on Monday morning it’s best your boss thinks this is down to working – rather than partying – hard.


Review all tags

As well as the content you upload, you must also be wary of what your friends are adding to your profile. Sod’s law dictates you’ll be tagged in something incriminating on a day you have no internet access. You won’t notice it going up, but by the time you log in that evening you’ll wishing you’d been able to review that tag ASAP! There’s a setting which allows you to review every photo and status you’re included in before it appears on your timeline. Best use it.


For more workplace nuggets of wisdom, visit top job board CV-Library’s blog or browse our vacancies.


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