World Teachers’ Day

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World Teachers’ Day, falling on 5th October, aims to shed light teachers’ contribution to society through providing quality education for students on all levels. It draws on the notion that education is essential to every person around the world and we should all have a right to it. This global day encourages countries and their respective teachers’ unions to organise events and conferences to support this cause.

The United Nations is heavily involved in promoting and supporting World Teachers’ Day. British teachers’ unions such as The National Union of Teachers and The National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers are supporting the Education International campaigns, aiming to:

  • Secure quality education for all
  • Secure the achievement of the 2015 Millennium Development Goals for education
  • Secure quality education as part of global action by governments worldwide beyond 2015

With recent attacks on wages and the working conditions of teachers, the work of education professionals is being severely undermined. However, there is hope. Just last month, Scottish teachers secured a pay rise of 1.5 per cent for this year, with a 1 per cent rise the following year.  English and Welsh teachers however are still sitting tight, waiting to hear news on their potential 1-2 per cent pay rise.

It is these fluctuating conditions that are likely to be influencing the education jobs market. August statistics show that jobs in the education sector have grown by 41.2 per cent year on year. However, applications are something to be desired. August statistics also reveal that there is a 20.3 per cent deficit for applications per job. With World Teachers’ Day an annual event across the globe promoting the value of quality teaching and the British government supporting the financial demands of education professionals, increased application rates over the next few years look promising.

Interested in teaching? Browse our Education Jobs.

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Improve Your Office Day

Desktop mix on a wooden office table.

In light of National Improve Your Office Day on 4th October, CV-Library has some key ways to brighten up the office to keep it a comfortable and productive working space for all.

Get organised

Is your in-tray overflowing and the contents edging towards the end of your desk? Do you even have an in-tray and have instead acquired an avalanche of assorted paperwork? Regardless of your answer, give your desk a clear out. All that additional paperwork is either going to cause confusion as you sift through your documents or it is going to make you ill as it gathers a layer of dust.

Why not raid the stationary cupboard too? Restock your pen pot and desk drawers with all the necessary equipment, that way you won’t be drifting around the office at a later date trying to find a lonely stapler.

Know your desk mate

For some offices, a desk move is a monthly occurrence. Regardless of who you’re sitting next to or how long you’ve known them for, get to know them properly! We’re spending about 40 hours a week in work and that’s a huge chunk of our time. By getting to know who’s in your office environment and forming those relationships, it makes coming into work that little bit brighter. Why not try organising an office get-together every month?

Get back to nature

When we’re sat at our desks all day, it is advisable to get outdoors for some fresh air. But what if the outdoors was brought inside? Natural light is known to increase productivity as it generally makes us feel better. In addition, why not introduce some plants into the office? Plonking some greenery on your desk can quite often be a distraction from a clinical, structured environment where it’s all cables and screens.

Create a good routine

Knowing what you’re doing and when you’re doing it is the key way to an enjoyable and productive day at work. Get in the habit of creating a to-do list at the end of every day, that way in the mornings you can start your day in peace rather than frantically flapping through your notebook trying to organise your priorities.

In addition it is important to plan your snack times. This may sound ridiculous with a busy day ahead of you, but a regularly fed and watered body is the number one way to increase brain power and avoid those afternoon slumps. By creating a routine with markers such as snacks, it will be easier to manage work in bite-sized chunks rather than panic as time runs away from you, therefore creating a perfect and personalised office environment.

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5 ways to expand your skills set

Skills Expertise Ability Capabilities Office Working Accounting

Feeling a bit static in your current job and fancy a change? Or do you want to push yourself a little more to see what you’re capable of? Spending some time expanding your skills set is the perfect way to prepare for either of these moves, and it will even give you time to decide if changing your role is the best decision after all.

Here are five ways you could expand your skills set while maintaining full-time employment.

Learn someone else’s job

Most days you’re probably working with your head down in your own little world and are completely oblivious to what everyone else is really doing. However, there are plenty of benefits to peering over a colleagues shoulder every now and again and finding out what they’re doing day-to-day. If you think their duties sound interesting and exciting then you could offer to lend a hand with upcoming projects or tasks. Not only will your fellow employee be eternally grateful for your assistance, but there is the opportunity to learn a new job too. It’s the easy way to gain brand new experiences to update your CV with.

Take a class

Another strong way to expand your skills set is by taking a training course. This could be something closely linked to your current position that may help you progress, or it might be a class completely unrelated to your job but is a highly desirable skill all-round. These courses take time to complete, but today many courses can be completed online and at your own pace, and they still provide a brand new qualification when you’ve reached the finish line. Why not take a look at CV-Library’s Training Courses?


Volunteering is a great way to expand your skills set, but like Training Courses, you need to be able to dedicate time to the cause. Not only does volunteering exhibit values of dedication to employers, but there is a chance for new skills and experiences develop. You could also create a strong network of connections that can direct you to other career opportunities should you desire.

Attend industry events

Now you may be thinking, “I can’t possibly do all this while working full time!” Well hold your horses there are other options. Why not attend an industry conference or event that is closely related to your role? They are the perfect way to learn while managing that busy schedule. Not only can you learn a selection of new skills at these events through workshops and the like, but there is the opportunity to network with other professionals in your industry that could land you your next job!


Asking your manager for learning and development opportunities might seem like an obvious solution to expanding your skills set, but so many of us believe that it is simply too much hassle and don’t bother. Most companies have career development plans that allow staff to use some time at the office for training. Make a case and prove to your manager how beneficial some time away from your desk to attend a training course will be for both you and the business. To help strengthen your case, you could research some external learning opportunities to help ease with cost and even take a few of your co-workers along too.

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Britain’s most bizarre jobs!

Thought a professional working career meant taking a desk job? Think again. There are plenty of wonderfully weird jobs out there that are certain to offer decent wage, complete career satisfaction and even raise a few eyebrows here and there too. Job hunting just got interesting.

We conducted research amongst 700 of the country’s recruiting experts to expose the most bizarre jobs. They shared their favourite job roles with us and we’ve collected our top 10. Why don’t you see which one takes your fancy?


Cricket Mascot – Warrington: £7.00/hour
Green gecko

Seeking an outgoing and self-motivated individual to become Lizzie the Lizard, the mascot for a local cricket team. You must be physically fit as you will be required to wear a substantial lizard suit and stand for lengthy periods of time. Fly catching skills not necessary.


 Strolling Elf – Watford: £6.50/hour

Happy elf.

Fancy living in winter wonderland? Seeking a joyous individual to roam grottos far and near, you’ll invite children to see Santa Claus and be spreading Christmas cheer.


 Empty office-sitter – London: £8.00/hour

Lonely Chair

Want to work in an office where you have all the freedom? Looking for a responsible and dedicated person to look after empty office building. Tea and coffee will be provided.


 Trainee Banana Ripener – Kent: £20000/annumLittle Girl Preparing Breakfast In A White Kitchen

Looking for an individual with an interest in fruit. You will be working in the ripening rooms to ensure the bananas are of the appropriate quality to meet customer expectations.


Trumpeter – Preston: £10/hour

Handsome young jazz man

Skilled and passionate brass musician wanted. Must have their own instrument, be able to sight read and solo on demand.


Erection Specialist – Welwyn Garden City: £14000/annum

Garden With Old Wooden Fence

Looking for an experienced fence erector to join our friendly team. You will be responsible for erecting fences including wood and metal palisade installations.


Roadkill Cleaner – Farnham: £7.00/animal

Wildlife Crossing In Australia

Street cleansing operative required. Must have a positive attitude to a physically demanding role. Must be flexible to work in all weather conditions.


Sandwich Artist – Bristol: £6.50 – £7.00/hour

Lunch Break

Looking for an enthusiastic individual to master the art of sandwich making and thrive in a fast-paced environment. You will be required to create unique sandwiches to customer specification. No experience necessary.


Disney Site Manager – Anaheim, CA: £75000/annum

Disney Site Manager

Looking for an experienced individual to run Tomorrowland at Disneyland Park. You must be passionate and dedicated to work in an innovative environment with the aim to create magical experiences and personal stories for all.


Bull Head Catcher – York: £230/week

Wheel Barrow Isolated On A White Back Ground

Require an individual to support slaughtermen. Must be physically fit to assist with moving heavy loads and have a strong stomach. Experience preferable.


So there you have it! Just remember that if you’re getting tired of your office job, there’s certainly plenty of beautifully bizarre roles out there if you fancy a more eccentric career.

Looking for a new job? Visit CV-Library.

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World Tourism Day

Travel or tourism concept. Passport, airplane, airtickets and de

In the run up to World Tourism Day on Sunday 27th September, we thought we’d play the devil’s advocate and talk to you about the perks of travelling and tourism if you’re not already working, and how you can get out and see more of the world if you are!


If you’re straight out of college or university and haven’t quite settled on a career yet, now is the time to travel! You’ll most likely have minimal responsibilities, and it is a great time to get out there before your circumstances change. When you come back and decide to settle down into a job, your CV will thank you too – travelling and learning to overcome language barriers, as well as adapting to a variety of different cultures can go a long way with employers!


Work abroad

If you’re already settled down in a job but your feet are starting to itch, why not find out if you’re missing out on opportunities to travel with work. Is there any way that you could travel more with the company, or does your company have offices in other corners of the globe that you could transfer to? Take note here, though, that you should approach this situation with caution; it is one thing to show your interest in travelling and seeing new places with work, but you don’t want your boss to think you’re no longer a team player, and let you go altogether!


Learn something new

If you fancy learning something new but don’t know where to start, fear no more – why not have a look at our tourism-based training courses. Updating your CV with some new skills could be just what you need, and with most courses offering e-books, audio books and online resources, you can more often than not learn in your free time, at your own pace!


Fancy a career change?

If you’ve been thinking about a career change but are yet to make the leap, why not consider a new career in travel and tourism. By clicking here, you can browse almost 1,000 jobs in the travel and tourism industry! You never know, you might just find your dream job, and you’ll be broadening your horizons within no time.

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How to handle difficult co-workers

Business Concept Conflict Megaphone

Unfortunately, one of the side effects of being in a working environment is dealing with difficult co-workers. This could be a regular occurrence or an occasional incident, but either way, they impact greatly on your work-life. It’s easy to point the blame and expose your temper in moments of conflict, but here’s some ways to handle disputes professionally.

Be considerate

When trying to resolve an issue with a difficult co-worker, be mindful that we all have bad days. It may be the case that a colleague is going through a tough time outside of work which may be impacting on their workplace behaviour. If this is the case, then try and forgive this poor attitude. However, if you are consistently dealing with a difficult co-worker then you should not let this bad behaviour slide.


When approaching the issue, make sure you are dealing with behaviour or a certain event rather than a personality clash. Be honest and direct about the problem but avoid placing any blame or it may complicate the matter. You will probably find that many co-workers will be instantly apologetic as they may not have been aware of the issue, therefore making it easier to agree on a resolution. However, be cautious of difficult co-workers that may not take your constructive criticism so lightly.

Rise above it

If a colleague is still acting out after you’ve spoken to them, sometimes the easiest solution is to simply accept that they will not return the expected level of professionalism. If you can see that you are not getting through to a difficult co-worker, adjust your expectations of this individual and rise above the issue.

If things deteriorate

There may be an occasion when a difficult co-worker is vocally or physically aggressive towards you. In this instant you are well within your rights to end your ties with them, be that hanging up the phone, walking away or leaving the building. It is your responsibility to make sure you inform your manager or HR department with an account of what happened, how it affected your work and most importantly your well-being.

When dealing with difficult co-workers, make sure you remain professional at all times. Never rise to an aggressive colleague and always turn to communication as the first tool of resolution. Remember, someone could be struggling with a personal crisis or facing mental health challenges.

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Thinking of changing careers?

The Right Destination

Changing your career path is an exciting concept, but the decision should not be taken lightly. There are many things to evaluate when thinking of changing careers as it has a knock-on effect to every aspect of your life. Take your time when making this decision; here are some things to consider:

Why do you want the change?

It is important to determine the real reason you want to change your career, this way you’ll have a clearer understanding on how to fix the problem at hand. If you are struggling in a job role or your patience is at the end of its tether regarding the company, you may not need to switch career paths, but consider changing your place of work instead. We are always going to have bad days, so don’t give up on your career because of a few negative experiences.

Sometimes it may be difficult to pin-point the root cause of your frustration. If this is the case, then make a list of the pros and cons of where you work, what you’re doing and your career path itself. This should help identify ways to proceed.

Are your skills transferable?

If you are considering changing careers, you must first identify your skills. Do you have the right skills set to enter a different sector? Chances are you will not be completely equipped, but many of your abilities may be transferable. But are you willing to go back to education? It may be necessary to invest in training courses to make sure you’re the ideal candidate in a new sector.

Long-term prospects

Even though your current career may not be fulfilling, you must make sure that changing careers is not a quick fix and will actually benefit you in the long run. If you decide to switch, are you prepared to start over and as a result, receive a negotiated salary? Will changing your career offer you the chance to grow personally and as a professional? Changing your career might seem like a smart move, but you need to make sure it fits in with your long-term goals within the workplace and your home-life.

Be realistic

The most important thing to remember when thinking of changing careers is be realistic. Make sure you know where you stand regarding all aspects of your life to make sure you know where you’re heading. Simultaneously, keep an open mind. Just because a new career path doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. There are plenty of opportunities for you to find your perfect job, why don’t you start looking here?


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Personal style in the workplace

Business People Waiting For Job Interview. Four Candidates Compe

With so much attention focused on a person’s appearance and increasing numbers of people using clothes, hairstyles, tattoos and piercings to express themselves, CV-Library asked a number of UK professionals what they thought of these personal style choices in the workplace. You might be surprised to hear that 64.2% of the employees surveyed believe that employers should instate a strict dress code for all staff to follow.


General appearance

Our survey revealed that over a third of employees don’t feel that their colleagues should express their personal style at work, revealing a surprisingly conservative employee-attitude. Almost 1 in 5 of those who said that they had expressed their personal style at work said that they felt uncomfortable as a result, as well as 13.7% of employees admitting that they have been advised by a manager that their appearance is unacceptable for the workplace.



With around a third of young adults now having at least one tattoo and almost half (47.5%) of UK professionals having visible tattoos, it might come as a surprise to hear that 59.4% of workers believe that visible tattoos (and extreme piercings) will in fact cause a slower career progression. Perhaps the most interesting aspect to consider is that, of the 59.4% of workers who believe that tattoos and piercings can hold you back in your career, 39.6% actually admitted to having them themselves!



Similarly, extreme piercings seem to be another taboo in the workplace, with many UK professionals holding the opinion that anything other than a stud in the earlobe is unacceptable. That being said, we can reveal that of the 1500 workers that we surveyed, over a third (31.7%) said that they do have piercings besides the ear studs we mentioned above.


CV-Library has also found that 31% of workers choose to wear unique clothes in their jobs, and 44.6% of men have designer facial hair. Furthermore, 13.1% of employees feel that their general appearance is actually holding them back in their careers. While self-expression through your personal style can be empowering and is a way for your true personality shine through, perhaps it is better to play it safe and tone it down for the workplace!

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Working Parents’ Day

Parents With Young Baby Dressing For Work In Bedroom

16th of September marks Working Parents’ Day, a day dedicated to celebrating working professionals who balance their careers with raising their children. In light of this global awareness day, CV-Library developed a survey to ascertain opinions around maintaining a career alongside a having family.

The research conducted on over 2,000 of the UK’s workers across the nation showed that no matter what career you’re in, having a family is important life goal for the majority:

  • Almost half of UK employees (48.1%) are working parents, with a remaining 23.3% planning to have children in the next five years
  • Over three quarters of workers (77.5%) don’t worry about building a strong job foundation before starting a family
  • Interestingly, those that are planning on starting a family are the most likely to worry that children will have a negative effect on their careers (36.7%)

Results from the survey also revealed that there is not necessarily a need for professionals to worry about their family plans affecting their career:

  • 61.8% of UK professionals think businesses do enough to accommodate working-parents. This figure increases amongst working-parents, with 63.3% believing their employer does plenty to support their needs
  • 60.7% of working parents believe that having children has not reduced their career prospects. A further 19.5% of working parents actually think having children has had a positive impact on their career
  • 58.5% of UK professionals believe that the children of working parents have an advantage when it comes to their own future career success

However, like most things, there was a minor downside to being a working parent:

  • Almost a quarter of job-hunters (22.4%) admit to being asked whether they plan to have  children during an interview
  • 1 in 4 working parents believe they were not offered a new job because they have children
  • Over half of working parents (59.1%) believing their colleagues judge them if they need to leave work early for their children.

It is great news that UK professionals have a positive attitude towards being able to start a family whilst maintaining a good career. In addition, it is reassuring that British businesses are doing what they can to support working parents. It is this effort which is helping remove the stereotype “you’ll struggle to progress in your career if you have kids”. Today we live in a world where we do not necessarily have to choose between a career or a family and instead the two are intertwined, thankfully most British businesses are doing what they can to support this.

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From the Other Side of the Rails: Making the Case for Tube Drivers

LONDON, UK - SEP 27: London Underground station interior on Sept

In the midst of the recent furore over Tube strikes it’s common to hear people complaining. Whether its disruption to your journey, trains being completely cancelled or having to break through a baying mob just to get to the ticket machines, Londoners have reached the end of their tether. But are we blaming the right people for this inconvenience? Are Tube drivers really the enemy? In this blog, we’ll investigate.

The Blame Game

To summarise, Tube staff are striking because TfL (Transport for London) has attempted to change their contracts without employee well-being in mind. The change requires current staff to work night shifts and an unlimited amount of weekends without an increase in pay. Repeated attempts to negotiate this have broken down, and TfL is now essentially in a stalemate with its staff.

If your employer suddenly demanded that the terms of your contract change and that you must work night shifts with no extra pay, how would you react? Tube drivers are employed under a contract that cannot be breached without their consent and by no means should they be forced to.

Tube drivers frequently have to deal with:

  • Working unsociable hours, starting as early as 04:45am.
  • A strict 8 hour no alcohol policy prior to shifts.
  • Difficult temperate conditions in both winter and summer.
  • Working on a weekends, and spending huge periods of time on your own.
  • Dealing with fatalities/ ‘one unders’.

Easy money?

One of the most common complaints against Tube drivers is the amount of money they earn for the job that they do; it’s sometimes as much as £50,000 per annum. However, the common public see driving trains on the Underground as easy. The reality is actually very different.

Firstly, you’ll need have worked in the TfL system for years before applying as they do not recruit externally. Therefore, there is no way in for aspiring drivers than to start at the bottom and work their way up.
Next you’ll need to fill out an application form and complete an online multi-choice ability assessment.

Thirdly, you’ll attend an assessment centre where you take various tests. These include English assessments, fault finding tests and even Mechanical Comprehension. Only then may you receive a face to face interview with TfL assessors.

If you successfully pass these stages, you’ll then take a comprehensive training routine that takes 12 months to complete. You’ll learn about everything from operational systems to safety procedures and will progress by passing various difficult exams, such as Track Safety and Transport Operations assessments.


Final thoughts

It’s fair to say that Tube drivers are taking some unnecessary flak from those who would do exactly the same in their situation. It is unfair to ask employees to drastically change the terms of their contract for the worse without expecting something in return. The reality is that Tube drivers are elite individuals that carry out an extremely difficult and important job for us all. Given the disruption that the strikes have caused, perhaps it’s time the public, and TfL, start to appreciate the quality of drivers that they have at their disposal. After all, London cannot function without them.


CV-Library is working with How2Become in providing unique and innovative training courses. If you are interested in becoming a London Underground Tube Driver or a Train Driver, you can attend one of their specialised 1-day Train Driver Courses.

Article contributed by How2Become.

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