Engineering Job Market Thrives!


Over the last twelve months, professionals within the engineering industry have been able to enjoy the highest number of job opportunities in comparison to 31 other major job sectors, a recent study by CV-Library regarding the engineering job market has shown.

When compared with top employment sectors including construction, administration, education and distribution, the engineering industry exhibited the highest number of advertised jobs in both Q2 of 2013 and 2014. With a 23% increase in the number of jobs available for industry professionals between these two periods, the second quarter saw nearly 50,000 engineering jobs posted by recruiters across the UK.

The question is, with the vast number of job opportunities available to them, what trends have become apparent amongst engineering professionals themselves?

Whilst the number of job applications has decreased across a number of sectors over the last quarter, engineering roles have witnessed an 18% year on year increase in level of applications. This means that whilst other industries are seeing a stagnation in applicant activity, engineering professionals are keen to move within the market, and are more forthcoming in applying to new opportunities whilst in employment. With the industry skills shortage widely reported over recent years, this upsurge in applicant activity could be evidence of professionals utilising their established skills to move up the employment ladder and on to better opportunities.

The increase in job applications could also indicate a surge in engineers joining the active workforce – with young professionals looking for their first job, and those previously in unemployment looking to get back into work.

As the number of jobs increased in tandem with the number of applications, the jobs:applications ratio for Q2 of this year remained almost in line with findings from 2013. The competition for individual opportunities has taken a marginal downturn – in Q2 2013 there were approximately 11.5 applicants for each role, whilst Q2 2014 saw an average of 11 applicants in each case. Whilst we have witnessed a 43% increase in total job searches in the last year, candidates are being more selective about which jobs they choose to apply for, and as a result competition for engineering openings is decreasing.

Founder and Managing Director of CV-Library, Lee Biggins, says of the study:
“Our independent findings reveal some fundamental trends regarding the engineering sector. At the moment, the North East is the UK’s hotspot for applicant activity, but we are seeing an upward trend across all areas of the country. There has been a growing interest in job hunting from industry professionals, which could reflect a commitment to gaining a greater variety of industry experience, or a desire to move up the professional food chain.
Along with commitment from applicants, we are seeing an increase in the number of job opportunities available; revealing that demand for industry talent still outweighs candidate availability.”

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The Week in News: UK Employment Round Up – 15/08/14

Time for a break from your job search? Check out our run down of the news which caught our attention from the UK employment industry this week.

IT Careers Fair at Staffordshire University

An upcoming careers fair at Staffordshire University will see over 600 computing and IT students meet with potential employers within the industry. This year’s event will be held on October 22nd, from 11am to 2pm.

British Army drive recruitment across East Midlands

The British Army are soon to be hosting a number of careers clinics across the East Midlands, specifically targeting school leavers who have recently received their exam results. The recruitment campaign – showcasing the wide range of careers the Army has to offer – kicks off on Thursday 21st August, and will be hosted in a variety of locations.

New lease of life for petrol station site in Morpeth

Up to 30 jobs could become available in Stannington, Morpeth if plans to build new residential and commercial units go ahead. The previous site of a former A1 petrol station could soon house new businesses and thus create numerous job opportunities.

Marks and Spencer site in Scunthorpe begins recruitment campaign

A new Marks and Spencer store opening in the North Lincolnshire Shopping Park near Scunthorpe has begun a recruitment drive in advance of its October opening date. There are up to 80 jobs available, and business chiefs are hoping for a promising application rate.

cv library in the news

CV-Library’s recent Q2 Job Market Report has made its mark on construction industry press The Construction Index. View their article on the current trends for construction employment.

Pharmaceutical investment promises 350 NI jobs

Pharmaceutical giant Almac has announced almost 350 job opportunities in a £54m investment based in Craigavon, Northern Ireland. Almac laboratories are recognised, in part, for their efforts in cancer diagnostics.

Plant acquisition in County Durham heralds five year expansion plan

On a similar note, Bristol Laboratories has announced a five year expansion plan which will see 300 new jobs as the firm expands into the North East. One to watch for County Durham-based industry professionals, as the firm have just acquired a new plant in Peterlee.

Closure for delivery depot in Brighouse

UKMail – the UK’s independent parcel delivery service – will close its Brighouse depot at the end of August. Around 60 jobs will be affected, however many of the staff are interviewing for posts at depots in Leeds, Middleton and Gildersome.

Exciting plans for Jaguar Land Rover fans and Coventry job hunters

Jaguar Land Rover has chosen Coventry as the location for its upcoming Special Vehicle Operations Technology Centre. The new site will house a customer commissioning suite, for premium personalisation and bespoke vehicle orders, as well as a specialist paint studio.

And some news from across the pond….

Coca-Cola Co. has bought a 17% stake in Monster Beverage Corp. The two soft drink giants will transfer a selection of brands, in a move which will see Coca-Cola relinquish full marketing, production and distribution of energy brands such as Burn and Throttle.

see you next week

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Got your A-Level results? What’s next?

So, you’ve got your A-Level results… now the perennial question – what’s next?

Situation 1 – You got the grades you need – the world is now your oyster…

Congratulations! Your hard work has got you the grades required by your university or college of choice. If you’re going straight into further education this autumn, you can now have a relaxed, stress-free summer – get yourself a job to earn some vital beer (and textbook) money, make the most of seeing your family before you head to the furthest part of the country to get away from them, or go away with friends who are also heading off to pastures new. If you’ve chosen to defer your entry to further education, you can also relax safe in the knowledge that you have a year to gain some valuable life experience and money before you return to study halls and lecture theatres.

Three things to do over the summer:

• Get a temp / part-time job – Secure some work over the summer, and you could be most popular guy in your halls as you will have stashed some money away to be used wisely (in the SU). Just don’t spend it ALL on beer. Food is good too!

• Spend some time with your family. This might sound soppy but, if you are going to university some distance away and visits from your parents and siblings might be limited, spend some quality time with them.

• Go away with friends. Your mates are your mates, and you might not be seeing them as frequently as you did, so why not organise a holiday with them? Camping is cheap and fun, or there are loads of late summer deals just before you head off.

Three things to do in your gap year:

• Go travelling. Unless you’re incredibly fortunate, you won’t have many opportunities in life to spend an entire year immersed in foreign cultures. While it can be costly, there are opportunities to work or even volunteer – take these with both hands and get them on your CV!

• Earn some money and experience. A year off from university spent working can give you a head-start on your peers next year. You’ll have greater experience, greater knowledge, and the pride of earning some valuable cash before going back into education.

• Educate yourself some more. If you aren’t desperate to postpone learning for another year, why not gain some qualifications in subjects you might really love? Photography? Statistics? Many subjects can be learned remotely and at the same time as a full-time job.

Situation 2 – You didn’t get the grades needed, and you need to reassess…

Things don’t always turn out the way you planned them, but you mustn’t let it bring you down. Whilst you might not be accepted into your university or college of choice, there are several things that you can do:

• Choose somewhere else. It is possible that another great institute of higher learning will take you on. Get ringing around, get online to go through clearing as you try and secure your place for this year. Whatever you do, don’t panic!

• Take a step back and assess what you really want. If applying to uni was simply to satisfy your parents or tutors, why not look for training courses that can help your employment chances? Many are free and can be done from home.

• If you really want to go into higher education, you might want to consider retaking your exams. This might not be an option at your current place of study, in which case look around for others that will support you. This option will show all prospective institutes that you are serious about further education.

Looking for part time work to fill your time before you take your next step? Search our part time jobs now!

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Job Search Tips For Those Already in Employment


In this new blog from Career Savvy, the team look at job search tips for those already in employment.

Conducting a job search is tough at the best of times, but when you’re already in employment there are many obstacles which, if you fail to overcome, can leave you in a very sticky situation. The essential goal is to keep your search under wraps until you have secured a new position, but this is easier said than done. Here are some tips on how to handle this predicament in the best way possible.

Explore your options

Make sure you’re aware of the exact reasons why you want to leave before you start searching for a new opportunity, so you know what you’re looking for. If you like the company/manager you work for and it’s simply the job itself you’re unhappy with, call a meeting with your boss and ask about other potential opportunities within the company. Employers want to retain talented staff so you may be surprised by what you’re offered to stay.

Plan interviews discreetly

Attending interviews will probably be the most difficult aspect of your job search whilst you’re still in employment. If possible, arrange interviews for before or after work or even during your lunch break. If this is too difficult, you may have to use some annual leave. If you are attending the office on the same day, then be careful with your attire. If you usually wear casual clothes to work and you suddenly turn up in your Sunday best, then your co-workers are going to know something is awry. Instead, have your interview outfit with you to change into once you’ve left the office so you can remain discreet.

Tactfully hand in your notice

Before you announce the fantastic news that you’ve been offered the job, ensure it is a formal offer from the potential employer. Once you’re confident that your new job is secured, give your current employer a generous amount of notice (often at least two weeks) and be careful not to burn any bridges in the process. It’s worth preparing yourself for being asked to leave sooner once you’ve informed your employer, particularly if you’re moving to a competing business.

Continue to work hard

Even though you’re searching for a new opportunity, this is no excuse not to keep up the same standard in your current role; this in itself can be a signal to your employer that you’re planning to leave. Slacking with your workload and turning up late will only serve to anger your employer before handing in your notice, which will make the process unnecessarily harder. When attending interviews, be sure not to criticise your current employer as this will only serve to deter the potential employer from hiring you.

Choose suitable references

It’s always best to ask someone first before using their contact details on your CV. It’s polite and it gives you a chance to clarify your reasons for wanting to leave, allowing you to realise how you truly feel about the situation. If a potential employer asks to speak with your current one and you’re not ready for them to know about your desire to move, then by all means say no and explain that you would rather keep your plans confidential.

Be savvy online

Even if you’ve made sure that the privacy settings on your social media accounts are protecting your information from prying eyes, you can never be too careful online. Resist any status updates about how bored you are at work or how well your job search is going. Instead, talk to your family and friends directly about your job hunt rather than informing every man and his dog. Furthermore, to avoid your current company stumbling upon your CV, upload it directly to company websites rather than posting it on online job boards.

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Q2 Job Market Report Reveals Increase in Job Opportunities!

UntitledGreat news for all you job hunters out there!

Our recent study has revealed there are 31% more jobs being advertised across sectors than in Q2 (May, June, July) 2013. We have also witnessed a 6% increase in the last quarter alone.

This clear desire for companies to hire exemplifies a strengthening economy as more businesses look to employ new staff.

By comparing our own data on a quarterly basis, our independent research sheds light on job seeking trends and provides insight into the UK’s recruitment and job market.

Check out our full Q2 Job Market Report here

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The Week in News: UK Employment Round Up – 08/08/14

Time for a break from your job search? Check out our run down of the news which caught our attention from the UK employment industry this week.

Builder and Merchant organisation ramps up youth recruitment

A new recruitment campaign aimed at youths has been launched by The Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) to attract youngsters to the industry. The campaign is targeting over 7,500 educational institutions with posters and brochures. An open day at the BMF‘s HQ in Coventry will be held on October 21st.

Payday lender The Cash Store closes down

Payday lender The Cash Store has gone bust this week. All 120 employees across 27 outlets in the UK will unfortunately be made redundant. The business has been headquarted in Stockport, and was an expansion of Canada-based The Cash Store Financial Services Inc.

Belfast IT firm bucks growth trends

Belfast-based IT consultancy Leaf is due to expand into Dublin, with over a dozen jobs already available and further growth expected. This bucks the trend for expanding businesses, with firms typically looking to grow into Belfast from across the border.

Russia sanctions could affect UK brand JCB

JCB jobs could be at risk due to Russia sanctions, company chairman Lord Bamford speculates. With the troubled nation’s business equating to a significant percentage of digger sales, Staffordshire-based manufacturer JCB could feel a knock-on effect from recent political actions. The company has just opened a new depot in Ekaterinburg, which is one of Russia’s biggest cities.

Great news for SMEs as BT rolls out new 4G plan

BT has recently launched a selection of 4G business plans suited to small and medium-sized businesses. The telecoms firm are now providing 4G as standard, as opposed to it’s previous stance of offering 3G as standard with 4G as an optional extra.

cv library in the newsWe’ve just released our Q2 Job Market Report! By comparing our own data on a quarterly basis, our independent research sheds light on job seeking trends and provides insight into the UK’s recruitment and job market. announces change of function as jobs are lost

Jersey-based have announced they are no longer to operate as a retailer, but as a marketplace only. The firm, which was bought by Japanese e-commerce entity Rakuten in 2011, has revealed the plan will mean making redundancies in Jersey, Cambridge and Bristol.

Big plans for utility recruitment in South Shields

Energy consultancy Utilitywise is set to vastly increase its headcount over the next two years. The consultancy will open its doors to up to 1,400 members of staff. This comes off the back of two new partnership deals. Certainly one to watch for local job hunters in the Newcastle area.

Career advice award for Milton Keynes College

Milton Keynes College has been commended for its efforts to provide career advice and support to children and young adults. It has won the Matrix Award which is backed by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.

300 new jobs for Greater Manchester ASDA

A brand new ASDA store soon to be opened on Manchester Road in Stockport, will see around 300 jobs opportunities created for local residents. The store is due to open in October.

Recruitment drive for Kentish Town Publishers

North London-based publishers MVF Global – one of the fastest growing technology firms in the capital – are looking to double their workforce over the coming months.

And some news from across the pond….

A new survey by the Pew Research Center has revealed respondents believe robots will create more jobs than they will destroy over the next decade. However, results were mixed, with 48% believing the converse – that robots will take over more jobs than they will create. With the recent developments in self-driving vehicles, this will surely be a widely discussed topic over the coming months.

Check out our partner site Resume-Library to browse our US job opportunities!

see you next week


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Why Should You Become a Career Mentor?


In this new blog from Career Savvy, the team look at why you should consider becoming a career mentor.

The benefits of having a career mentor are a lot easier to fathom than those associated with being someone’s mentor. The truth is, you can learn just as much from the relationship as your mentee(s). To discover how it can enhance your career and just how rewarding it can be, see below for our top reasons for becoming a career mentor and how to do so.

Boost productivity

Whether you’re a whiz at filing or a master of to-do lists, imparting your skills on your mentee(s) can boost the productivity of your fellow colleagues. As those around you develop the necessary skills to help them achieve more at work, you will find your whole team benefits from the increased efficiency. Thus becoming a mentor for someone in your company will see your expertise not only benefiting your mentee, but you and the rest of your team in terms of productivity.

Test yourself

In order to advise others, your knowledge has to be top notch. This involves making sure you’re up to date with industry news, that you’re aware of your own actions and experiences, including learning from and sharing them. As you’re forced to consider all of these aspects of your own career, you will constantly be challenging yourself and developing your own skills, as well as assisting others through their career progression.

Recall past lessons

No matter what stage of your career you’re currently at, revisiting the obstacles you have overcome will always benefit your career. As a mentor you will have to discuss and consider the lessons you’ve learnt over the course of your career and this can help you to better understand your own career development, as well as provide useful advice for your mentee.
Feel great
In truth, it feels great to help others. Often people aren’t aware of their own talents or perhaps how they can use them effectively at work. By mentoring someone you can help them to discover where their skills lie and nurture them so they can reach their potential. Your support and guidance could be genuinely life-changing and no doubt your mentee will be eternally grateful, filling you with a great sense of pride.

Learn something new

As a mentor you will learn something new every day. Mentoring creates a two-way relationship: your mentee is there to learn from your knowledge and experiences, but you may also gain something from their experiences. At the very least it can broaden your outlook in terms of your career as you are exposed to new ideas and perspectives.

How can you become a mentor?

Think about exactly who you would like to offer your help to: a junior member at your company? Or perhaps someone from a different organisation? If the first, ask your boss if there’s currently a mentoring scheme and if not propose creating one. Alternatively, inform your colleagues that you’re happy to mentor anyone who’s interested. If you’d rather mentor someone outside of your workplace, sites such as are a great source for discovering mentees.

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Our Top Awkward Office Moments

Thousands of people across the UK work in office jobs focussing on anything from administration, to sales, to finance, to customer service. This kind of environment can be fun and rewarding in equal measure. However, working in such close proximity with the same people day in, day out, can lead to some pretty cringeworthy situations. Below is our list of  top awkward office moments. How many can you identify with?

1 – Having to say thank you every time someone opens a door for you when you are walking behind them down a long corridor.

2 – Being asked to transfer a call, and then having no idea how, so randomly pressing buttons until you completely cut the person on the other end of the line off.

3 – Awkwardly hovering behind someone using the microwave, because you’d really like to use it next and there’s no way you’re going to let anyone else cut in front.

4 – Stealing a spoonful of decaf/ piece of bread/ squirt of ketchup from the kitchen as quickly as possible, because you’re pretty sure it belongs to someone in particular and you don’t want to get caught.

5 – Receiving a birthday card on your desk and having no idea who it’s for, so writing the most generic message possible.

6 – When someone takes your pen and then forgets to bring it back. What do you do? Stay silent and rue the day you let them borrow anything of yours, or make a point of going over and asking for it back – even though it seems incredibly petty? Even though you could go and get a new one from the stationery cupboard, you really want that specific one back – it’s the principal of the matter!

7 – When you friend request a colleague on Facebook and they don’t respond, ever… but you can see them logging into their account every day.

8 – Realising you’ve been saying someone’s name wrong for the whole time you’ve known them. Really, really wrong.

9 – Awkwardly making small talk with that person you really don’t like because you both got up to make a round of tea at the same time.

10 – Having a chair which makes questionable groaning sounds whenever you move.

11 – Accidentally touching someone’s hand at the photocopier/ water cooler/ paper towel dispenser.

12 – Spraying a considerable amount of water up yourself at the sink and then having to do the walk of shame back to your desk looking like a messy child.

13 – Borrowing someone’s stapler and then breaking it.

If you’re looking for your next office job, check out our current vacancies at

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The Week in News: UK Employment Round Up – 01/08/14

Time for a break from your job search? Check out our run down of the news which caught our eye from the UK employment industry this week.

NHS careers event in Worksop: Call for candidates

The National Health Service are holding a careers session in Worksop Library on Thursday 7th August. With over 28,000 employees in Nottinghamshire alone, there are numerous opportunities within the organisation. The aim of the event is to inform and advise local job hunters on the scope of NHS vacancies within the area.

Careers advice in schools not up to scratch

Research from the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) has found that the careers advice given to young people (ages 14-19) is largely viewed as irrelevant and not up to demand. 84% of the young people surveyed have said they would welcome further advice from educational authorities.

Oxfordshire medical technology increases local jobs

A medical heavyweight in Witney, Oxfordshire, is soon to increase its workforce by 10% (around 60 personnel). The announcement by Abbott Diabetes Care precedes the launch of a new product which will revolutionise the lives of sufferers of the disease.

Fashion brand Internacionale‘s intellectual property for sale

Fashion chain Internacionale went into administration in March of this year. Now, the associated intellectual property has been put up for sale. Metis Partners, who are coordinating the sale of the firm’s intellectual assets, expect lots of interest from fashion and retail professionals.

cv library in the newsWe’re in Forbes! Our Managing Director, Lee Biggins, talks about what life is like as a disruptive start-up founder – a must-read for anyone interested in business entrepreneurship. Check out the article here!

VIDEO FEATURE: Jobs in the film industry

The rise of film and on-set technology has opened up a whole new job market. Watch the BBC‘s video on the booming industry here.

Job hunters more likely to succeed with spot-on soft skills

Authorities in British employment have compiled data suggesting UK employers prefer soft skills to technical capabilities. A survey conducted by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) collected data from 198 companies. The findings show firms are happier to train workers in technical areas than to employ someone lacking in the right soft skills.

Oil refinery sale saves hundreds of jobs

Good news for Murco in Milford Haven, Wales, where over 400 jobs have been saved. The oil refinery – which was facing closure – has been bought by Switzerland-based Klesch Group. A spokesperson for the firm has confirmed they will be keeping the current workforce.

And some news from across the pond….

Following its acquisition of music company Beats Electronics LLC, Apple Inc. plan to fire around 200 employees from the workforce. Jobs will be cut from a number of sectors where there will be an overlap with Apple resources. The $3 billion purchase is the biggest in Apple‘s history.

see you next weekCheck out our partner site Resume-Library to browse our US job opportunities!

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Hacks For Making a Better Workspace



In this new blog from Career Savvy, the team look at hacks for making  a better workspace.

Whether it’s an office, your bedroom or somewhere a little more unconventional, we all have a place for knuckling down and getting stuff done. So what tricks can help you transform your desk into a hive of productivity? Here are our hacks for making a better workspace.

Make more space

An efficient desk or workspace has everything you are likely to need to hand.
The trouble with this is that desks get cluttered and messy quite rapidly.
Expand your desk space by placing things on different levels. Shelving or pigeonholes underneath your desk can be great for discreet storage, as well as a pull-out work top or tray for extra space when you need it.

Stand up

A great way to boost productivity and to shake up the way you work is to have a stand up desk. Allegedly used by Benjamin Franklin and Ernest Hemingway, standing is a good way to keep circulation flowing and manage your energy levels throughout the day. Prolonged sitting has negative health benefits attached too, and those who do it can have a slightly lower life expectancy than those who are more active on a daily basis. Try installing a desk that can be raised or lowered, or working at a kitchen counter for a while.


Feeling at home at your desk, wherever it may be, is important. You are most productive and focused when you are comfortable, so this should be a priority. Putting your own stamp on your workspace is a big part of this, so don’t be afraid to style it in a way that suits you – to the extent that somebody else would feel strange sitting in your spot. However, don’t go overboard: just a bit of artwork and desk furniture should be enough to make your desk truly yours!

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