Tips to Shorten Your Commute

Shorten Your Commute

The latest blog by Career Savvy explores the best ways to shorten your commute to work.

Commuting is most people’s worst part of the day. There’s little you can achieve in that time, and traffic can elongate what should often be quite a short journey. That’s why we’ve put together some top tips for cutting down your commute.

Get off Early

Especially if you’re travelling by bus or hitching a lift, you might find that as you head into the more congested city centre, traffic moves at a pace you could crawl at. Ever been sat on a bus or in a car and been overtaken by someone walking at a leisurely pace? Brave the outdoors by getting off before you hit the worst of the traffic and walk the remainder of the way. The walk will wake you up a bit and energise you so you’re ready for the day.

Take Public Transport

You might love the comfort of your own car, but you cannot deny that ditching it may well help reduce your commute. Buses and trains have the advantage of being able to use bus lanes and tracks that you cannot. As a result, it’s worth assessing your commute to see if any of it can be reduced by using public transport instead. You’ll be helping the environment too, which is always a plus.


More and more cities are increasing funding into their cycling lanes and facilities in a bid to reduce congestion and encourage this more efficient way of commuting. If you are able, cycling can be a great option to reduce your commuting time, get fit and save money. Over time, the price of a bike will pay for itself compared to the costs attached to driving or using public transport. It’s worth checking with your company if they offer a cycle to work scheme, where they pay or contribute towards a new bike for employees that wish to ride their bike to work.

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Great Training Courses for your Dream Career


Taking a training course is a great way of developing new and existing skills without having to go back into full-time education (which, let’s face it, isn’t a realistic option for most people).

Whatever your discipline or desired industry, take part in some distance or online learning to hone your skills, improve your CV, and stand a greater chance of landing your dream job.

Check out our following guide to finding the right training course for you, by selecting your industry, below. The best part is, some of our selection of training courses are absolutely free.

Accounting                             Business                                   Catering

Childcare                                  Driving                                  Education

Fashion                                        IT                                              Legal

Marketing                              Social Care                                  Vetinary


Visit CV-Library’s Training Course Centre for a current course selection in over 50 industries.


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Join us at the In House Recruitment Expo 2015

logoJoin CV-Library, and register today to attend In House Recruitment Expo 2015. In House Recruitment Expo will take place on 20th & 21st January at London Olympia and is supported by The Firm, HR Magazine, HR Grapevine, Changeboard and Recruiter Magazine.

Register now for free entry and you’ll get access to:

• More than 30 seminars led by key experts from The Firm, PH Creative, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Social Talent, PepsiCo, Four Season Healthcare, BBC Worldwide.

• Keynotes presented by Lars Schmidt (Amplify Talent), Johnny Campbell (Social Talent), Julie Johnson (Johnson & Johnson) or Bill Boorman.

• Master class sessions led by In House experts from Aspen Training, Tests Direct, Ingenium People, Social Talent.

• Networking Lounge: exclusive area for 1to1 meetings, networking or relaxing.
The full In House Recruitment Agenda can be found at:

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The Christmas Office Party Do’s & Don’ts


Happy group people in santa hat at Xmas business  party.

With the Christmas party season in full swing, it’s got us thinking about office party etiquette. Here we’ve outlined the top do’s and don’ts to ensure your office party is one to remember – for all the right reasons!




Enjoy yourself

How often does your entire office get dressed up and go out together? Make this the perfect opportunity to have a great night, after all – it’s Christmas! There’s no better excuse to be out and about, enjoying yourself in the company of good friends.

Mingle with the entire team

Take yourself out of your comfort zone this Christmas party, and speak to those you don’t usually spend time with, who knows – you may create a whole host of new friends or find people who can offer their expertise in the workplace.

Dress appropriately

Figure out the dress code in advance and make sure you stick to it! Whether it’s fancy dress or cocktail best, be sure to follow the code. If you’re unsure about what to wear, speak with others in the office – they’re probably having secret outfit dramas of their own and will be happy to hear they aren’t alone.




Drink too much

So, we’ve highlighted that it’s ok to have fun, but let’s keep this moderate – make sure you don’t drink too much. Remember, you probably spend more time with these people than your own family, so there’s no hiding from the silly things you say or do. You don’t want to end up being the centre of the office gossip!

Talk work

This is the perfect opportunity to get to know people outside the work place. Don’t be that person who talks about work, get to know the real ‘Lorraine from accounts’… it’s time to have fun!

Pull a sickie

Your alarm goes off and you don’t want to get out of bed…what’s new? You’re not going to be the only one suffering, so get up and get yourself into work; you’ll all be in the same boat! Besides, taking a day off after the Christmas do is a little obvious and won’t do your reputation much good…

Still haven’t found the job that throws the perfect Christmas party? Search and apply from over 100,000 jobs today!

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The Week in News: UK Employment Round Up – 12/12/2014

Time for a break from your job search? Check out our run down of the news that caught our attention from the UK employment industry this week!

To search for your next job, visit CV-Library to browse and apply to over 100,000 UK opportunities.

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All You Need to Know About Panel Interviews

Panel Interviews

The newest article from Career Savvy explores everything you need to know about panel interviews.

A panel interview is when you face several members of a company at once. They will likely involve three to five people, but can be more or less. A panel interview usually takes place later in the hiring process, for example the second or third interview. However, this is not always the case, as some companies can use them straight off the bat. The idea is that you meet several members of the company at once so that they can collectively discuss each candidate and come to a decision on who to hire. This style of interview is becoming increasingly common and implemented in the hiring process for a variety of roles, not just the top ones. As with any interview, it’s important you prepare as much as possible, so how can you ensure you perform well?

Know the Panel

When the interview is being arranged, ensure you ask who will be on the panel. This will help you to prepare by knowing how many people there will be and what their position is. If you can, research them further using the company website and LinkedIn. During the interview, it’s a good idea to take an active interest in each person and their role within the business, as it confirms your interest and desire to work for the company.

Be Consistent

If this is not your first interview with the company, regardless of whether the first was face-to-face, over the phone or through Skype, ensure your answers and points are consistent with what you have previously said. There may be members on the panel that you have already spoken to on previous occasions, and they will be expecting you to expand and develop on the information you have already given them. This is not the time to change tact as it will raise suspicion that you are not as genuine as they initially thought.

Speak to Each Member

Regardless of who asked the question, you should answer all of the panel members collectively. It’s important to make eye contact with everyone, even if some people are less vocal than others. Though there may be people in the room that aren’t asking many questions or interacting with you directly, they are still going to have an input into the outcome of your application, so it’s important that you engage with them too.

Prepare for Notes

Some people can find it unnerving when interviewers jot down notes during the interview. Rest assured that this is a perfectly normal part of panel interviews and doesn’t give any indication of how you are doing. A lot of companies have forms they have to fill out to score your progress, so this part of the interview is totally routine. Try not to pay too much attention to what they are doing, as it will just distract you from your answers.

Keep Your Cool

It can be a bit nerve-inducing when being interviewed by several people – it’s not an everyday situation to be in. Recognise that your nerves are perfectly normal and that the interviewers see anxious candidates on a regular basis. Make sure you take deep breaths and have confidence in your ability to perform. A bit of small talk with the interviewers before the interview itself begins can really help ease you into it.

Take Your Time

A panel interview is likely to be more in-depth and rigorous. As a result, it’s important you don’t rush your answers and make sure they come out well-formed. Take your time to consider what is being asked. A good technique can be to paraphrase the question at the beginning of your answer, which buys you a few more seconds of thinking time and allows you to ensure you understand it. For example: ‘My biggest weakness would be…’

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Have you got the power? UK recruitment industry’s top social influencers revealed


An industry first for the UK recruitment sector, the Agency Recruitment Power 100 (ARP100), powered by Klout, measures agency influence across social media channels.

Agencies can now check their weekly leader board ranking, submit themselves for review, and if successful, download a badge of excellence for their website.

The Klout algorithm measures the influence of a company’s social media, taking into account follower and following count, retweets, list members, number of spam account followers, unique mentions, and how influential those retweeting their content are.

Importantly, the rankings do not just include CV-Library’s partners: the ARP100 provides an impartial view of the recruitment community, rewarding excellence in social media.


The first recruiter to reach the coveted number one spot was Transline Group, followed by K2 Partnering, Korn Ferry and Kelly Services, with Hays rounding off the top five. The top 100 influencers will be posted weekly via CV-Library’s Twitter.

Those who have made the top 100 will be encouraged to share achievements with their followers using the hashtag #ARP100 and will be provided with a logo for their promotional use.

Launched on Monday, 8th December, the new tool has already made significant waves and has attracted a considerable online response, including scores of mentions and retweets over Twitter.

Managing Director Lee Biggins says: “Social media is an important part of the recruitment spectrum, but it can be incredibly difficult to leverage placements. We’re proud to have released the ARP100 which identifies those who have successfully dealt with this challenge.”

Find out if you’re in the ARP100 by visiting


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Your New Year Job Search Resolutions

career-savvy-newyear-dec14 (2)

It’s nearly that time again – New Year! If you’re job hunting – January 1st can be the best time to address your approach to applications. Read on for CV-Library’s New Year job search resolutions!


I will de-stress

It’s good to be focussed on your job hunt, but becoming over-stressed can be counter-productive. Allow yourself to take a break when necessary – step away from your screen and do something else for half an hour. Even just switching from searching job boards to reading career advice articles can give your brain a break, and will still help you towards reaching your goal.


I will be selective

It can be tempting to send your CV out to any old job in the hope of getting a bite, but think about this: if a recruiter receives your CV for a number of jobs you’re not qualified for, they will be less likely to take your application seriously in the future. Be selective about your approach, and tailor each application to the specific vacancy for maximum effectiveness.


I will meet new people

If the recruiters you were connected with in 2014 didn’t help you achieve the right results, try switching things up in the New Year. Go out of your way to introduce yourself to a handful of recruitment consultants who you’ve never worked with before.


I will get out more

Career fairs and recruitment events are great places to meet potential employers and pick up tips about job hunting within your industry. View a list of upcoming career events here.


I will give myself a makeover

Aim to give your CV and cover letter a makeover within the first few weeks of 2015. Buy or rent a new interview outfit – the right clothes can make all the difference in your confidence levels. Finally, overhaul your online presence to ensure your details are up to date and your skills are on show.


Happy New Year from everyone at CV-Library! Search for your next job from our 100,000 live UK vacancies.


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The Week in News: UK Employment Round Up – 05/12/2014

Time for a break from your job search? Check out our run down of the news that caught our attention from the UK employment industry this week.

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What does the Autumn Statement mean for the job market?


The Autumn Statement: interesting, but a lot of information to digest! That’s why we’ve broken down the main points regarding employment and the job market, along with the trends we can expect to see over the coming years.


According to the recently published Autumn Statement 2014, the UK will see cuts of up to 1 million public sector jobs.

In his statement, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne estimated that public finance spending cuts will result in the loss of over 1 million state-employed and government positions over the next five years.

However, the good news is that – as recent statistics have suggested – total unemployment will continue to fall, with more people in employment across the country than at any point in recent years.

It is estimated that our economy will create nearly 1.8 million private sector jobs in the years leading up to 2020. So, more job opportunities will be available within corporations, partnerships and charities.

Those inclined will find it easier to continue studying, too, with the introduction of post-graduate loans. So, graduates will have the additional option to improve their skills and experience within their chosen area before entering the job market.

Osborne has summarised that there has been clear evidence that the UK’s “long-term economic plan is working.”

Visit CV-Library to search for your next job.

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