Is Your Job Advert a Cliché?

Keywords are a really important part of your vacancy description, especially when using an online job board. Your advert will be flagged up to candidates based (among other things) on its content and this means keywords are, well, key!

BUT are you really looking for a passionate, motivated, dynamic and innovative cliché?

Check out Adzuna’s recent investigation into UK job ads. These results are based on their findings from 500,000 adverts. Is every British employer using the same ‘How to Write the Perfect Job Ad’ handbook?

Here’s the full list of 2012 buzzwords:

Buzzword Number of jobs % of all UK jobs
Communication Skills 106,223 20%
Passionate 93,102 18%
Motivated 61,022 12%
Organised 40,154 8%
Track Record 36,290 7%
Innovative 30,709 6%
Dynamic 28,002 5%
Proactive 27,022 5%
Creative 23,434 5%
Enthusiastic 22,482 4%

Management Today pointed out that: “the Collins Dictionary definition of ‘passionate’: ‘manifesting or exhibiting intense sexual feeling or desire’. Not necessarily something you want in the workplace…”

Stand out from the rest and use ‘wackier’ keywords. It turns out that the crazier the keyword the better paid the job, interesting!

Is wacky better?

Buzzword Number of jobs Average salary
Guru 596 £45,860
Ninja 71 £44,237
Rockstar 67 £51,230
Superhero 66 £29,090
Wizard 64 £31,858
Legend 23 £33,391
Supremo 8 £49,010
Boffin 4 £45,902
Overlord 1 £50,201
Jedi 1 £49,010



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