‘Northern Powerhouse’ – It is becoming a reality

job v growth Q2 2

George Osborne’s ‘Northern Powerhouse’ is becoming a reality. CV-Library’s job growth rates from Q2 (April – June 2015) show that a number of the UK’s northern cities are rapidly climbing ahead of the south, suggesting a promising outlook for closing the job growth gap that divides the country.

Of the 391,811 jobs available last quarter, London still came top, holding a 17.02% share. However, the job growth and job postings in northern UK cities paints a very different picture. Even though Edinburgh held just 0.62% of UK jobs, it has taken the top position for job growth in Q2 and has held this number 1 position for 2 consecutive months during this period, coming second to Liverpool in June 2015.

The UK’s top cities’ job growth in Q2 2015 were:

  1. Edinburgh – 28.4% growth
  2. Liverpool – 16.94% growth
  3. Birmingham – 14.34% growth
  4. London – 12.71% growth
  5. Southampton – 10.74% growth
  6. Manchester – 9.32% growth
  7. Leeds – 8.73% growth
  8. Glasgow – 8.08% growth
  9. Newcastle – 5.13% growth

This evidence suggests that the Conservatives’ 5 year plan to close the job growth gap that separates the north and south of the country is beginning to take effect. However, the number of jobs available in the north, despite their growth, still have a way to go before they can compete with London’s current share, as seen below:

  1. London – 17.02% of UK’s jobs Q2
  2. Birmingham – 5.79% of UK’s jobs Q2
  3. Manchester – 3.89% of UK’s jobs Q2
  4. Leeds – 2.96% of UK’s jobs Q2
  5. Southampton – 1.24% of UK’s jobs Q2
  6. Liverpool – 1.22% of UK’s jobs Q2
  7. Newcastle – 1.19% of UK’s jobs Q2
  8. Glasgow – 0.79% of UK’s jobs Q2
  9. Edinburgh – 0.62% of UK’s jobs Q2

Edinburgh, Liverpool and Birmingham may hold low positions regarding their share of UK jobs, but they rank in the top 3 in terms of job growth for Q2 2015. In addition, London’s growth rate is slowing, suggesting that Cameron’s aims to increase job growth in the north and steady job growth in the south is working.

To complement the job growth figures of the UK’s top cities for Q2 2015, CV-Library figures also displayed cities Liverpool, Edinburgh and Birmingham remained in the highly ranked positions for June 2015, with job growth rates of over 50% respectively, all of which are ahead of the UK’s national average of 40.3% during this period.


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Job growth rises in Liverpool


As of June 2015, job growth in Liverpool is the highest in the UK and it seems that the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ is becoming a reality.  Job postings for roles in the city have risen by 58.5 per cent in the last year alone, placing it miles ahead of the national average (40.3 per cent). This means that Liverpool has just over 1,800 jobs currently available in comparison to 1,147  that were available in June 2014.

If we take a look at the broader regions of the map, Liverpool comes first in the UK’s top 5 cities with strongest job growth for June 2015:

  1. Liverpool – 58.5% growth
  2. Edinburgh - 56.2% growth
  3. Birmingham - 51% growth
  4. Manchester – 49.2% growth
  5. London - 37.3 % growth

Considering moving to Liverpool? Here are the top 3 industries in the area with the highest number of postings for June 2015:

  1. Education - 287 jobs (14.14% of all job postings)
  2. Medical - 234 jobs (12.87% of all job postings)
  3. Construction - 196 jobs (10.78% of all job postings)

If you’re now tempted to apply, here are the top 3 application rates in the area for June 2015:

  1. Administration - 4,672 applications (11.73% of all applications)
  2. Sales - 3,728 applications (9.36% of all applications)
  3. Construction - 3,508 applications (8.81% of all applications)

To search for jobs across Liverpool click HERE

Or further information on living and working in Liverpool click HERE

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Men vs. women: Who will take the lead in interview style and etiquette?


So despite our never-ending battle for gender equality, especially in the workplace, some stereotypes just don’t want to be conquered. But we have news! Here at CV-Library, we recently conducted a survey on men and women’s primping processes before an interview. I think it’s fair to say that the results are rather interesting.

  • Men spend more money on their interview outfit, with 61% willing to spend over £100, in comparison to just 10% of women
  • Eager to please, 42% of men call ahead of an interview to check on the dress code, whilst only 29% of women believe it’s essential to get it right.
  • Going against stereotypes, only 5% of women would wear pink to an interview, with 68% opting for blue or black
  • The majority of men (56%) and women (70%) decide what to wear 2 or more days before, with both sexes giving themselves ample time to get it right
  • 86% of men would get a haircut before an interview, compared to just 79% of women
  • On average, men take only 9 minutes less time than women to get ready for an interview, showing little difference between the genders when it comes to primping time
  • 1 in 10 men give themselves more than 2 hours to get ready for an interview
  • Focused on the detail, a staggering 93% of men shine their shoes, with 69% paying particular attention to their socks!

In all honesty, for millennials, these results are probably exactly as you expected. Men these days do take care of their physical appearances as much women and there’s nothing wrong with that. Embrace the metrosexual! As a woman I think I’d be rather miffed if someone didn’t make as much effort as me to dress for work; the standard should apply to all.

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Spotlight on living and working in Nottingham

Nottingham city hall and tram.

Considering moving to Nottingham for work? Well, you’ll need CV-Library’s ‘ Spotlight on Living and Working in Nottingham ’ to get your research started.


Population – 310,837

Travel and costs – monthly pass at regular price – £45

Number of jobs in total (within 15.00 miles of centre, as of June 2015) – 3,327

Top industries with most jobs – Engineering, Education, Construction, Sales, Manufacturing and Surveying, and Administration

Average salary – £19,772

Average monthly rent for a one bedroom flat – £522.22

Average monthly rent for a three bedroom flat – £820

Meal, inexpensive restaurant – £10

Search Nottingham jobs







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Managing stress at work

Business woman doing yoga on the beach. Vacation.

Unless you’re extremely lucky, it is likely that you will experience some level of stress at a point in your working life.

It is important to understand that there is a difference between stress and pressure though. Pressure is good, healthy in fact, to keep you motivated. However, too much pressure can lead to stress and result in an under-productive and emotionally strained worker.

Here at CV-Library, we have put together a brief info pack so you can gain a little insight into how to manage work-related stress in a healthy way.


Recognise warning signs

The first step to managing stress comes from identifying the key symptoms. They can be emotional, physical or behavioural, or a mix-and-match of all three. Here are a few examples:

  • Tiredness
  • Headaches or muscle tension
  • Mood changes, anxiety and depression
  • Social withdrawal
  • Difficulty concentrating

Identify the cause

If you can determine the cause of your stress, you are one step closer to fixing it. It may be that there is more than one cause and it might not even be work related. Some of the common reasons within the workplace are:

  • Pressure of deadlines
  • Unmanageable workloads
  • Over-demanding working hours
  • Pressure to meet expectations
  • Lack of employee or employer support
  • Job insecurity

Speak up

Did you know that under UK law, your managers have a ‘duty of care’ regarding all employees?

Telling your employer your concerns means that your stress can begin to be addressed. Talking through your issues may bring clarity and they can start to make you feel more comfortable in the workplace.


Be organised

Taking responsibility and planning out your day can help alleviate some of your stress.

  • Create a to-do list and split your workload into manageable chunks, you’ll feel a sense of success as you check off each one.
  • Don’t kick yourself if you don’t complete something. You’re only human!
  • Regular breaks are a must. They help maintain productivity levels, preventing you from that mid-afternoon slump.

Take care of yourself

There are many unhealthy lifestyle choices that may intensify stress levels without you even knowing. Make sure you:

  • Have a proper night’s sleep with a regular bedtime
  • Eat well and stay hydrated
  • Do not excessively drink or smoke
  • Be active – even if it’s just a few laps around the office!

If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms or wish to find our more about managing stress, see http://www.mind.org.uk/


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Fighting for the UK’s most sought after job


Do you ever feel like you’re constantly competing against every other job hunter in the UK for one job? If you’re applying for admin roles in Leeds, then that might just be the case.

Our latest figures reveal that admin jobs in Leeds faced the highest level of competition than any other job in any other region last month, receiving an average of 71 applicants per position. Way higher than the national average of 57.3, competition is really heating up in Leeds!

If you are looking for an edge on the competition for an admin job, take a look at our tips to future-proofing your job in the admin industry.

71 applications is a scary number, but don’t fret! Overall job competition has actually declined in the last year, meaning there are now fewer people fighting for your dream job than before – the perfect time to get your application in! Find out how much competition your sector is facing:

  • Administration – 57.3 applicants per job
  • Customer Services – 37 applicants per job
  • Distribution – 36.2 applicants per job
  • Manufacturing  – 31.3 applicants per job
  • Retail – 27.4 applicants per job
  • Hospitality – 25.9 applicants per job
  • Public Sector – 22.9 applicants per job

Great news for candidates all around, don’t waste any more time and start applying while competition is low!

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Misconceptions about working in retail


If you work in retail you probably get a standard response from anyone who learns about your job, so we’re here to bust the myths and misconceptions about retail jobs!

Retail workers are lazy

One of the most offensive misconceptions about workers in retail – Often times people associate working in a retail environment with being lazy or even stupid, an assumption that has absolutely no basis at all. Working in retail, whether it’s on the shop floor, at the tills or in the back office, requires a great deal of energy, persistence and intelligence to keep up with the store’s pace.

They just don’t try hard enough

Have you ever heard, “if you just go back to school maybe you can get a better job?” It’s common for people to assume that retail workers strive for a better or nicer job in the life, and hearing this from a friend or colleague can actually be very demeaning. Successful retail workers hold a unique set of skills and are constantly faced with new challenges, it can be an extremely rewarding career and it’s one many successful professionals opt to pursue!

They hate their job

Sure, it’s stressful, exhausting and mentally draining but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Working in retail comes with a wide range of perks – from flexible working hours and in-store discounts, to a fun and supportive team environment – which can entirely outweigh the challenges of the job. Don’t ever assume that someone working in retail hates their job.

It’s an easy job!

Now this is just plain wrong! While your official title may be “Sales Associate”, any given individual in a retail environment usually wears many, many hats. They have to provide excellent customer service, understand interior design and décor and tune in to customer psychology. Retail work is more like five or six jobs rolled into one.

Retail workers are at your beck and call

When wearing their customer service hat, retail workers can provide the best possible service and will do everything they can to help you out, but they’re not miracle workers. They’re not there to watch your kids while you browse, give you a special discount ‘just this one time’, or make an out of stock item suddenly appear.

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Spotlight on living and working in Edinburgh


Considering moving to Edinburgh for work? Well, you’ll need CV-Library’s ‘ Spotlight on Living and Working in Edinburgh ’ to get your research started.


Population – 487,500

Travel and costs – monthly pass at regular price – £51

Number of jobs in total (within 15.00 miles of centre, as of June 2015) – 864

Top industries with most jobs – Engineering, Construction, Sales, IT, Medical Pharmaceutical and Scientific, and Administration

Average salary – £24,628

Average monthly rent for a one bedroom flat – £674

Average monthly rent for a three bedroom flat – £1,095

Meal, inexpensive restaurant – £10

Search Edinburgh jobs







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We won Best Job Board!

GRAwardsLogo_2015_WINNER 2

CV-Library is delighted to announce that we were awarded ‘Best Job Board’ at The Global Recruiter Industry Awards!


The ‘Best Job Board’ accolade highlights the most distinguished job board as an industry leader that has been recognised for its creative content, innovative use of technology and wider social media, and its success in attracting and retaining users over the last year. These are fundamental components that we have always strived for with our valuable customers in mind.

Over the last 12 months, we have made great technological advancements, offering outstanding solutions for both clients and candidates. We have focussed strongly on our mobile developments. We have become the first job board to create an app that allows candidates to browse and apply for jobs ‘on the go’. In addition, our clients have been able to expand their candidate audience through our social media platforms; easily uploading jobs and showcasing company culture through advertising.

In addition, CV-Library has focussed on premium digital advertising at sites such as Two Towers East and West London, gaining an average of 7 million views every fortnight respectively. We have also reached corners of the country through TV, the tube, trains, buses and gyms.

These advancements have been made to continue the remarkable service to our valued clients and candidates. CV-Library takes pride in strengthening its services for its partnerships and audience. With 8.8 million CVs on our database, we aim to provide an experience that exceeds expectations, putting the user at the forefront of everything.


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The video interview checklist

Businesswoman Video Conferencing With Colleague

Worried about your video interview? CV-Library’s checklist will help prepare to ace the interview:

The day before

  • Confirm details of the interview: time, format (Skype?), who will call who, etc. And ensure you have a professional username to share with the interviewer.
  • Get access to reliable technology, you’ll need a computer, webcam and a good internet connection.
  • Find a private, quiet and well-lit location for the interview – somewhere with a plain backdrop is necessary.
  • Do a dry run to test the tech and get comfortable on camera.
  • Find a backup plan, spare laptops, phones or tablets are good options. But also ensure you have the interviewer’s contact details so you can call them if you have any trouble before or during the interview.
  • Do your research! A video interview is just like a traditional interview, you need to be well prepared.

On the day

  • Wear a professional outfit, even if it’s not visible on camera.
  • Shut down all other applications on your computer and turn off alerts that could come up during the interview.
  • Get into your interview location early and double check that everything works.
  • Warm up your vocal chords – speak out loud, even if you’re alone.
  • Have a few notes out of view of the camera. The benefit of a video interview is that you can have notes readily accessible – only use them if you absolutely must and ensure you’ve highlighted the key points so you don’t have to look away from the camera for too long.

During the interview

  • Look at the camera, not the screen. By looking in the camera you’ll be making direct eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Speak with confidence as speech fillers such as “like, um or ah” can be magnified in a video.
  • Take a moment before responding – this lets you digest the question before answering but can also avoid speaking over the interviewer should there be a delay in the video.

After the interview

  • Follow up with a thank you just as you would with any other interview.

Need more advice on researching and preparing for an interview? Head over to CV-Library’s Career Advice Centre.

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