Job site CV-Library named amongst the South’s 100 highest-performing technology companies


A list of the top technology companies in the South has recently been published by The Business Magazine, and CV-Library is delighted to have been named 65th in the Southern Tech 100.


The leading job board is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the South, with the number of users on the rise and rapidly increasing site traffic.

The annual listing – ranked by turnover – celebrates the top 100 private, independent technology companies in an area stretching from Banbury to the Isle of Wight. The aggregated turnover of the businesses involved is around £52 billion.

Importantly, CV-Library’s success is not just self-serving – with the number of job and candidate searches increasing dramatically year on year, the 9,500+ businesses and millions of candidates that trust CV-Library with their recruitment requirements also benefit hugely from the company’s success.

CV-Library featured on the Southern Tech 100 list last year, but moved significantly up the rankings and look set for a top 40 spot next year.

Managing Director Lee Biggins comments: “CV-Library’s market success has a correlative impact on the businesses using our services. As our influence increases, we are able to refine our product offering and connect even more recruiters with professionals looking for their next move. To be recognised by The Business Magazine for our achievements is a valued indicator of our ongoing success.”

Find out more about CV-Library here.

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What happened this week in recruitment industry news?


What happened this week in recruitment industry news?

Can you remember or are you in the fog of Friday?
Test your ability to recall a few select stories and solidify new information in your mind by being tested on it.

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What Does Your Employer Value Most in You?

Businessman sitting at desk with business scheme and icons

This week Career Savvy take a look at what employers value most in their employee.

When it comes to developing your career, a lot of the decisions that affect your path are left in the hands of others. Be they recruiters or managers, it’s important to get to know them and their mindset in order to increase your chances of succeeding. To make sure you excel in your career, have a look at some of the ways you can show real value as an employee.


Even if your ability to deliver is on point, having a negative or bad attitude is not an admirable trait in an employee. It can rub off on other people and doesn’t do much for workplace atmosphere. If an employer picks up that you have a good attitude it can make a huge difference to how they view you. Being positive, level-headed, enthusiastic and committed are all signs of someone that has the potential to succeed.


A highly appreciated trait in employees is the ability to use your initiative. Pro-actively making decisions and acting on situations without being asked is the sign of a confident and competent employee. However, initiative can involve much more, such as offering new ideas, solving problems and making alternative suggestions on how to achieve results. This quality is so valued because it’s incredibly useful in a working environment: it means your manager can leave you to your own devices and trust you as an independent worker.

Staying Power

Companies value employees that stay within the company and have a vision to work there long term. This is why most companies will reward staff the longer they stay with bonuses and gifts. Making it clear that you have visions of working there for the foreseeable future is certainly a good idea. It keeps you in the running for promotion opportunities and also helps you get involved in long-term projects from which you’ll gain much recognition. It also means a lot more to the employer – recruiting new staff can be both expensive and time consuming, as well as disruptive to the company’s processes.


Having the drive and motivation to succeed is an admirable characteristic in anyone. Showing ambition and the desire to progress suggests that you’re willing to try hard and reach for opportunities. Ambition goes beyond staying power: it means having that extra bit of drive to not just stay but to progress too. It can be presented in numerous ways, such as opting to take on further training and learn new skills, or offering yourself up for projects and/or more senior roles. If opportunities are lacking around your workplace, create new ones by suggesting new ideas. As long as you can validate how your suggestions will help the business, your manager should appreciate your efforts.

Not yet found a job that allows you to really demonstrate your best attributes? Search over 100,000 vacancies at CV-Library today.

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TM Lewin ‘Win a Suit’ Competition – Winner Revealed

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the recent CV-Library / T.M.Lewin joint ‘win a suit’ competition.

The winner – a Miss.F Hempstead – has been contacted with her prize.

Our friends at T.M Lewin have been creating stylish, high quality business wear for the professional working man and woman since 1898, and continue to innovate their shirts and suits offering to fit with changes in modern fashion today.

If you’re attending an interview, looking smart can be even more crucial, and that’s why we teamed up with the suit retailer to offer this fantastic competition.

Stay tuned to the CV-Library blog and newsletters for competitions and offers.

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Win A Suit with Moss Bros


Discerning gentlemen will be intrigued to hear that CV-Library has teamed up with formal menswear brand Moss Bros to bring you the opportunity to update your interview attire, for free!


We’ve come together with Moss Bros. to bring you this great opportunity to update your interview wardrobe and make a fantastic first impression.


To enter, visit the competition page and answer one, simple question.


Our competition coincides with the launch of the brand’s new Check Mate collection, a selection of on-trend suits, blazers and shirts in urban and traditional patterns. Right now you can get two free shirts when you buy a suit from £99. Check it out here!


Or, visit the CV-Library Career Centre for top interview advice.


The competition will draw to a close on March 31st – so get your entry in to be in with a chance of winning. Stay tuned for future partner brand offers and competitions.

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You Know you Work in IT When…


If you can identify with more than a handful of the points on our list, congratulations – you definitely belong in IT!

  • You sometimes find yourself dumbing down your technical capabilities and understanding. It’s less painful than the blank, deer-in-headlights look you get when you try to explain what you do for a living.
  • When you tell people you can speak many different languages, technically you’re not lying…
  • You’re secretly smug about how the whole of your organisation would crumble to dust without you.
  • Yes, you have muttered the words, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”
  • Your own passwords are an uncrackable mix of capitals, numbers and special characters.
  • Whilst spreadsheets of complex data may give others headaches and trips to the optician, they instil you with a strange sense of comforting calm.
  • You’re a natural born problem solver – life is a puzzle and you can solve it!
  • Good coffee is your BFF.
  • You’ve been known to crawl around under people’s desks on numerous occasions.
  • You genuinely look with scorn upon people who don’t know the fundamental differences between iOS and Android. I mean, how could you not?

Visit CV-Library to find your next IT job.

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Will Robots Take your IT Job?


The human brain is so smart it may be making itself redundant, new research suggests. With a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in the USA showing that an overwhelming majority of us believe artificial intelligence will play a huge part in our lives come 2025, it seems as though our own advances in science may soon be responsible for taking over our jobs.


So what does this mean for the IT sector?

Joining the many scientists looking into the probability of automation within different sectors, two Oxford researchers, Osborne and Benedikt, have found that all occupations involve three types of tasks:

-Perception and manipulation

-Creative intelligence

-Social intelligence

Tasks – and therefore jobs – which require a high level of all three elements are least likely to be adequately fulfilled by computers, and those which involve negligible or low level skill in each area could be at greater risk.

Luckily for the ‘Computer, Engineering and Science’ industry (as grouped by Osborne and Benedikt), vast majority of IT jobs require high level of skills in perception, manipulation, creativity and social intelligence.

In fact, when ranked against 11 other sectors in regards to probability of computerisation, the industry was found to be the second-least at risk of automation – preceded by ‘Management, Business and Financial’ and followed by ‘Education, Legal, Community Service, Arts and Media’.

In conclusion, your IT job is one of the least likely to be taken over by robots within the next few decades.

Visit CV-Library to search and apply for your next IT job.

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Salespeople: Were you Born to Sell?


Salespeople: were you born to sell? Research suggests that certain personality types can find it easier to succeed in a Sales environment. Which of these traits do you identify with?


  • Goal-setting You may be very target and KPI-driven, and thrive upon bettering yourself and beating targets.
  • Competitive You may be competitive – either within a social capacity or within the workplace.
  • Success-driven You are likely to be driven by success, particularly in monetary terms.
  • Talkative You may have been told you have ‘the gift of the gab’ and or ‘the ability to talk the hind legs off a donkey’.
  • Ambitious You are motivated and ambitious to hit targets and sell products to new and existing customers.
  • High achiever Your standards of self-performance are very high. You are never 100% satisfied with what you have achieved, even if it’s great!
  • Can-do attitude You are likely to have a can-do, hands-on attitude.
  • Emulate others You will have the ability to emulate the successful traits of those around you, and put them to practise easily within the working environment.
  • Observational You will be astute, observational, and quick to make connections between customers’ needs and potential solutions.
  • Communicative You will be naturally good on the phone, and at in-person meetings.
  • Smart worker You’re smart about where you spend your time and effort.

So, do you have all the traits of a typically successful Salesperson? If you’re looking for your next role within the industry, visit CV-Library to search thousands of Sales roles.

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You Know you Work in Sales When…


If you can identify with more than a handful of the points on our list, congratulations – you definitely belong in Sales!

  • Everyone comments on how firm your handshake is. Firm and persuasive.
  • You see getting past the ‘gatekeeper’ on the phone as an exciting challenge, not unlike a riveting episode of Crystal Maze or Total Wipeout.
  • On that note, whenever someone cold calls you at home, you are always super nice and put yourself in their shoes.
  • Sometimes you accidently answer your house phone with, “Hello, you’re through to [name] at [company], how can I help?”
  • You’re not only competitive with your colleagues, sometimes you find yourself getting competitive with your past self – “I must beat my personal record!”
  • You find yourself setting targets for your day to day life; everything feels safer with targets…
  • You don’t understand why Starbucks won’t negotiate with you on the price of a Caramel Latte.
  • If your friend mentions that they’re using a competitor’s service, you have to stop yourself from reeling off ten reasons why your service is much better.
  • You never feel as pumped as when you’re fully suited up and presenting your product to a room of strangers. In fact, you can admit to sometimes going a little bit Wolf of Wall Street.
  • You will never, EVER buy a competitor’s product. EVER. Even if it’s half price in the sale and your company would never find out. It’s just not happening.
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Upselling Tips for Retailers


With thousands of Retail roles on our database, CV-Library knows a thing or two about succeeding within the industry! Here, we discuss upselling tips and how to enhance your skills in the area.


Be a Know-It-All

You’re going to need more than a rudimentary understanding of the products you’re selling to make it in the upselling game. Ensure you have an up to date, in-depth knowledge about every single add-on you could sell – it’s so much easier to sell when you know your stuff!


Identify your Customers

What type of customer is standing in front of you? All customers fall into buyer types, and all you need to do is identify which type of customer you have and target your upsell accordingly. These buyer types vary from industry to industry, but it should be possible to hone in on their motivations, needs, susceptibility, and even simple things like whether they have time to listen to your sales suggestions or whether they’re keen to get out of the shop as soon as possible. Use your observations to your advantage!


Just smile!

Your company may require you to uphold certain tone of voice – from professional and reserved, to cool as a cucumber, to quirky or in-your-face. Of course you have to respect this, but no matter what your company personality – it always pays to be friendly. Giving customers a quick smile when they first enter the shop or asking about their day whilst they’re waiting at the till can help pave the way to a successful sales conversation. Get the customer on side at the earliest opportunity and they will be more likely to want to listen to your purchase suggestions.


Don’t be shy

If you don’t try and upsell, you won’t succeed – simple! Even if your customer looks like they’ve bought a lot already or won’t be interested, you don’t know how they will respond until you ask. You never know, they might be looking for that special gift for a friend –and your upsell could save them a lot of hassle shopping elsewhere. Plus, for every ‘no’ – you are closer to a ‘yes’.

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