Should you Interview Women Differently to Men?


The pay gap. Unfair bonus structures. Sexism’s impact on career progression. The media is talking about lots of different issues surrounding women in the workplace. So, is there anything you should be doing differently when interviewing women and men?


In some countries it’s normal for companies to specify whether they’re looking for both male and female candidates, but in the UK it’s a given. So, once your doors are open to potential candidates, the short answer is ‘no’ – you shouldn’t do anything differently whether it’s a man or a woman you’re meeting with. Gender should not influence your line of questioning, however there are ways that you can turn the tables on – and help quash- certain workplace stereotypes.


Do encourage them to be themselves

Women who are aware of gender differences within the workplace may be apprehensive to let their true personality show through, as a safeguard against perpetuating stereotypes of emotionality or talkativeness. Encourage a free speaking environment – put candidates at ease and give them the space to respond to questions naturally, and with passion.


Do let them brag

“Women have the tendency to wait to be discovered,” Gail Blanke of Lifedesigns career coaching stated in a 2008 Forbes article. By this, she was commenting on women’s tendency towards modesty. In comparison, men are more likely to steam ahead and list their achievements. Encourage your female candidates to do the same by asking questions such as, “what have been your biggest career achievements to date?”


Don’t ask about family

Asking directly about children, pregnancy or plans to take time off for childcare is a big no no in terms of political correctness and politeness. Whilst you may be looking to find out whether your potential hire is likely to be asking for time off in the near future, you should steer away from asking directly about these issues. At the end of the day, women are forced to either choose between, or juggle, procreation and a career. That’s one less struggle than men usually have to contend with, so you shouldn’t be adding to the burden by bringing the issue up in interview. Assess a woman for her suitability, not how likely she is to want children within the next three years. If you’re looking to find out whether any candidate has childcare to take into account, ask questions such as , “is there anything which may impact your ability to commit a full working day?”. After all, your candidate’s ability to do the job in question is all you should really be worried about at this stage.


Do ask about career aspirations

With any candidate, you should aim to assess how motivated an individual is to succeed within their immediate role, and later on in their career. Women and men are equally motivated to do well, but reports have shown that in some organisations there can be less opportunities for women to move up the ranks. Find out what makes your candidate tick, and hash out with them whether their career plans are aligned with what your company has to offer. Once on board, ensure that you’re promoting opportunities for growth and training in both your male and female work force.


Don’t judge a book by its cover

Women have so many more choices than men when it comes to their wardrobe, and either they care about the latest fashions or they don’t. Quite frankly, the world of fashion is perceived to be full of pitfalls, and both women and men are quick to make assumptions based on outfit choices. Never discriminate against a woman for looking – or not looking – a certain way. As long as they show up to the interview smart and clean you should suspend judgement until you have fully discussed their relevance for the job. The same goes for men.

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Can you ‘Like’ your Way to Hiring Success?

Business woman sitting at table with hand drawn media icons and

Social media is an important part of any online recruitment drive, but have you considered all of the surprising ways that engaging with social networkers can help you build your business? CV-Library investigates…


It’s natural

Logging into and spending time on social media comes as second nature to many of us. Whether it’s done first thing in the morning, on a lunch break, or on the commute home, as a nation our online behaviour revolves largely around social. Smart companies have learnt to tap into this second nature by advertising vacancies and engaging with online users to spread word about their brand and company requirements.


It’s covert

A ‘like’, a ‘view’, a ‘follow’ or a ‘circle’ can be a covert way of expressing an interest in someone’s profile. From a job hunting perspective, people are able to easily keep track of companies they find interesting via social channels that push out live vacancy updates, company news and new appointments. This kind of sneaky spying can be carried out quickly and easily, without alerting current employers, too – a bonus for those who may be looking for a new job but are already in employment.


It’s subliminal

The aim of social is to get users to associate your brand with desirability, and to keep your company at the forefront of the public mentality. Whether you achieve this by posting bang-on-trend content, endearing photos or exciting company and PR updates: post regularly and your message will subliminally pervade your audience’s mindset. Next time one of your followers is looking for a new job, they may well consider your company first.


It’s brand-tastic

Brand growth is visual. Brand growth is video. Brand growth is engaging. Brand growth is humour. Brand growth is getting your name and imagery out there, and attaching it to shareable, viral content that people want to be a part of. What other platform allows such flexibility and impact as social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter?


It’s the tortoise

Your active candidates will be busy sending you CVs and applying for jobs, however, passive, ‘slow-burn’ candidate attraction is made possible by social media. Build up followers for casual conversation and content sharing, and over time you may find your followers become brand converts and the candidates of tomorrow. Remember, it’s the tortoise that always wins the race!


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Looking to Hire? Avoid these Top 5 Mistakes At All Costs

Job Performance Review

If you’re a recruiter or an in-house hiring professional, you’ll have your own tried and tested methods for advertising and filling vacancies. Have you ever taken a step back and considered whether you’re making any of these classic hiring mistakes?


Don’t think you know best

Always ask for as much information as possible when taking a job order – don’t make assumptions, and don’t presume you know what’s best. At the end of the day, it is your client or hiring manager who knows what kind of person they’re looking for. Let them dictate exactly what it is they’re looking for, and then you can tell them whether it’s within your scope to find them. It can be too easy to go off on a recruiting tangent, finding profiles which you feel could work but don’t pass the acid test with the hiring manager. Ask as many qualifying questions along the way to avoid wasting your own time.


Don’t put your candidates in a box

When you’re writing a job advert, throw your net as widely as possible. If you can be flexible on certain requirements, make this obvious or consider taking them out of the job description completely. Candidates may be put off applying if they feel they don’t match up with 100% of the requirements – when in actual fact, they could be a perfect match in terms of experience and personality. Don’t force your candidates into a box – the more flexible you can be; the more job applications you’ll receive – and the more pleasantly surprising the outcome.


Don’t judge a book by its cover

Similarly, it is best to bear in mind that people are never truly themselves at interview. If someone is nervous, it is almost certain this will not be a factor in their day to day performance. Don’t be put off if someone stutters a bit, or is a little flustered – unless, of course, you are interviewing for a position based heavily around confidence and communication! Keep an open mind about what type of person could fit into your role, and give people the chance to explain their experience fully. Give interviewees the chance to ‘warm up’. You can probably relate from earlier life experience. Judge too quickly and you will risk losing great candidates.


Don’t interview on an empty stomach

They say you shouldn’t do your weekly shopping on an empty stomach, and the same goes for interviews! Make sure you aren’t thirsty, hungry, too tired or in a rush to get elsewhere when you’re interviewing potential candidates for your business. The job market is competitive, and the interviewee deserves the best of you for the twenty, thirty or sixty minutes you’ve dedicated to meeting with them. Rectify any issues that are playing on your mind before going into a meeting, or aim to put them aside and resolve them afterwards. Don’t let your bad mood get in the way of a successful interview.


Don’t be blind to candidate faults

Even if you’ve been looking to hire for a position for months and months, it does not excuse wilfully looking past a candidate’s faults in order to fill the vacancy! In other words, don’t try and force a square peg into a round hole. The short term gain is not worth the long term inconvenience of having to hire for the role again in a few months time when this person doesn’t work out…


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He bought what into his interview? Biggest interview fails

Thumb Down

We’ve all heard the one about the man who denied his mobile phone was ringing in an interview, but have you heard these…? CV-Library collects their favourite interview fails from the world of recruitment.


One interviewee attended a video interview and decided as he would be sitting down it would be perfectly alright to go without trousers. This was fine, until he stood up to turn his camera off at the end and the interviewer caught sight of his boxer shorts.


One job candidate took their mother along as moral support. She was happy to wait in reception, but the damage was done – the candidate was too much of a mummy’s boy to make a good impression on the interviewer!


Another candidate took her lunch into an interview. She hadn’t had time to finish her salad from the local train station, and instead of throwing the contents away she left the open packaging on the desk for the duration of the interview.


One job seeker was ten minutes late to a meeting, and blamed his tardiness on getting hit by a bus. Instead of postponing the interview and going to hospital as one would expect, he sat through the interview – seemingly unharmed and unruffled.


Another candidate took her pet pug along and tied it up outside the building, asking the receptionist to keep an eye on it during the meeting. Apparently she hadn’t been able to secure a dog sitter.


One candidate went for a full-on double cheek kiss and embrace with every interviewer in a panel interview.


A rather desperate job seeker asked the company if it would be possible to secure a pay advance before they’d started – or even been offered – the job.


Finally, our favourite candidate asked his first-stage interviewers whether they’d like to go out for drinks after their afternoon meeting, as he was going to the local pub anyway and it would be nice to get to know each other in a less formal environment.


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10 Signs you’ve Found your Workplace BFF

friendship, happiness and people concept - two smiling girls whi

Have you got a workplace BFF? Check out CV-Library‘s list and see if you can identify with these telltale signs!


They know exactly how and when you like your tea, coffee and hot chocolate, and including you in every round is just a given.


You’re happy to get in half an hour early on their birthday to decorate their desk, and you wouldn’t expect any less from them.


Lunchtimes can often turn into therapy sessions as you both air your workplace woes.


Your work crush? They’re the only person who knows, and you trust them to take the secret to their grave.


When you consider changing jobs, the main thing making you want to stay is your BFF.


Just looking at each other across the room can lead to fits of stifled laughter, and you can convey entire messages using only your eyes.


You’re well aware of the other’s work nemesis, and understand the unspoken rule that you are to never be more than briskly polite to them.


If there’s particularly juicy gossip that cannot wait until 5:30pm, you have been known to ‘accidently’ run into each other in the bathroom.


You often conduct conversations using the ‘half email, half out loud’ method.


They actually make going to work fun.


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Spotlight on Living and Working in Liverpool


Considering moving to Liverpool for work? Well, you’ll need CV-Library’s ‘Spotlight on Living and Working in Liverpool’ to get your research started.


Population – 465,700 Liverpool City

Travel and costs – Train – All zones, monthly £106.30   Bus –All zones, monthly £90.30

Number of jobs in total (within 15.00 miles of centre, as of Feb 25th 2015) – 1,800

Top industries based on job seeker activity – Engineering, Sales, Administration, Retail, Customer Services

Top industries with most jobs – Engineering, Sales, Medical, Education, Construction,

Average salary – £19,722

Average contract day rate – £187 per day

Average rent for a one bedroom property, per month – £431

Average rent for a two bedroom property, per month – £519

Meal, inexpensive restaurant – £8.98

Average gross disposable household income (GDHI) per head – £14,939

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Creating a Blog to Get a Job


Want your CV to stand out from the crowd, swimming rather than sinking in a sea of career-hungry candidates? Then why not consider creating a blog to get a job? Guest bloggers Bridgewater Resources UK provide you with some top tips.


Today, both individuals and large organisations are regularly posting content online. Indeed many of us interact with blogs daily, whether by writing our own, contributing to others, or just generally reading and commenting on articles. You may follow the blogs of your friends and you may have considered writing one yourself, although many people are stumped when it comes to thinking about what to actually write. Blogging is a free or inexpensive way to promote yourself online and savvy job seekers out there are jumping on board and blogging their way to opportunities and career success. So what are the benefits of blogs for job seekers?


Showing off your skills

Just having a Blog demonstrates some key skills, such as written communication and technical know-how. It offers you the chance to practice your writing, proofreading and editing skills, skills that are useful in numerous professions (hello writing emails!). You can also use your Blog to highlight and further support the information on your CV, for example by writing about industry news, or recent work experience that you have undertaken.


Adding to your digital footprint

It’s now very common for recruiters and employers to investigate you online prior to offering you an interview. It is important to be aware of the image that you portray online. A blog can be a great way of making a positive digital footprint, giving you complete control and allowing you to project yourself in a positive light. But be warned, your application could be jeopardised by inappropriate content on your social media.


Network building

Blogging demonstrates your ability to create, build and keep a network. In this instance that network is a readership who continue to return to and engage with your blog, and networking skills are easily transferable to the business world.


Expert in your industry

You can use your blog to write about and give your opinion on changes in your industry. This will lead you to research the topics you are writing about and will provide you with sound, and more importantly current, knowledge. Your subsequent blog posts will demonstrate this knowledge and your passion to potential employers, helping you stand out as a candidate.


Impress potential employers

For all the reasons above employers/recruiters like candidates who have their own blog. Additionally, it’s something different and exciting for them to see. They have an impression of you beyond the two pages of your CV and you suddenly become a high calibre candidate that they want to speak to.


So if you’ve got some spare time coming up, make a start on your blog and see how it can help you land a job!


Like this post? You can visit Bridgewater Resources UK for more career advice and job search tips, or follow us on TwitterLinkedIn, or Facebook.

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An Interview with Zenith Resources – CV-Library


Zenith Resources in Aberdeen offer a broad based recruitment consultancy service for small to medium sized businesses. Some of the main sectors they cover include: Oil & Gas, Engineering, Commercial, Logistics, Warehouse & Labour, amongst others. Here we talk with Abi Strachan, Director, about her experiences within recruitment.


Hi Abi. What makes Zenith Resources stand out from the crowd?

That’s easy to answer – our team!   They are great, and we have a great working atmosphere which rubs off on our candidates and clients, who appreciate our professionalism and expertise, and really trust us.


How did you get into recruitment?

Someone I knew asked me to go and work with him in recruitment many years ago.

I had no idea how it all worked at that time but you learn fast in recruitment!  It’s a tough business with lots of highs and lows, but luckily the highs win every time!


What would you be doing if you weren’t in recruitment?

Reading my Kindle, with a glass of red wine in my hand, at a café by the coast in Italy. That’s my next career move!


What is your top tip for candidates looking for work?

There are so many, but my top one would be: never slate previous employers during an interview! So many people at interview make derogatory comments about previous bosses or companies – it’s a real turn off for employers, wondering if they will be next to be spoken about!


What do you find the most rewarding about working in recruitment?

The satisfaction when candidates and clients are really happy with a placement. That is very rewarding, and the best bit is when we receive a lovely thank you card!


What are your predictions for the recruitment year ahead?

It’s going to be a bit tough in Aberdeen as many businesses within the oil industry are having to make cuts just now.   But we will just keep on doing what we do, working hard and concentrating on keeping our clients and candidates (and therefore ourselves too) happy!


Have you ever made an interview faux pas?

I once went to an interview when the glazed look on the interviewer’s face eventually made me realise that I was waffling on and on and on and on…..! I didn’t get the job. So that’s another top tip: less is more!


Abi photo workIf you could meet one famous person – dead or alive – who would it be and why?

Nelson Mandela, a great man of great courage and conviction, a real survivor who did so much and overcame so much for his people and his beliefs.


Visit the Zenith Resources website to find out more about the top Aberdeen recruitment agency, or view their current job opportunities at CV-Library. Zenith Resources operate within the Oil & Gas, Engineering & Projects | Mechanical, Technical & Electrical | Fabrication | Logistics, Warehouse & Labour | Commercial, Finance & Admin sectors.


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How to Cope with Unemployment


Unemployment can sneak up on you in the form of a sudden redundancy, or you may see it coming if you’re forced to eventually leave a job for reasons beyond your control. Read our advice on how to cope with unemployment.


See the positive

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that unemployment doesn’t have to wear you down. Do you want to feel depressed? No. Don’t let it get to you, don’t wallow. Focus on the positive side of unemployment – you can spend time with friends and family, build upon that hobby, and take the opportunity to truly assess what it is you want to do next. You can even get that little bit of extra sleep you deserve. When you’re working day in, day out, it can be hard to do any of that.


You’re not alone

Unemployment happens to a lot of people – hard working people, qualified people, ambitious people. It’s one of life’s hurdles that can affect people indiscriminately, for a number of different reasons. Online and offline networking with people in a similar situation can really help you come to terms with this fact.


Stick at it, daily

Recruitment processes can be slow, but you have to be in it to win it. Remember, with every CV you send out and application you make, you are one little step closer to reaching your goal. Every day you wake up and talk to one more recruiter or employer is a day closer to receiving an offer of employment. Design a schedule for your week if you feel it will help, for instance – 8am, wake up. 9am, gym. 10am-12pm, job search. 12pm, lunch – and so on.


Be ready to go

Maintaining availability and flexibility is really important when you’re searching for something new, as is having your phone to hand at all times! Be ready to take calls, attend interviews, and respond to emails. Speed is key when it comes to applying to jobs – recruiters and employers want to fill their jobs as quickly as possible, too, remember!


Be responsive

On that note, it’s a great idea to sign up for a job searching mobile app, or job alerts like those provided by CV-Library, to ensure you have your finger on the pulse when it comes to the freshest vacancies.


Look after yourself

Finally, much like you are not only your job when you’re employed – you are not only your job search when you are unemployed. There is so much more to life than focussing on job hunting, so make sure to eat healthily, exercise, socialise and enjoy the things you normally do, to maintain a healthy balance. It is also important to talk about what you’re feeling, be it with a loved one or therapist. Get those feelings out in the open, don’t feel ashamed, and be open to all of the support available to you. You will get through this!


For more career advice, visit the CV-Library Career Advice Centre.


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How to Deal with a Horrible Boss


You feel like they pick on you in the workplace and you have your suspicions that they really don’t like you on a personal level. Here’s how to deal with, and make the most of, working with a horrible boss.

Don’t follow suit

Yes, their behaviour might be bad – they might swear in the office, or play bully, or take the longest lunch breaks known to man. This doesn’t mean that it’s OK. Make a point of maintaining your standards of behaviour in the face of terrible leadership. Don’t let your own professionalism suffer by mimicking their behaviour.

Business as normal

Your boss might try their hardest to intimidate or offend you, but don’t rise to it. This isn’t the school playground and name calling isn’t going to get you anywhere. Endeavour to always talk to them and interact with them politely, as if what they’re doing doesn’t affect you at all. This will make you appear stronger than any other behaviour will.

Question their motivations

We don’t mean out loud, of course. Everybody that acts in a certain way has their reasons, think about every time that you’ve acted out and treated someone badly – it was as a reaction to specific circumstances or your situation at the time. Consider that your boss may just be going through a bad patch at home, or may feel that they have to act in a certain way to compensate for something else. They may even feel pressured to act in a certain way by their manager.

Extend an olive branch

It’s likely that others will have noticed their behaviour, and your manager may not be popular around the office. Extend an olive branch every now and then – be it by offering to make them a cup of coffee, or asking if they’d like to go to lunch. You never know, one small act of kindness could be all they need to kick their attitude problem.

Find another mentor

If your boss’s bad behaviour is affecting your ability to perform and grow within your role, then see if it’s possible to receive mentorship from others within the business. Whether it’s a colleague with many more years’ experience, or another team leader, perhaps you know someone who can help you grow within your role. Yes, you will still need to report directly to your horrible boss, but you can learn valuable lessons elsewhere.

Don’t quit on impulse

If you love your colleagues, your work and the environment but absolutely hate your boss, it can be tempting to up sticks and move on in search of greener pastures. But why should it be you that has to make a change? If you’re in love with your job, surely it’s worth fighting for? Without going down the route of gossiping, have a word with HR or a director about the unacceptable behaviour. The least this will achieve is logging a record of your complaint (which may be followed up by other employees), or even better – the person in question may be called up on their behaviour or sent off for management training.

For more career tips visit the CV-Library Career Advice Centre.

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