The Week in News: UK Employment Round Up – 07/11/14

Time for a break from your job search? Check out our run down of the news which caught our attention from the UK employment industry this week.

Migrants could be answer to construction labour shortfall

A new report has revealed that there could be a massive discrepancy between construction projects and workforce available by April 2015, amounting to a 20% labour shortfall. Migrant workers could be the answer to filling the immediate skills gap.

SMEs will see biggest jobs growth, according to British Chambers of Commerce

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has conducted a recent Workforce Survey, with results showing that small to medium-sized UK businesses are likely to lead the way in terms of growth over the next 12 months. The study has shown that companies at this stage of operation are seeing enough work to take on further hires, and have the confidence to offer permanent positions.

Profits better than expected for high street retailer

Big-name brand Marks and Spencer has attracted soaring share prices this week as the high street retailer announced a welcome profit increase – the first in four years. Due to the warmer autumn, sales in clothing dropped however profits from general merchandise across the year led to an uptick in profit.

cv library in the newsCV-Library has teamed up with mens formalwear brand Moss Bros. to offer CV-Library candidates the chance to win interview attire. Male candidates can log in to their accounts at any point throughout November and follow the banner to enter the competition.

Engineering group Rolls-Royce plans global workforce cuts

With a current workforce of 55,000 across the world, engineering group Rolls-Royce has announced significant cuts in a big to strenghthen the business long term. Around 800-1200 jobs will be lost from UK sites Derby and Bristol.

Record number of disabled people are now employed

The Jersey Employment Trust have announced that the area is now experiencing the highest number of disabled people within the workforce.  Industries such as carpentry and horticulture have seen the biggest rise in employees.

Organisation predicts future careers to be science fiction

STEMThe Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics network have carried out research into when four popular science fiction technologies – including invisibility cloaks, teleportation, time travel and space tourism – will form the basis for viable careers. The research was used as a backdrop for The Big Bang Careers Fair in Birmingham.

And some news from across the pond…

Thirteen years after its destruction, the newly built One World Trade Centre has re-opened for business. Top publisher Conde Nast is the first business to move in, with 170 employees making the initial move and 3,000 more arriving in the first half of 2015.

see you next week

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How to Work from Home with Pets


It’s coming up to winter – the roads are icy, the train’s been cancelled, or you’ve had to wait in for the man to come round and fix your boiler. Love it or hate it, you’ve got to work from home – and it turns out your pet hasn’t got any plans to go out. Here are our top tips for getting stuff done whilst looking after your little darling.


Be aware of flat surfaces

It’s a well known fact that if a cat sees you looking at something on a flat surface, it will immediately want to sit on it – newspapers, books, folders, keyboards – the lot. This is to prove its dominance and also that it is more interesting than whatever it was you were previously interested in. Your table or desk is the most likely place you’ll want to set up shop but also well within reach of your feline friend, so – if possible – identify a slanted or vertical surface so your cat simply cannot interfere. Alternatively, keep the cat off the table.


Shut the door

Your pet is going to be super excited that you’re home on a weekday, oh boy. It’s going to be all sniffing around you, tripping you up, begging for treats and wanting to say hello every five minutes. To maintain a state of guru-like concentration, the best thing you can do is close the door to your study and ignore its cries for attention. This may go against every fibre in your being but remember… IT’S A TRICK! Your pet is fine – they’ll go back to sleep soon. They just like to test you to see how weak you are – if you have more than one pet they’re probably locked in a competition to see who can distract you the most.


Get some lunchtime exercise

A lazy wander to the corner shop for a Twix may be as far as your lunchtime exercise usually goes. If you’re at home with a dog you have the perfect opportunity to burn a few calories, get your heart rate up and go back to work after lunch with increased focus and concentration. Surprise your doggy with a daytime walk and he will love you even more.


Watch out for work calls

Just in the process of signing off on a major project? Good for you! Now how about ruining the moment by your dog barking loudly in your – and everyone else on the conference call’s – ear? Don’t be mad – your pet just wants to talk to your boss and tell him how much you deserve a pay rise – however, this can be avoided by taking any important calls in a separate room or outside.


Keep your computer locked

You’ve decided to work from home with pets. It’s all going well so far. You’ve just popped off for a moment to make a cup of tea, and then – OH NO. You’ve sent an email to Nigel in accounts, telling him, “fffghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh222”. Keep your keyboard covered or your computer locked to avoid roaming paws making mischief.



Recent studies have suggested that one of the best ways to de-stress yourself is to spend some quality cuddle time with your cat or dog. If work is getting you down, take a moment to grab that cat and pet its furry little head until all of your troubles melt away.


Visit CV-Library to search for your next job or register your CV so the jobs can find you.


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Industry Update: Manufacturing Jobs

savvy manufacturing 2

This new blog from Career Savvy explains more about the exciting background to manufacturing jobs.

Manufacturing involves the production of everything from normal everyday appliances to cars, trains and planes. As a result, the industry affects a range of different sectors. Manufacturing roles can span from design, to production, maintenance, quality assurance and more. Manufacturers usually concentrate on a broken-down section of the process, creating parts that go on to form a larger product.

To break into this industry you don’t necessarily require a degree, although it will be needed for more senior roles in design and engineering. Machinist and production roles can be entered through apprenticeships or entry-level positions. Manufacturing apprenticeships are a great way to train while receiving payment, gaining experience and formal qualifications.

UK is the 11th Largest Manufacturer in the World

The industry as a whole is seeing growth. In 2013, the UK ranked 11th for manufacturing output against all other manufacturing countries. It currently contributes £6.7 trillion to the global economy, and makes up 54% of UK exports. This contrasts with widespread preconceptions that manufacturing is a doomed trade in the UK. While levels haven’t returned to their heights of the seventies, where manufacturing made up 25% of UK GDP, the picture is still quite positive. In reality, levels as high as these are unlikely to be reached now that foreign trade and imports are so important to the economy. In the first six months of 2014, the UK saw its best new car sales for the last nine years.

Demand for New Manufacturing Recruits up by 40%

According to the Engineering UK Report 2014, there has been a 40% increase in demand for new engineering and manufacturing recruits since 2012. This huge rise is great news for anyone hoping to break into the sector. Growth in the industry means that companies are estimated to need 1.86 million employees that have engineering and manufacturing skills. Thus there needs to be twice as many people in apprenticeships, training or degrees in order to get enough jobseekers into the industry. The hope is that this will encourage companies to invest more in their recruitment and training programmes, in order to have enough recruits to support the growing trade.

Search CV-Library for your next Manufacturing job.

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The unexpected perks of working in an IT team

nl 8

At any one time, there are thousands of IT jobs available on CV-Library. One of the UK’s most popular job sectors, industry professionals might find themselves nodding along with these perks of working in an IT team.


Keep up to date with technology

Nothing is going to help you keep the finger on the pulse of new technology developments like working in an IT team. Surround yourself with tech-loving colleagues and keep up to date with exciting releases and industry news.


Exercise your mind

Working in IT can often be about problem solving – finding the solution to a technical issue or achieving a goal quickly and efficiently. Addressing complex issues can give your brain a workout and keep your mental skills agile – so you can approach and resolves issues in your personal life with ease.


Work with people who ‘get’ you

We’re not saying that you’ll instantly form an unbreakable bro-mance with all of your new colleagues as soon as you walk through the door, but by surrounding yourself with likeminded individuals it is likely you will find a lot of common ground with your new team.


Help shape the future

Whether you’re working for a multi-national company on an established commercial product, or a small start-up on a new app, there is always the chance that what your team is doing is helping to shape the future of technology. Be at the forefront of the next generation with a career in IT.


Increase your employability

With majority of companies across the UK embracing modern technology and an online presence, your future job prospects could be endless. From working as a technician, to developing code, as the world becomes increasingly digitalised, your options will only multiply.


If you’re looking for your next IT job, visit CV-Library and search for your next perfect role.

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The unexpected perks of working in an administration role

nl 7

At any one time, there are thousands of administration jobs available on CV-Library. One of the UK’s most popular job sectors, industry professionals might find themselves nodding along with these perks of working in an administration role.

Enjoy variety

It’s a bit of a cliché, but in admin – every day is different. If you’re working for a large company, there’ll be a thousand and one tasks you could be doing, and lots of people and processes to deal with. You’ll get to speak with everyone in the business, in comparison to people in other teams, whose paths may never cross.

Become incredibly indispensable

Working in admin means you’ll know a little bit about a lot of people’s business. You’ll know all of the secrets of your workplace, from how to get the dodgy printer to work to how to put through holiday requests at the last minute. Become the go-to work angel and watch the new friends and favours stack up as you become indispensable to absolutely everyone.

Improve your life skills

Being able to deal with anything with a smile on your face and a skip in your step is a fantastic skill to have. This kind of role will help build your resilience and efficiency, whilst developing your interpersonal skills. Work in admin, and you may just find your approach to your relationships and endeavours outside of office hours benefitting, too.

Exercise your mind

Administration can often be about problem solving – finding that middle path that keeps everyone happy and ensures everything is done as efficiently as possible. Addressing complex issues can give your brain a workout and keep your mental skills agile – so you can approach and resolve issues in your personal life with ease.

Work in any industry

Once you have administration experience, your skills are essentially transferable to any industry. Almost every workplace will need an administration team (or solo admin whiz) so your future options are limitless. You could find work everywhere from a slick fashion house to The Army.

If you’re looking for your next Administration job, visit CV-Library and search for your next perfect role

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The unexpected perks of working in a customer service team

nl 6

At any one time, there are thousands of customer service jobs available on CV-Library. One of the UK’s most popular job sectors, industry professionals might find themselves nodding along with these perks of working in a customer service team.


Make a real difference

Join a customer service team and your job will essentially revolve around helping people, day in, day out! If you’re the Mother (or Father) Theresa type and get a buzz from turning those frowns upside down, this kind of work could be absolutely perfect for you. Work in customer service and you’ll be in the position to make a real difference.


Forge a second family

Going to work every day and feeling like you’re amongst family is a great thing. In no other job will you go through the same bonding experiences as you will with your customer service colleagues – from problem-solving as a team to inspiring each other when motivation is low, from sharing in individual successes to enjoying nights out. You may have desk dividers to deal with, but nothing can keep you apart!


Improve your life skills

Being able to deal with angry customers and put on a happy front against all odds is a fantastic skill to have. This kind of role will help build your resilience and develop your interpersonal skills, much more than most other jobs could.


Exercise your mind

Customer service is often about problem solving – finding that middle path that keeps the customer and your business happy at the same time. Addressing complex issues can give your brain a workout and your keep your mental skills agile – so you can approach and resolve issues in your personal life with ease.

If you’re looking for your next Customer Service job, visit CV-Library and search for your next perfect opportunity.


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Working in retail? Get ahead of the interview competition!

nl 11Once you’ve been selected to attend an interview for a new job, the different emotions can start to set in – nerves, excitement, even fear – and with all of those hormones rushing around, it can be hard to focus on the task in hand – preparing for and acing your interview! We’ve done a little research into the world of retail and have come up with the following tips to help guide you through your next interview process.


Turn on your personality

Consider what your interviewer is looking for – someone who can essentially sell products to a range of customers. To do this, you will need to demonstrate not only product knowledge, but warmth and charisma. If you’re nervous, take a deep breath and make sure you’re coming across as warmly as you would within the retail environment.


Read trade news and publications

There are numerous places online to find retail industry news. Check out the most recent stories and go to your interview with your head full of business views, and impress your interviewer with your market knowledge.


Understand the marketplace

In a similar vein, your company research should extend to understanding where the business sits within the marketplace as a whole. Who are their main competitors? What are the upcoming industry innovations? Is the business in line for any awards? Research beyond the job role, and you will surely impress.


Use what you sell

Some interviewers will ask if you use the product they sell. It’s a simple question, but will be met with a lot more enthusiasm if you can say, ‘yes’! If you know you have an interview coming up, familiarise yourself with the product range and make some small purchases if you can. If the company can be persuaded of your love for their brand, you will get extra brownie points!


If you enjoy working in Retail or you’re looking for your next Retail job, visit CV-Library and search for your next perfect opportunity

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Why you must get your Sales CV right

nl 17

In the world of Sales, it’s your personality traits that will help you climb up the career ladder. Are you persuasive? Can you smash your targets? Can you build a natural rapport within moments of picking up the phone? It’s easy to demonstrate these skills during an interview, but harder to do so in your CV. Thus, it’s important to learn how to convey your strengths on a piece of paper. CV-Library has put together some tips for getting the most from your next job application.


Include a mission statement

A successful CV introduction can be used to summarise your suitability for a role and why you’re interested in a specific opportunity. More importantly, it’s your first opportunity to grab the attention of a potential employee. Lead with an impactful statement and have your audience hanging by your every word.


Sell yourself

If you’re good at selling, you should practise until you’re confident at selling yourself! Imagine your candidature is a commodity that potential employees cannot live without. What can you bring to a business which no one else can? Talk about yourself in third person, if it helps!


Find the right words

Use the right words to express what you do and how you do it. Sounds simple, right? Not always. Ensure you are able to vocalise your talents by reading industry job descriptions and adopting the language you identify with. After all, these are the keywords recruiters will use to search for the most relevant candidates.


Include measurables

Salespeople and recruitment professionals are often required to work to KPIs – key performance indicators. To show that you’re comfortable with a targeted approach to work, include details about previous targets and how you have met them. If you deal in money, relay information about how much you have made for previous employers. Recruiters love to see hard evidence of your achievements.


If you’re looking for your next Sales job, visit CV-Library and search for your next perfect opportunity.

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Make your job adverts stand out this January

nl 18

New Year, new job adverts? If you’ve made the New Year’s resolution to mix things up and maximise your jobs applications with the power of words alone, you might like CV-Library’s tips on making your job adverts stand out this January!


Think ‘Title’

The title is the first thing potential job applicants will see. Make yours stand out from the competition by using popular industry job titles (no internal ones!) and mentioning the salary and experience level, unless you’re flexible. Stay away from throwing in words such as ‘excellent’ and ‘fantastic’ – they are essentially meaningless and will only take up space you could be using to supply candidates with further, relevant information.


Create a snappy intro

Recruitment is essentially a sales job, and part of your role is selling jobs to potential candidates. Try and pack in the main selling points of your role into the first few sentences. You don’t want job hunters to lose interest!


Turn it on its head

You may usually approach job adverts with your requirements in mind. How about turning this approach on its head? Think about what potential candidates could gain from working with your company. Make your job advert stand out against others which are simply lists of qualification and experience requirements!


Be selective – but not too selective

Before writing your next advert, sort the requirements into an A and B column – A being ‘must have’, and B being ‘nice to have’. Make this very clear in your advert, and you will find yourself having to spend less time sorting through applications. Plus, you won’t cause anyone to erroneously assume that they’re under-qualified off.


Be honest about salary

A common misconception with writing job adverts is that you’ll attract more candidates if you keep the salary bracket open. This simply isn’t true. Data suggests that candidates prefer to apply to jobs with realistic salary bandings. If you know what the salary range is – use it!


Advertise your next role with CV-Library and it will automatically be posted across our partner network of 750+ job websites.

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Recruitment tips for the festive period

nl 15

Aside from the rush to recruit seasonal staff, Christmas can be a slow in the world of recruitment requirements – but you don’t have to give into the seasonal lull! Read our pick-me-ups for an instant recruitment lift and get ahead of the game this festive period.

Spice up your job adverts

Take the time to refresh your job adverts, particularly if they have not been as successful as you would have hoped over the previous months. For seasonal roles, get fun and festive – appeal to humour and holiday cheer and you may find yourself with more applications than you can shake a candy stick at.

Make use of the downtime

Believe it or not, candidates are actually very active over the Christmas period, even if the companies you work with are not. Spend your time on candidate-focussed activities such as networking, messaging and searching for elusive profile types. Whilst you’re not being stretched by your workload, you should use the spare time for some in-depth headhunting. If your holiday schedule allows, check over your job applications and job board as soon as possible after Christmas itself, as many candidates who are otherwise too busy use this downtime to apply for jobs.

Get on the phone

With the Christmas break on the horizon and everyone in good moods, it is more likely that your endeavours to get in touch with your contacts by phone will be met with enthusiasm. Make some human contact and stop relying on email!

Hold a Christmas mixer

If you’re working in-house, Christmas can be a great time to hold an afternoon or evening event to celebrate not only the Season’s Greetings, but your great selection of job opportunities, too. Invite candidates from the local area to your office, and put on a ‘getting to know us’ evening, complete with mince pies. CV-Library can provide you with the tools to prepare and send an e-shot to your local audience.

Make a wish list

With the yearly recruitment cycle coming to an end now is the time to take stock and assess what you want to achieve over the next year. Write yourself a wish list now, and keep it somewhere safe over the coming months.

Thank you for reading obout our Christmas recruitment tips. To find out more about recruiting with CV-Library, read about our product range here.

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