Are you mobile enough to keep up with Recruitment in 2015?


From Social recruiting to minding the skills gap and going mobile, have you acted on this year’s key hiring trends?

Each year technologies advance, the employment market changes, and a new generation (currently the millennials) flourish. As these changes take hold, the recruitment industry, companies, and candidates have to adapt to the evolving hiring trends that emerge with them.

We’re now almost halfway through the year, and with Google’s Mobilegeddon having taken place, it’s the perfect time to revisit these trends and question the impact they’re having on your recruitment strategies.


Social Recruiting to revolutionise Hiring Trends

Social recruiting brings positive changes to recruitment for both sides of the industry. It is now easier than ever before to get to know your candidate and social media provides the tools to make the entire application process more engaging. Meanwhile, candidates are also reaping the social benefits as they now have improved access to companies, giving them a deeper understanding of workplace culture.

The importance of company branding and an effective social presence cannot be emphasised enough. However, it’s essential to remember that social is a give and take relationship, here you can read about how some companies have gotten in wrong.


Rise of mobile usage

Remember the Nokia 3310? That was the first colour phone and for some it feels like it was launched only yesterday. But the world of mobile devices has evolved rapidly since then and it’s continuing to bring increasingly advanced technology to the hands of consumer each and every day.

According to research the average person checks their mobile device 221 times per day. Mobile is everywhere in our lives; your phone is your address book, music collection, social media manager, games console, and communication device all in one (and more). As phones have transformed our lives, they’re also transforming the way companies hire and the way applicants apply.

Eligo New Website

Eligo’s new mobile responsive site

A recent study by LinkedIn states that “72% of job seekers visited a company website from their device (whilst) 45% have applied for a position from their device”.  These stats emphasise the importance of making sure your website is mobile optimised and responsive to make the application process as easy as possible. Google recently undertook “Mobilegeddon”, penalising sites that aren’t mobile responsive, significantly limiting your brands presence, reach, and ultimately results.

If there was one trend that you need to be on top of this year it’s this one.


Mind the (skills) gap Worker supply does not meet current demand.

With continued innovation, growing numbers of successful start-ups, and the shift towards technology, companies have to fight harder to recruit skilled talent. This is the year of a candidate driven marketplace.

Current approaches such as active-recruiting are no longer sufficient, with greater emphasis needed on passive candidates. Even once a perfect candidate has been found, the importance of an effective hiring process is now more evident than ever. The hiring process must be managed effectively and speedily, selling both the company and the opportunity whilst seriously considering training programmes, development and progression opportunities, rewards, and more.

These not only play a part in the hiring process but also in the retention of skilled talent. For companies looking to retain top talent, company culture is an important element (and that doesn’t just mean simply putting in a table tennis table and ordering pizza on Mondays). The importance of retaining skilled staff also sees an increase in counter offers being made.


Have you taken notice of 2015′s Hiring Trends?

This could be the most important year yet to take notice of hiring changes, particularly as we see changes from Google and increasing changes to candidate job search behaviours. The job market and recruitment industry is constantly developing and it is crucial that you understand what is changing and why that is happening, so that you can adapt to it, sooner rather than later.


Article contributed by Eligo Recruitment.

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Get involved in Adult Learners’ Week 2015


Adult Learners’ Week signals the very best time to start learning something new – no matter what your age or experience level. It is a national celebration of lifelong learning and aims to inspire individuals and businesses to ‘have a go’.

In a recent survey that we carried out, 88% of candidates felt that training and development is needed in order to stay ahead of new advancements in their sector. Therefore, we’d encourage you to take this week to explore your options and consider training in your chosen area or another area that interests you.

CV-Library makes it easy for you to take courses to improve your skills, many of which can be from the comfort of your own home or workplace. It’s never too late to add to your CV and getting a new qualification can really help you stand out from the competition.

Browse thousands of courses from accredited providers on the CV-Library Training Centre, from a Chocolatier Diploma to Business Accounting, there’s something for everyone.

Our training courses give you the ability to:

  • Skill up
  • Obtain a promotion
  • Change career
  • Earn more money
  • Succeed

So what are you waiting for? Benefit yourself this Adult Learners’ Week and find the right course for you.

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Spotlight on living and working in Glasgow

Glasgow magnified on a map

Considering moving to Glasgow for work? Well, you’ll need CV-Library’s ‘ Spotlight on Living and Working in Glasgow ’ to get your research started.


Population – 592,820

Travel and costs – monthly pass at regular price – £48

Number of jobs in total (within 15.00 miles of centre, as of June 2015) – 1,008

Top industries with most jobs – Engineering, Construction, Sales, IT, Customer Service and Administrative

Average salary – £20,616

Average monthly rent for a one bedroom flat – £561

Average monthly rent for a three bedroom flat – £900

Meal, inexpensive restaurant – £10

Search Glasgow jobs



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Future-proof your IT job

Team of technicians using digital cable analyser on servers in l

Working in IT is a great way to tap into your technical skills and become an integral part of any company.  IT has already evolved far beyond just the helpdesk and it’s continuing to evolve in the months and years ahead. So what can you do to ensure your skills keep up with these changes?

To help you future-proof your job and continue to develop in your career, we’re sharing the future skills of IT professionals:

  • Programming and development – most employersare in need of high quality developers, it’s no longer enough to simply understand development but you need to have enough experience to manage complex and challenging business demands. This means if your current role doesn’t offer you the opportunity to expand your programming and development skills you should start looking for those opportunities outside of the office.
  • Management skills – IT is becoming increasingly expensive, especially when you consider all of the equipment and software necessary to keep a business running, and companies want to know that things are going to run smoothly and on time. Having strong project and people management skills could help secure your future in the industry.
  • Security knowledge – unless you live under a rock it’s clear that everyone is looking at security as a priority and that’s not going to change. As more and more businesses are hit with cyber attacks, more investment is being put into individuals with the expertise to protect a company.
  • Database administration – big data and all of the hype that surrounds it is creating an increased demand for candidates with strong database management and administration experience. Having vast database knowledge – from designing to building to managing – is essential.
  • Versatility – one of the more important ‘soft skills’ in IT is being a flexible and versatile individuals. Being able to use your experience across different projects and adapt to the changing needs of a business is the best way to keep your IT job secure.

Need a little help adapting to the changes in your industry? Check out our Training Courses and see which courses could help you expand your skill set.

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Spotlight on living and working in Bristol

Bristol Skyline In Watercolor

Considering moving to Bristol for work? Well, you’ll need CV-Library’s ‘Spotlight on Living and Working in Bristol ’ to get your research started.


Population – 437,500

Travel and costs – Bus and rail card, central zones, per month – £154

Number of jobs in total (within 15.00 miles of centre, as of June 2015) – 2,530

Top industries with most jobs – Engineering, Construction, Sales, Automotive and Aerospace, IT

Average salary – £25,392

Average contract day rate – £168

Average monthly rent for a one bedroom flat – £712

Average monthly rent for a two bedroom flat – £1,293

Meal, inexpensive restaurant – £10

Search Bristol jobs




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Future-proof your retail job

Hand taking receipt from pos terminal

Working in retail can be stressful and exhausting, but it also provides an opportunity to work around and with people – which can be extremely enjoyable and rewarding. As the retail industry begins to evolve beyond brick and mortar, how will your skills need to evolve?

To help you future-proof your retail job and continue to develop in your career, we’re sharing the future skills of retail professionals:

  • Tech know-how – the retail industry has faced many changes in the last decade, most notably the boom of e-commerce. But as brick and mortar stores strive to keep up with their online counterparts they are increasingly turning to the world of tech to help them do so. Understanding the digital world will help you mange the new tech in-store; and being able to offer practical advice when it comes to retail technology will put you way ahead of the competition.
  • A keen eye – for everything. Styles, trends, news, or anything else. If you work in a retail shop you need to have a close eye on customers at all times – knowing when they need help, when to stay away and when to watch out for theft. Being able to keenly observe in-store and online will allow you to keep retailers running smoothly and adapt to industry changes.
  • Trusted people person – if you currently work in retail you already understand the importance of customer service and being a people person – it’s crucial for both customer satisfaction and teamwork. Retail employers are increasingly looking for employees to develop this skill by truly understanding how people think and operate. You may not need a psychology degree, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt!
  • Flexibility – one skill that isn’t likely to change in the retail industry is flexibility, especially when it comes to your schedule. If you want to continue working in retail you need to remain flexible and be able to adapt to the company’s needs – the more flexible you are, the more trusted you’ll be as an employee.

Need a little help adapting to the changes in your industry? Check out our Training Courses and see which courses could help you expand your skill set.

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Learning new skills while working


Working on one job for a number of years can leave you feeling complacent, and you’re likely itching for a new challenge. Before jumping into the job search and looking for a new career, considering spending a few weeks or months expanding your skill set. Learning new skills before moving jobs will help round out your CV, and could help you find a new passion.

At CV-Library we’re sharing a few tips to expanding your skill set while working full-time.

Learn someone else’s job

The easiest way to learn a new skill while in the office is to simply offer to help out a colleague. Everyone is busy with their own responsibilities that it’s easy to ignore what your co-workers are up to – spend a few minutes chatting with a few people on the office to learn more about their jobs. When you find something that sounds interesting, offer to help out on a project or task. The extra support will be welcomed by most and you’ll get the opportunity to learn something new and work on a challenging project.  Having this additional knowledge will look great on your CV!

Find a class

This option is a little bit more time consuming, but if you find yourself with a few spare hours each week consider setting them aside for an evening or online class.  If you’re stretched for time look into online courses that offer a bit more flexibility for your busy schedule. Take a look at CV-Library’s training courses to learn more about online education and to find a course that’s right for you. Having a new qualification on your CV can really impress an employer.

Attend that conference

You either love ‘em or hate ‘em, but if you’re looking to expand your skill set it’s time to buck up and attend that conference! Find industry conference and events that are relevant to your current job, and look for sessions or workshops that give you an opportunity to learn something new. In addition to the learning something new you’ll also be able to network and meet new people; people who could help you land your next job!

Speak up

Ask your manager. Probably the most straightforward way to learn something new is to simply ask your manager for the opportunity. You should have a career development plan that allows you to spend some time each month at training sessions – find one that sounds of interest and put a request in to attend. If you work at a smaller organisation, try and find a few reasonably priced external training sessions that won’t set the company back too much and find a few co-workers who would also like to attend.

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Future-proof your admin job

Diversity Business People Discussion Meeting Board Room Concept

Organisation, organisation and organisation: the three most important skills for an administrative professional. But there’s no denying that the admin job role is constantly evolving and that’s not going to change in the coming years – so will your skills need to evolve as well?

To help you future-proof your job and continue to develop in your career, we’re sharing the future skills of administrative professionals:

  • Industry knowledge – many believe that admin professionals have a distinct advantage over other disciplines because they can adapt to any industry. While this may be true now, it’s likely to change as employers look for individuals with strong industry knowledge. If you’re passionate about a specific company, immerse yourself in their industry so you can speak intelligently on relevant topics. This will help you understand the urgency of work and will allow you to better communicate with employees.
  • Communication – as indicated above, being able to effectively communicate with staff is essential. Hiring managers are often looking for evidence of strong verbal and written communication skills. Get ahead of the competition by improving your communication skills; learning a new language can give you a big advantage when looking to work in international corporations.
  • Financial management – admin professionals are being given increasing control over their own budgets, and no matter what level you work at it’s critical that you understand how to manage finances. Business admin costs can be extremely high, especially as a company grows and expands, being able to identify where a business is overspending and cutting back costs will be a big part of your job.
  • Tech know-how – the admin job has evolved by leaps and bounds since the days of Don Draper, and most of that evolution has to do with the rapid changes in technology. Especially in smaller companies, admin professionals are turned to for any number of ad hoc jobs, and that includes helping out with the new tech in the office. Being able to quickly troubleshoot IT issues and save valuable business time will be essential in the future admin professional.

Need a little help adapting to the changes in your industry? Check out our Training Courses and see which courses could help you expand your skill set.

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Taking care of your well-being at work

Happy City Business Woman With Copy Space

June is Professional Wellness Month, didn’t you know?! The goal of this month is to raise awareness of well-being in the workplace, and to encourage workers to take a close look at their own wellness. To help you get started, here are a few things to consider when looking for a healthier work life.


Get stress under control

If you don’t ever get stressed then you either landed the best job in the world or simply don’t allow yourself to get bogged down by the deadline and disasters that work throws your way. But for the rest of us, each and every day at work can mean a little, or a lot, of stress. Increased levels of stress can leave you overwhelmed and can lead to burn-out or result in health issues. If stress is taking its toll on you at work, here are few ways to get it under control:

  • Write up a schedule: Taking your work day into your own hands gives you back control over your work – prioritise everything you have to tackle for the day and plan the day by the hour. Not only will this give you peace of mind that you can tackle everything on your list, it’s likely to impress your managers and colleagues as well. Just remember to give yourself time for a break every now and then!
  • Fall back in love with your job: When you’re under constant pressure at work it can cause feelings of resentment toward your job – which will perpetuate stress even more! A great way to combat the unhealthy cycle of stress is to reconnect with why you started the job in the first place and remind yourself of why you love it. By focusing on the things you enjoy, you can improve your attitude and it can ultimately have some great mental health benefits as well.
  • Rest up and eat right: Ok, so that crazy deadline or ridiculous project at work is really the blame for your stress, but are you doing yourself any favours by staying up late and chowing down a cake during the 3pm slump? An unhealthy lifestyle can actually exacerbate feelings of frustration, so make sure you’re eating properly throughout the day and get a good night’s sleep


Find time for fun

Happiness and satisfaction can have a direct impact on your productivity and success at work. It’s particularly important to find time for relaxing when working hours stretch into your personal time. So here are a few ways to add a little bit of fun to your day at the office:

  • Mix up your meetings: Gathering around a big table in a dark and stuffy room for your fifth meeting of the day is exhausting. Why not find ways to take your meetings elsewhere? When it comes time for your team catch-up head outside for some fresh air, walk to a nearby coffee shop or simply set yourselves up in the kitchen. You’ll notice that everyone’s mood is instantly lifted and you might even get a few more creative ideas out of the team
  • Spend time with your team: Heading down to the pub a few times a week won’t suit everyone’s budget or schedule, but it’s definitely a good idea. Finding personal connections and creating valuable relationships you’re your colleagues can create a more collaborative office environment. Find excuses for team bonding – fun brainstorm sessions, a group coffee-run to the local café, or the good old happy hour after work all do the trick.
  • Find time for a decent lunch: When you plan out your day, set aside a decent chunk of time to take a real lunch break and invite a few colleagues to go along with you. Whether you eat your packed lunch in the kitchen, pop round to a local café, or find a nice spot outside for an afternoon snack – shutting off from work, socialising and getting some decent food will boost your mood and productivity.
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Future-proof your sales job

Double exposure of man and city

If you’ve landed yourself a job in sales then you probably already have some strong negotiation skills, plenty of likability and a decent amount of confidence. But as the sales job role changes over time, have the skills required to succeed changed as well? Yes, yes they have.

To help you future-proof your job and continue to develop in your career, we’re sharing the future skills of sales professionals:

  • Psychology degree: OK, you don’t have to go so far as earning a degree, but having a basic understand of psychology can work wonders in a negotiation. And in today’s day and age people are increasingly more self-focused (that’s a nice way of saying self-centered), meaning they want to feel special. Understanding how the human brain works can give you a leg up, especially as this narcissism continues to fester in society.
  • Concise communications: Time is a commodity and it’s becoming increasingly rare in today’s working world. No one has time for lengthy sales pitches, three-martini lunches or 50 page PowerPoint presentations. As time constraints continue to take hold, it’s critical that sales professionals can pitch their product or service quickly and effectively.
  • Storytelling:  Even if you don’t like ice cream, when it comes time to pick up a pint of chocolate fudge for your girlfriend you’ll probably head for the Ben and Jerry’s. Yes, they have great brand awareness but the brand is constantly telling a story, and it’s a pretty compelling one. If your marketing department is telling a story, make sure your sales conversations align and you’ll be doing your brand and yourself a favour.
  • An eye for trends: When you’re telling that story, it better be timely and relevant – people are much more inclined to buy into a product or service if they think it’s the cool or current thing to do.And this doesn’t seem to be changing – develop an eye for trends and find ways to link them back to your company.

Need a little help adapting to the changes in your industry? Check out our Training Courses and see which courses could help you expand your skill set.

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