How to stick to your New Years resolutions at work


Temptation is all around us, particularly in January. That half-eaten box of biscuits. The cold weather. The lure of a nice, creamy hot chocolate to get you through the afternoon. Sometimes it gets too much, and before you know it – you’ve caved in and ruined your New Years resolutions to stay healthy. With long working days providing the perfect backdrop for eating and cheating, read on for our tried and tested methods for sticking to your guns and making it through January with your resolutions in tact!


Make a snack stash

Have a think about the healthy snacks you like. Go on… have a real think. Eventually, you’ll come up with something that isn’t crisps or cake, and when you do – make sure to have a continuous supply with you to counteract imminent 11am munchies. Whether you like nuts, fresh fruit, crudites, dried fruit, yoghurt or wholegrain snacks, keep some with you on your desk or in your locker, to ensure that when hunger strikes you have a healthy option to hand.


Don’t tempt fate

If you’re hoping for a dry January, don’t go to the pub with your mates on Friday afternoon, with the plan of ‘just ordering a Coke’. Watching your friends sip their wine and with the weekend ahead, it can be too easy to fall into familiar patterns without thinking. Don’t tempt fate – stay away from trigger situations.


Talk about it. A lot.

Talk about your resolutions to anyone who will listen, as much as possible. This will help your aims stick in your mind, but more importantly – you will cultivate an environment where even thinking about falling off the wagon will result in colleagues poking fun and calling you useless, and you certainly don’t want that!


Distract yourself

Put any extra energy or urges into working hard, and fast! Feeling the need to reach for the sweeties? Wander over to that colleague you’ve been meaning to help with something, or pitch that idea you’ve been working on to your manager. Giving your mind something else to do is the primary benefit, however you may be surprised about how many additional achievements you can fit into your day!


Reward yourself

Every day you visit the gym or stay off of cigarettes is a tiny victory, so reward yourself in other ways by buying a new outfit, or binging on some favourite movies to mark every milestone. Allow yourself to celebrate and you will keep your spirits up even when times are tough.


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The Best Jobs to Keep You Fit!


Is ‘keep active and fit’ at the top of your dream career wishlist? Read on for our run-down of the best jobs to keep you lean, which you might like to consider this year.


Let’s just say… firemen have their own calendar for a reason. This physically demanding job is great for maintaining fitness, and often comes with fantastic employment bonuses reflecting the importance of this type of work.

Police Officer

‘Stakeout doughnuts’ aside, successfully applying to become a police officer requires a certain level of fitness. When on patrol, you’ll find that you’ll get in a lot of steps on a daily basis, plus the excitement levels will keep you alert and your heart beating quickly.

Child Care

It’s not just jobs in the emergency services that will keep you on your toes. Children are like mini personal trainers – you need plenty of energy to keep up with them. For the parents out there – picture how hard it is  running around after your own brood… and now multiply that…significantly. Working in a nursery or childcare facility will certainly keep you on your feet!

Home Improvements Specialist

Painting, decorating, gardening and general handiwork are physically challenging, plus you need good balance to be up a ladder that long! Build muscles and keep trim whilst helping out your local community. The great thing is, succeeding in this sector is down to skill and networking, rather than qualifications. If you’ve got the know-how and a keen eye for quality work, you can’t go wrong.

Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor

If you want to have ‘fitness’ in your job description and have an excuse to bark orders at people (in a nice way, of course!) then you might like to consider working as a PT or Fitness Trainer. There are often vacancies within gyms and leisure centres, or you could work freelance and take on your own clients. The possibilities with this one are endless, really!

Bar Worker

Serving customers at a bar is a work out for your body and your mind: think carrying heavy trays of drinks, moving barrels of beer, and remembering long orders! Plus, in busy town centres you’re likely to find a good selection of vacancies at all times of the year.

To keep up with the latest UK vacancies, visit CV-Library and search over 100,000 jobs.

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Over 1,000 Training Courses in Every Major Industry


Taking a training course is a great way of developing new and existing skills without having to go back into full-time education (which, let’s face it, isn’t a realistic option for most people).

This is why CV-Library endeavours to provide training course options in every major employment industry. And, their selection has just gotten even wider, with over 1,000 course options currently available through the career site.

Whatever your discipline or desired industry, take part in some distance or online learning to hone your skills, improve your CV, and stand a greater chance of landing your dream job.

Check out our following guide to finding the right training course for you, by selecting your industry, below. The best part is, some of our selection of training courses are absolutely free.

Accounting                             Business                                   Catering

Childcare                                  Design                                  Education

Fashion                                        IT                                              Legal

Marketing                              Social Care                                  Vetinary


Don’t see your sector here? Visit CV-Library’s Training Course Centre for our current course selection in over 50 industries.


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5 Steps to Lose Weight at Work


Desk job? Don’t worry! The secret to lose weight at work is to eat less and move more. Whilst this can be difficult if you’re sat down most of the day, if you pledge to incorporate as many of our tips into your daily routine as possible, your body will thank you!


Drink Water

Water has many health benefits and doctors recommend drinking 8 glasses a day. Often when we think we are hungry we in fact just thirsty! Have a glass of water before your meals and you will feel fuller.

If you aren’t a fan of plain H20, you can get hydration from water-rich foods such as cucumber, watermelon or soup. Another great tip is to boost your metabolism with a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning.


You’re sweet enough. Ditch the sugar!

Too much sugar can build dangerous belly fat which is difficult to get rid of. Choose healthier options and avoid the following non nutritious sugary treats…

  • Sugary Coffee drinks. Switch to tea, it’s calorie free (until you add milk or sugar).
  • Fruit Juice. Eat the fruit instead, it will be more nutritious.
  • Biscuits. Remove the biscuit barrel from your desk and leave your wallet at home so you can’t visit the vending machine!
  • Processed Foods. Sugar and sweeteners are hidden in many of our favourite foods, eat clean to avoid the hidden sugar.

Take the long way around

Being more active is good for the body and mind. Find ways to incorporate more movement into your daily routine, such as:

  • Walking or cycling to work
  • Taking the stairs instead of the lift
  • Walking whilst taking business calls
  • Visiting the gym or walking on your lunch break
  • Fidgeting at your desk

Remember, every little bit of exercise will add up!


Don’t starve! Choose protein

If you deny your body food it will start storing fat, plus you will probably get so hungry that you’re more likely to binge at your next meal.

Choose Clean, Lean, Protein to help you feel full and build muscle which burns fat. Here are some of the best protein sources you can add into your meal plan.

  • Unsalted nuts
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Fish and Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Greek Yoghurt
  • Soya

Keep motivated

Whether your goal is to lose your holiday weight or fit back into your favourite skinny jeans, remind yourself of your goals with pictures on your desk or motivational quotes on your phone or computer. A good way to keep motivated is by practising moderation. Try the 80/20 rule: aim to eat well 80% of the time, allowing yourself 20% indulgence.


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Lord of the Job Boards: CV-Library Presents ‘The Two Towers’

two towers gollum

Not content with cultivating the UK’s largest, most thriving database of job hunting hobbits professionals (over 8 million CVs and counting), CV-Library is dedicated to bringing even more of the nation’s job seekers to their site, and in turn to client vacancies.


How so? By ramping up their already effective marketing efforts with some monumental outdoor advertising, in a giant-sized campaign so big it cannot be ignored.


This January, the multi-award winning job board has booked out the similarly impressive Two Towers. No, not the Dark Tower of Mordor, we mean The Two Towers West – dual, subtle-motion synchronised screens that deliver the biggest out-of-home experience on the West London A4/M4 gateway.


To put this triumph of advertising into perspective, The Two Towers site was voted the best digital marketing opportunity in the world, in 2012.


The newest of CV-Library’s ventures into candidate attraction, the digitalised site on the London Hammersmith Flyover is set to attract over 6.6 million pairs of adult eyes within two weeks, specifically targeting the precious AB demographic.


The larger than life posters feature the company logo along with the question, “Looking for your next job?” and have no doubt played a role in the job board ringing the changes and achieving its highest January site traffic to date.


Find out more about CV-Library’s advertising channels here, or why not visit the site yourself? We promise, you won’t have an army of orcs to contend with – but we can’t say the same about the capital’s ‘back to work’ traffic.


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5 ways to stay healthy at work this winter


We’ve all been there, one person in the office sneezes and it’s only a matter of time before everyone’s unwell. Here are our suggestions for avoiding germs and catching even the most common of colds in the workplace…


Get plenty of sleep

Doctors recommend getting seven to nine hours sleep per night. Recharge your batteries with some much needed hibernation.


Drink more milk

Milk and dairy are a good source of protein and vitamins A and B12 , which can help boost your immune system. If you’re watching your weight, stick to low fat options.


Eat more fruit and veg

There are many delicious fruits and vegetables options that are in season in the winter. Try a homemade berry smoothie or a hearty vegetable soup to pack plenty of vitamins into one meal.


Drink plenty of water

Don’t wait too late to hydrate. Your body needs water! If you find plain water unexciting, why not add a slice of lemon or cucumber to make it more refreshing? Alternatively if it’ss chilly out, get your water intake through a broth-based soup or tea.


Wash your hands regularly

Keep viruses and other nasty bacteria out of your face and eyes by washing your hands regularly. Try keeping an antibacterial gel on your desk or in your pocket so you can freshen up throughout the day.


Looking for your next job? Try searching over 100,000 vacancies at CV-Library.

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Beat the January Blues at Work – Top 11 Tips


The beginning of the first full week back at work can be a source of misery for many. If you’re looking to shake those January blues, you’re in the right place.

Here’s CV-Library’s advice for getting back into the swing of things at work and getting 2015 off to a great start.


Clean desk, clean mind

First things first – if you’re going to get some quality work done, you’re going to need to organise your desk for the New Year. It’s not procrastination, it’s just common sense!


Create your own café

Spent the holiday lounging around in coffee shops with old friends? Recreate that relaxing environment by bringing in a selection of exciting coffees, teas and luxury hot chocolates, to be served in the biggest mug you can find.


Lunch on leftovers

Prolong that festive vibe by cooking up that last batch of pigs in blankets or smothering your sandwiches in cranberry sauce.


Get some exercise

It’s chilly out, yes, but nothing will keep you alert like a brisk walk around the block or local park at lunch.


Plan something to look forward to

Whether it’s a weekday evening activity like going out for dinner, or meeting your friends for drinks at the weekend, filling up your diary with exciting trips out can provide you with the motivation you need to get through those first few weeks.


Stay snuggly

Wearing your biggest coat or toastiest jumper will keep out the cold and go some way into tricking your body into thinking you’re still nicely wrapped up on the sofa at home. If your work has a strict dress code… well, no one needs to know you’re wearing thermal underwear, do they?


Navigate those awkward ‘back to work’ conversations

The very thought of repeating yourself a hundred times getting you down? Read our tips on navigating the classic ‘back to work’ questions on the CV-Library blog here.


Ease yourself in

It may not be the best idea to try and tackle your biggest project first. Get your mental cogs moving by taking on smaller, easier challenges and easing yourself in to the working week.


Create a plan

Ensure you have full visibility of upcoming deadlines by filling in your diary or creating a list of to-do’s. Overcome feelings of pressure by getting information out of your head and on to paper. If you work at a computer, why not download a new calendar app to keep you updated with alerts?


Wear a little bit of Christmas

Keep Santa season alive by topping off your work wear with some festive accents. Ladies – we’re talking another coat of that glittery nail varnish or a subtle shimmering body lotion. Gentlemen – we’d suggest splashing on some of that new aftershave, or donning that pair of Christmas pudding socks your gran so lovingly picked out for you.


Stay Jolly

Get together with your work friends at lunch for a catch up and gossip. Having a laugh with people you love can boost endorphins and improve your mood.


If you’re still feeling down and think you might be in the wrong career, visit CV-Library to search for your next job opportunity.

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New Year, New Job Search App!


Our new job search app is awaiting app store approval and should be out soon. Find out more about how we’re improving our on-the-go experience!

  • We’ve responded to user feedback and added new functionality to give users a fuller experience.
  • We’ve added more tools to enable applications on the go
  • We’ve made it simpler to browse jobs and refine results
  • The new app is cosmetically enhanced and looks great
  • The new mobile app will be available in both Android and iOS.

The CV-Library mobile app has been available to job hunters throughout the past year, allowing them to search and apply to jobs on the go. The app was designed in response to the nation’s increasing interest in maximising the productivity of their travel and commute time.

With the level of mobile traffic on the rise, (there was an incredible increase of 71.4% in mobile job applications between 2013-14) CV-Library is about to roll out an even better mobile experience, which will equate to even more job views, searches and applications.

We’ve also added new functionalities, including an ‘apply later’ button, where users can choose to email the job to themselves and complete their application at another, more convenient time. Additionally, users will now be able to see a list of their previous searches, enabling them to re-run the search with just one touch. Plus, users will also be able to view a list of the jobs they’ve recently viewed, enabling them to save or re-view each job at the touch of a button.

Finally, there have been improvements around the overall user interface and user experience, giving users a more enjoyable and familiar app experience.

Visit our app store for more information!

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How Not to Deal with New Year ‘Back to Work’ Small Talk

So, you’re going back to work after the festive period. Time to catch up on emails, pour yourself a large coffee and brace yourself for the onslaught of New Year niceties.


Question: How was your break? What did you get up to?

What you should say: I visited family and ate lots of chocolate.

What you definitely shouldn’t: I got crazy drunk on mulled wine and challenged my elderly aunt to an arm wrestle.


Question: Did you receive any nice gifts?

What you should say: Oh yes, thank you. A bit of money and a nice scarf.

What you definitely shouldn’t: No. Christmas only serves to make me realise how little my so-called ‘friends and family’ know about me.


Question: Who did the cooking?

What you should say: I did, actually! It went better than expected.

What you definitely shouldn’t: I did. I forgot to turn the oven on so we ended up ordering pizza and eating it with cranberry sauce and gravy.


Question: How was your New Years Eve?

What you should say: I went to a party and saw the New Year in with a glass of champagne.

What you definitely shouldn’t: I downed my weight in Lambrini and sang Auld Lang Syne to my cat.


Question: Hard getting up this morning, wasn’t it?

What you should say: Yes, can’t wait until the weekend!

What you definitely shouldn’t: Not really, I forgot to set my alarm clock and woke up at 8:40. That’s why I’m not wearing any socks. Or pants.


Question: So, are you nice and relaxed now?

What you should say: Yes, it was so nice to unwind with a week off.

What you definitely shouldn’t: Actually, no, I’m more stressed out than ever. I’ve spent the week arguing with my family and my nose won’t stop running. My blood pressure’s through the roof and I’m likely to bite your head off if you insist on asking me any more inane questions.


Current workplace getting you down? Look for your next job at CV-Library.

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Your New Year Job Search Strategy

Job Search Checklist

Looking to starting the new year with a new job? This latest article from Career Savvy will give you the best strategy to finding that new job.

If the past year has seen your job search hit a brick wall and fail to produce some good results, it’s time to look to the future. Now 2015 is around the corner you can put the unanswered applications behind you and gain a fresh start. To ensure the new year brings new opportunities with it, see our job search checklist below.

A Clear-cut Career Path

If you’ve had little response to your applications, it may be due to the type of roles you’re applying for; perhaps you’re not really qualified or they don’t suit your current skill set. Take this opportunity for a clean slate to identify what it is you’re looking for and can realistically achieve. Consider your strengths and weaknesses, transferable skills and distinctive selling point that helps you stand out from your competitors. Do extensive research into industries/companies you’re interested in to find suitable roles and gain in-depth knowledge to create an impressive application. If you’re focused and realistic about your career goals, you’re more likely to achieve them.

Focused Applications

Tailoring your CV and cover letter for each application is vital and this extra effort can often be overlooked when applying to lots of roles each day. This new year, don’t let this attention to detail slip even if this means reducing your number of daily applications: better it takes longer and succeeds than rushing through loads and hearing nothing back. Clearly present your key achievements and qualifications and ensure they’re relevant to the position. Proofread both documents carefully as there’s nothing worse than sloppy mistakes in an application. By targeting your application to each employer, you’re more likely to impress and receive positive feedback.

Interview Preparation

Interviews need just as much preparation as applications. Be ready for the new year by researching different types of interview (group, panel, etc.) and how to prepare for them, so you’re ready for anything. Uncover the most commonly asked questions by the employer you’re interviewing with, as well as in general. Preparing your answers in advance will prevent you from being thrown in the interview, boosting your chances of success. If you suffer badly with nerves, the interview may be your biggest obstacle. To combat this, introduce regular mock interviews into your job search strategy to improve your technique, so you can impress when it matters most.

A follow-up Strategy

A lack of response from employers is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of a job search. Previously, you may have been reluctant to discover why you haven’t reached the next stage, but now is the perfect time to start this part of your job hunt. Follow up applications and interviews with a phone call/email to the relevant recipient to ask if they would like to progress you to the next stage and, if not, what your strengths and weaknesses were. It may be tough to ask and receive, but it could be the thing that helps you secure your next job. Sending ‘thank you’ emails to your interviewers refreshes your name and interview in their mind, perhaps swaying their final decision.

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