Your Recruitment Case Studies – Yahire

In this new feature, we hear from CV-Library customers who have been particularly compelled to tell us how our services have helped them reach recruitment success! Hiring new staff is an important part of keeping a business healthy, and we’re delighted to hear about your recruitment case studies. Here, we speak with Yahire founder, Taran O’Doherty.




“My name is Taran O’Doherty and I own a London based furniture & catering hire company called Yahire with my business partner and lifelong friend Ben Leslie. We started Yahire in April 2011 and from the very outset had difficulties recruiting good quality people into our business. In the beginning, I tried using various job boards, online recruitment websites and even Facebook to try and find the right candidates.

Many of the sites attracted candidates who did not have the required skills and experience, or who were based too far from where my business operates from.

Then, I came across CV-Library and realised it was different from the other recruitment sites out there.

What really made a difference to me was the number and quality of skilled people on the site. Browsing potential applicants on CV-Library’s vast database allowed me to find the people my business needed. This function really did help us save time by filtering people who would not be suitable for the position (something I’ve otherwise found very time consuming), I found the people who had the best experience and skillset to suit the position my business had to offer.

These days, I use CV-Library exclusively to identify suitable candidates, and there are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, the assistance I receive from the staff in making my advert as attractive as possible is really helpful. Secondly, the subsequent volume of applications I receive is more than double what I would expect to see from other sources. Compared with other websites, I find the quality of applicants to be much higher, too.

We owe the successes Yahire has enjoyed to date to the great staff we have employed, and in turn I thank CV-Library for helping me find them.”


To find out more about how CV-Library can help you, speak with our Sales Team. If you’re interested in what Yahire could do for you, visit their site!

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Stop smoking with CV-Library and the Stoptober Challenge!

stoptober-bannerStoptober is a national 28 day ‘No Smoking’ challenge which takes place every October.

It is a great scheme in which over 160,000 people up and down the country choose to participate.

CV-Library has decided to promote this scheme, and with facts such as- ‘if you give up  for 28 days you are 5 times more likely to stay smoke free’ – we hope you will consider trying it out with us!

It is very simple to sign up, and upon doing so you will receive a free pack, full of support and advice.

To register, and for more information please visit the Stoptober website.

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Top 5 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd at Interview

Stand_out_in_a_crowdYou see this goldfish? A successful interview candidate will have more in common with him than they think. The job market is a competitive place and job hunters need to do what they can to ensure they make a good first impression, and leave an even better one. Here are CV-Library’s Top 5 Ways to stand our from the crowd at an interview.




Build a brand

You may think that making a first impression would be the first thing you’d need to consider; however on this occasion you’d be wrong! Establishing your personal brand before entering the interview room is essential in order to stand out from the crowd. Make sure your CV and any written communication follow suit, in the same style and format, and that all of your social media accounts represent you accurately and have the same up to date information. If you can, use the same photo for every touch point your would-be employer may potentially find. Make sure to conduct an online search for your own name well before you apply for any jobs, so you can weed out any undesirable information which you wouldn’t want to come to light.

Top tip: If you’ve seen the film Legally Blonde you will be familiar with Elle’s trick of scenting her resume with perfume. We’re not suggesting you do the same, but aiming to create a stand-0ut brand is always good!


Make a winning first impression

Now it’s time to consider that first impression! A great interviewee will have done their research on their interviewers before meeting them. So, you should have a broad idea about who you’ll be meeting – enough to recognise them by sight. Whilst waiting for their arrival, look out for familiar faces and stand to shake the hand of anyone who comes up to greet you. Smile confidently, and repeat the name of anyone you meet if it’s likely you’ll have problems remembering.

Top tip: The ‘get up, gather your stuff, say hello and shake hands’ manoeuvre has the potential to go very wrong, especially if you’re in a particularly low chair, there’s other furniture in the way, you’re carrying too much stuff, or your skirt has the tendency to ride up when you sit down! Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes which don’t ride up or pull, and if you’re taking documents – keep them all in one folder for convenience. Ladies – don’t take too big of a handbag!


Read the room

Once you’re in the meeting, you should be able to get a reading of the atmosphere and your interviewers personalities fairly quickly. Keep your body language and communication in line with how they behave. If they’re quite reserved, then there’s no harm in showing enthusiasm, but don’t be overly loud. If they’re excitable and cracking jokes, then show them how much fun you can be! If you’re able to respond to and mirror their mood, it is more likely you will make a successful connection.

Top tip: To get an early indication of the type of atmosphere you may have to deal with, speak with a HR contact or recruiter in order to understand your interviewers a little better. Watch the company recruitment video if there is one, as this will often mirror the ‘personality’ of the company.


Imagine it’s yours already

Act as though the job is yours, and you never know – it might improve your performance! Interviewers love candidates who ask questions, so imagine you’ve been given the role there and then – what would you want to ask before turning up for your first day?

Top tip: Phrase your questions in this way, “What would my duties be?”, “Where would I be sitting?”, “Who would I be working with on a daily basis?”


Leave gifts

Yes, that’s right – and no, we don’t mean a nice hamper of M&S goodies! Leave your interviewers with hard copies of your CV and portfolio, if relevant. If you’ve already gathered your testimonials, why not print a couple out, too? It’s a lot more likely a hiring manager will follow up with a re-read of your CV if they’ve got a paper copy in their hand! If you’re after a tech role – some candidates choose to host all relevant information on a personalised, easy to remember URL.

Top tip: Hiring managers usually look for organised, meticulous individuals for their business. Endeavour to leave them with documents which look nice, are well-presented, and personalised for the interview. It’s little details like this which could mean all the difference.


There you have it, CV-Library’s top tips for standing out from the crowd at interview stage. Find your next role here – good luck!

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The Week in News: UK Employment Round Up – 26/09/2014

Time for a break from your job search? Check out our run down of the news which caught our attention from the UK employment industry this week.

Pioneering manufacturing firm offers new jobs in Staffordshire

Global entity Renishaw is set to create a number of new job opportunities in the Stone and Staffordshire area. The jobs will be open to candidates with skills relevant to additive manufacturing. The UK-based firm have recently collaborate on the world’s first 3D-printed bike frame.

New delivery of Merseyside jobs from online store Ocado

Up to 300 new jobs are planned for Prescot, Merseyside, as a new branch of Ocado open their doors. The grocery delivery site will open in October and promises highly competitive salaries and a 15% staff discount.

Hospitality jobs abound for youth workforce

Leading hospitality companies have joined forces with the British Hospitality Association (BHA) in a statement announcing the planned creation of 6,000 jobs for young people within the sector. The statement was made ahead of the Big Hospitality Convention in London on the 24th of this month.

Labour Party promise: Police jobs safe

A recent Labour Party report has revealed plans to halt cuts to the police force, saving up to 1,100 jobs across the country.

cv library in the newsFind out more about what it took CV-Library Founder and MD, Lee Biggins, to succeed in the world of business. Here, he talks to the Sunday Times about his winning idea and entrepreneurial spirit.

Boost in UK jobs on the horizon

The Recruitment and Employment Federation foresees a surge in UK jobs, a recent report has shown. Research has revealed a decrease in the number of firms cutting workforce costs, and that 89% of employers plan to take on a new permanent member of staff in the next three months.

Bingo firm loses out to online bingo

A Bingo outlet in Bury St Edmunds has closed after 20 successful years of business, leaving 22 workers without jobs. Winners Bingo, located in the town centre, blames its decline on online bingo and the smoking ban.

Agriculture minimum wage revised

The Scottish Agricultural Wages Board (SAWB) have announced a new minimum wage for agricultural and farm workers. The new rate of £7.14p will come into play from October 1st. Sector employers have also been urged to ensure they have up to date contracts in place with employees, to avoid disputes or misunderstanding.

And some news from across the pond…

Wearable Technology has been heralded as the next big thing, but have you considered how it could be applied in the workplace? US site Wearable Tech World discusses in this new article.

see you next week

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CV-Library Hosts Macmillan Coffee Morning!

macmillan-coffee-morning2014Here at CV-Library, we know the importance of giving back to a great cause, and that’s why we’ve taken part in this year’s annual Macmillan Coffee Morning.

To raise money for the well-known cancer charity, we’ve held a company-wide Bake Off!

With fifteen contributions from the bakers amongst us, recipes have included choc-mint cupcakes, shortcake hearts and mini carrot cakes.

Some talented folk even took it upon themselves to bake full size creations, with the slices selling at £1 apiece. Our favourite is the bright blue CV-Library owl, filled with jam and cream.

The results of the Bake Off will be announced next week, with the CVL King or Queen of Baking taking the crown – until next year!

We hope to raise lots of money for Macmillan; and with Coffee Mornings being held up and down the country, we’re sure the event will generate a huge boost for their healthcare and support funds.

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Your Project Management Job Search

There are always so many questions when it comes to applying for a new job. When it comes to project management roles, finding the best opportunity for you takes a methodical approach. Our guest blog from The Learning People discusses this topic.


What do you know about yourself professionally?

Can you offer an equal balance of experience, good soft skills, and great managerial qualities, or do you particularly excel in one area?


How are you perceived by those around you?

Taking some time to undertake a personal stocktake of your own abilities, weaknesses and strengths will enable you to supply a prospective employer with an honest outline of your best attributes.

These should include specific examples that illustrate where your skills have come into play and how you have defined them throughout your working life so far.

Any employer will look at a project management candidate as an investment, so the more information they know about an individual, the better.

This way they’ll be able to make a decision on your compatibility with the project and whether you’re a sound investment to make.


Do you fit the role?

Once you have made this self assessment, it is useful to then make a comparison between your skillset and what is required for roles you are looking at.

Asking yourself honestly if you fit these roles, if you have enough experience, or if your skills are even applicable to the projects you’re looking at, will save you from applying for an unsuitable positions.

If you have your heart set on a role which you don’t quite meet the requirements for yet, make an action plan. Whether this is taking a lower grade role in order to gain experience, taking on voluntary project work, asking for training from your current employers, or investing in your own certifications, you’ll be able to decide on a clear direction for your career path – a great motivator going forward.


What is the job spec asking for?

Job specifications, particularly in project management, are notorious for being detailed and formal which can be daunting, so working through what a company is really looking for is essential in your project management job search.

Going through and highlighting and listing all the specific requirements for the role will help you write a detailed application.


Does the specification mention a project management methodology?

If it does, how closely will you be expected to adhere to this, and do you have the knowledge to do so?

Always look the company up online in order to ascertain company statistics such as income, staff structure, and targets.

For example if it’s a public sector role, you will be able to find a PSA – Public Service Agreement – which will list national and local targets the company has to aim for.

Doing so will set your expectations for the position and giving you a clear understanding of what sort of employee the company is looking for to complete these goals.


From everyone at The Learning People– good luck with your job search.



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The Week in News: UK Employment Round Up – 19/09/14

Time for a break from your job search? Check out our run down of the news which caught our attention from the UK employment industry this week.

Hotel chain looks for new staff and apprentices in Llandudno

Recruitment has started for around 20 hospitality jobs at a new Travelodge in Llandudno, Wales. The hotel chain has taken over the site of previous occupiers The Clarence Hotel. The brand are also looking to recruit up to 40 apprentices across the UK for its Junior Manager Programme.

Plan for derelict mill site creates construction jobs

A number of new homes and jobs are planned for Burnley, as plans to transform the site of a derelict mill have been given the go ahead. The Lambert Howarth mill site will make way for 18 new townhouses, with a hub of construction activity and jobs arising in conjunction with their build.

Nottingham employment at 10 year high!

Statistics reveal employment to be at a 10 year high in Nottingham, with the employment market at its healthiest for a decade. Almost 4,500 new jobs were filled in the city, in the last year alone.

 The ONS reports increase in employment across country

And, employment rates have been seen to increase across the whole of the UK, a new study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed. The South East and the East of England currently has the highest employment rate, at 76.7%. The lowest rate is not far off, with Wales and the North East at 68.8%.

cv library in the news

If you’re a student or graduate, you may be aware of  The University Paper, the university-specific publication circulated in 17 cities across the UK. CV-Library has recently teamed up with the paper to provide advice, articles and of course job opportunities suitable for university-goers. Pick up a copy at your local university to find out more!

 Do acting careers exclude the working class?

Actor David Morrissey has voiced his concerns that the working class are being excluded from pursuing acting careers. He has said there is an, “economic exclusion”, resulting in people from less privileged backgrounds being unable to break into acting jobs.

 Careers Fair in Cirencester for local job hunters

The King’s Head Hotel in Cirencester will host a careers fair on September 23rd. The event will cover major sectors of employment and training opportunities. Head down if you’re looking for something new!

 Referendum could have affected Public Sector jobs

With the news that Scotland is staying with the UK,  public sector workers can breathe a sigh of relief. Thousands of public sector jobs in Scotland could have been at risk if the referendum resulted in Scotland achieving independence. Nearly 60,000 Scots are employed by Westminster departments or UK-wide public bodies, jobs which could have been in jeopardy if the state decreased in size.

 Government employment programme sees great results

A Government work programme in Colchester has seen 100 new jobs being filled by local job hunters, a report has shown. The JobCentre scheme provided training, support and work experience to a number of candidates who had been out of work for three months. The scheme was a success, with results indicating an increase in employability as a direct result.

And from across the pond…

Warner Bros. Entertainment may cut as many as 1,000 jobs across the US and further afield, but has not disclosed which divisions will be hit. The entertainment studio suffered a series of unfortunate box office misses throughout 2014.

see you next week

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Easy Tips for Formatting Your CV

CS formattingIn this new blog from Career Savvy, the team look at easy tips for formatting your CV.

Sometimes the content of your CV is the easiest part. The layout and presentation of it can be tough, but it’s hugely important when securing yourself a job. So how can you ensure your CV looks the part and displays the vital information in the clearest fashion?


Using a sans serif, professional font is generally the way forward. Currently, the majority of recruiters will be reading your CV from a screen, where a sans serif font reads more clearly and is usually preferable over a serif font. Make sure you use a professional industry-standard font. Recommended ones are Arial, Helvetica and Verdana – they are considered to be the most ‘web-safe’ and universal. Do not use anything that could be difficult to read (i.e. too small and narrow) or anything big and bold. Also avoid anything decorative or childish such as Comic Sans. In terms of point size, ten is a good size for allowing you to fit everything in but is also big enough to read clearly.


There is no set correct order for the contents of a CV – it may well depend on the type of role you are applying for or what you want to show off the most. Chronological orders are popular, starting with your education, leading on to experience and followed by any other skills and interests. However, this isn’t something you have to adhere to. If your experience is what’s going to secure you the job, put this at the top, with the most relevant roles first. Do what you can to make sure your CV works well for you. If your academic background isn’t strong, education can go further down in your CV. If you lack experience but have a good degree or qualifications, putting this at the start of your CV is a good idea. However, make sure you include a breakdown of the skills you have from this qualification that will help you succeed in the role.


A header containing your name and contact details is a good way of keeping this section separate from the main body of the CV. If you’re struggling to keep the layout of your CV neat and tidy, create a table in Microsoft Word. You can add rows for each item, with an explanation of the entry in the column beside it. For example, your place of education, followed by the qualifications you gained there in the next column. You can then make the grid of the table invisible once you are finished. To help break the information down, give each section of your CV a subheading, e.g. ‘Experience’ and ‘Education’. To make your headings stand out, embolden and/or underline them. Make sure you use the same format for all of your subheadings, headings and body text. This will help keep your CV consistent and make it easier to navigate.

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Top 5 Reasons to Work in Fashion

fashion22It’s London Fashion Week! If you saw our rundown of the Top 5 Jobs in Fashion, we hope you’ve been inspired! Whether you’re into design, manufacturing, retail or PR, here is CV-Library’s list of the Top 5 Reasons to Work in Fashion.

Get creative

Fashion is all about creativity – expressing oneself and designing something new for either function or frivolity. Whether you’re working at the design stage or somewhere further down the line, innovation is important in every job within the fashion industry. Let your creative juices flow!

Work around the world

Many front-line fashion jobs can offer elements of travel, keeping you on your toes and life exciting! If you’re not jetting off and visiting new countries, you could be working with an international fashion brand, establishing overseas relationships or buying new materials by phone and digital communication.

Keep busy

Fashion can often be a fast-paced, lively and exciting industry to work in. If you like to work hard and play hard, fashion could be for you.


Working in fashion, you’ll meet tonnes of people who share a common interest. It’s great to work in an environment full of passion, and fashion is one of those rare global unifiers that brings people from all walks of life together.

The glitz and glamour

Of course, we just had to mention the fabulous side of fashion! Brushing shoulders with the fashion elite at catwalk events is the dream, but on a more attainable scale – there’ll be discounts galore, the chance to keep your eye on the changing face of fashion, and of course the opportunity to be surrounded by fantastic, inspiring designs.

Visit CV-Library to search for the latest fashion vacancies in your area.


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The Week in News: UK Employment Round Up – 12/09/14

Time for a break from your job search? Check out our run down of the news which caught our attention from the UK employment industry this week.

Snow dome to bring fresh employment options to Middlesbrough

Early plans for a snow dome suggest there could be hundreds of new jobs in Middlesbrough. There are currently six snow domes across the UK, providing hubs of activity and leisure facilities. Snowboarding, skiing and other attractions could prove a great boost to local economy.

New Jaguar Land Rover boosts Midlands employment

Jaguar‘s next automotive venture, the Jaguar XE sports saloon is due to go into production early next year, and could potentially create up to 4,000 new jobs in Solihull and the surrounding area. The increase in job opportunities will mark one of the biggest UK manufacturing booms for decades.

Gain skills to get pay rises, Bank of England governor says

The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has addressed the Trade Union Congress in Liverpool to say that workers with plans to grow their earnings should look to developing their skills and productivity. “By staying in work, individuals retain and learn new skills and they are better placed to participate in the expansion when it gathers force. This can make a material difference to an individual’s lifetime earnings,” he has said.

Labour Party plan for employment tribunal reforms

The Labour Party have announced that if elected they would reform the employment tribunal system to ensure workers felt they had fair access to justice. Since tribunal fees were introduced in June 2013, there have been a dramatic drop in claims.

Ofsted foresee employment problems for students with attitudes

Ofsted Chief Sir Michael Wilshaw has announced the findings that school leavers are often ill-equipped for the working world, with improper attitudes towards deadlines and rules being cultivated in schools. He has said that “sloppy attitudes” could cost teens jobs in later life.

Scottish independence will not affect RBS jobs, the bank have announced

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has announced that if Scotland attains independence there will be no impact on jobs or operations across either Scotland or England, however the company may register themselves in England on the contingency of Scottish independence – a move which would have no effect on workers.

cv library in the newsFounder and Managing Director of CV-Library Lee Biggins has made it into the The Guardian! His wise words on why entrepreneurial school leavers should consider starting a business can be viewed here.

Aerospace firm to cut 400 jobs

Belfast-based Aerospace firm Bombardier will potentially cut up to 400 jobs following an organisational restructure. Plans for a new business structure will aim to provide increased flexibility in response to customer needs.

Cardiff will see next invitation for Deloitte candidates

Good news for Cardiff business professionals, Deloitte are planning hundreds of new jobs in their Welsh HQ in a new expansion plan. This follows from an announcement regarding the creation of over 300 new jobs in Belfast.

And some news from across the pond…

The CEO of global ridesharing firm Uber has announced that the company is creating up to 50,000 new driver jobs globally every month. The astonishing figure was mentioned by Travis Kalanick in an interview at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco.

see you next week


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