Fancy becoming a network engineer?

Information Technology Graph as a Art Background

Often referred to as the plumbers of the technology industry, network engineers are there to ensure that companies can access, share, and store information. If this sounds interesting – read on! If you’re not sure – read on anyway; you might just find your calling! CV-Library has paired up with e-Careers to show you why you should consider becoming a network engineer and to give you an insight into one of the most popular courses from Cisco – an industry-leading network provider.

You love technology

If you have a passion for all things technology-related, then you should consider a career as a network engineer. You’ll need a good understanding of current technologies, as well as the ability to grasp and implement new concepts. If this sounds appealing, then this course could be the kick-start your career needs!

You’re motivated

Working as a network engineer can require some off-the-job learning; you need to ensure that you’re constantly up-to-date, so some extra researching, reading, and video watching is likely to be required. There may be times when you will need to implement new systems, though to ensure as little disruption as possible, you may find yourself working odd hours. Motivation to excel in your career in essential if you choose to work in the technology sector; it’s fast-paced and constantly evolving!

You love to learn

Many people challenge themselves to learn one new thing every day in their jobs; as a network engineer this will be crucial! To ensure that your technological knowledge is constantly fresh and relevant, it’s important that you dedicate yourself to learning on the job, regardless of your experience!

You enjoy a challenge

With this career path, you’ll find yourself doing the following:

-          Designing

-          Installing

-          Maintaining

-          Developing

-          Supporting


With such a variety of work involved in this role, it should come as no surprise that you’ll be faced with some challenges along the way! If you’re a problem solver and enjoy meeting a challenge head-on, then a future as a network engineer could be the one for you!

CV-Library has partnered with e-Careers to provide you with the best training opportunities available. e-Careers can offera range of courses at a variety of levels from basic, intermediate and advanced. To have a look at what other technology courses are available, click here. Get searching now and see where they can take you!


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Face your fears!

Halloween background with silhouettes of children trick or treat

As it’s Halloween this weekend, we thought that we would add to the list of things that frighten you, by discussing your workplace fears. The good news is that we’re here to tell you how to cope with these work-related horrors – we wouldn’t leave you in the lurch like that (Lurch – geddit?!).

Being fired

Generally speaking, having a little job anxiety is a good thing; it signifies that you care about your job and that you want to do well – it can even work as motivation to make you work a little harder. If, however, your fear of being fired is becoming all-consuming, that’s a problem. If it’s something you could talk to your colleagues about for a little reassurance, then this should be your first step. If nothing seems to ease your mind, it might be time to dig a little deeper; anxiety of this nature will usually have a deep-rooted cause elsewhere!

Annual performance review

Ah, the dreaded appraisal. Workers hate getting them – managers hate giving them. If you’ve got a performance review coming up and you’re starting to feel flutters, take a breath. Hard work usually speaks for itself; if you’ve given it your all and have the numbers to back it up, you’re probably getting yourself in a flap unnecessarily!

Speaking up / presenting at a meeting

It’s rare to find someone who actually enjoys public speaking and presenting in meetings – so don’t worry if the thought of this brings you out in cold sweats. What you should remember is that your colleagues will want to see you do well, so while you might be squirming when all eyes are on you, you should take a breath and go for it. If all else fails, there’s always the old imagining-everyone-in-their-underwear trick!

Asking for a pay rise

The last time we checked, people don’t tend to get the sack for asking for a pay rise. If you think you’ve got a good case for earning more money, then ask your manager if you can have a sit down together. Stick to your guns and explain why you think you deserve it – and remember, the worst they can do is say no!

Being late

You’d be surprised at how many people have a fear of being late for work, yet still don’t manage to organise themselves better! If you’re one to hit the snooze button a couple of times before you finally crawl out of bed, make sure that you’re leaving yourself enough time in the morning to do this! Laying out clothes and prepping food the night before is also a good idea, as it minimises the amount of time you’ll be rushing about in the morning!

Missing a deadline

This one is tricky, and an unsurprisingly common workplace fear. The thought of missing a deadline can fill even the most experienced worker with panic, but with a little forward-thinking and organisation you should be able to tackle this anxiety. If you genuinely feel that your workload is too heavy and that you’ll be unable to meet your deadline, speak to your manager and see if you can bring someone else on board to share the workload.

Reporting misconduct

Noone likes to think of themselves as a tell-tale, but if you’re facing serious problems at work then you’re doing the right thing by reporting it. Noone should be subject to harassment, discrimination or bullying at work, so even though it may feel like an intense situation, you should also remember that you’ll be supported.

Being reprimanded

The thought of being reprimanded by the boss will leave even those with nerves of steel shaking; it’s a far from ideal situation! If you do end up subject to your manager’s wrath, it usually helps to acknowledge; usually anger dissipates once it has been recognised. Offering to sit down and talk about it will usually help the cause!

Office politics

Every company has its own culture, and every office has its own politics. For some, dealing with office politics will leave them dreading the workplace, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The reality is that no workplace can be perfect, so as soon as you accept that there will be an office culture, the sooner you can come up with strategies to cope with it.


We all worry about tripping over our words (or just tripping in general!) in a meeting, or panic that we’ll accidentally drop the F-bomb in front of our boss, but the reality is that it’s less likely to happen than you think. The more you think about it, the more likely it is that you will make one of these blunders; just concentrate on you and all should run smoothly. If ever there comes a day when one of these situations does arise, allow yourself to laugh it off – it’s not the end of the world!

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Why you should become a black belt

Confident manager discussing a new strategy his team in the offi

No, not that kind of black belt, unfortunately – though anyone brave enough to take on a martial art gets a thumbs up from us! We talked to you recently about the perks of becoming a project manager, but did you know that you can become a Sigma Six Black Belt project manager…it’s almost as cool as it sounds! At CV-Library, we firmly believe in the importance of training and development opportunities for those who want to progress at work, or change careers altogether. Alongside e-Careers, we’re here to talk to you about the benefits of signing up to this Black Belt course – give it a go and kick-start your future today!


You’ll deal better with change

The world of project management never stands still, meaning that you’ll find yourself a pro when it comes to dealing with change. This black belt course will teach you how to get rid of the excess and keep projects lean, meaning that you’ll learn to adapt your processes and management techniques; skills that will certainly stand you in good stead for future projects. You’ll have to learn to deal with the demand for innovation and be able to eliminate defects as well as being disciplined and data driven.


You’ll be scheduling savvy

Make no mistake, being a project manager will certainly teach you how to juggle schedules; a skill that often comes in handy both professionally and personally! This career will maximise your coordination skills, as dealing with a team of people with conflicting schedules and commitments can mean that you have to think outside the box to get everyone in the same place at the same time!


You’ll be handy with a budget

Also likely to be handy in your personal life is that fact that you will become nothing short of a budgeting wizard, especially with this course where you’ll have to find the best way to keep the costs down! As a black belt project manager, you’ll learn to be efficient with money, ensuring that your team’s project does not run over its budget.


You’ll have job security

Project managers are always in demand, meaning that you’re likely to benefit from job security; a bit of a rarity in today’s economy! With research showing that there are increasing numbers of incompetent project managers on the rise, you’ll be able to rest assured in the knowledge that this qualification will keep you ahead of the game.


You’ll be more marketable

Successful project management is a skill that will give your CV the edge, making you a more marketable candidate in the long run. You’ll possess a sought-after skill set, which will give your career a real boost!

CV-Library has partnered with e-Careers to provide you with the best training opportunities available. e-Careers can offer a range of courses at a variety of levels from basic, intermediate and advanced. To have a look at what other belts are available, click here. Get searching now and see where they can take you!


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Workplace mentors have the X-Factor!

LOS ANGELES - DEC 19:  X Factor Logo at the FOX's "The X Factor"

With the X-Factor bug sweeping the nation once again, we here at CV-Library wanted to find out exactly what our candidates think of workplace mentoring. More than 4,000 of you replied, and the results were certainly surprising!

We decided to take a different approach, and asked you which of the X-Factor judges you would like as your own workplace mentor, as well as determining what type of working relationship you would prefer. Here’s what you had to say:

  • Over half (53.7%) of candidates would choose Mr Nasty himself to be their mentor – that’s Mr Simon Cowell!
  • Cheryl Fernandez-Versini came in second with 24.6% of the vote
  • Perhaps most surprisingly, 42% said that they would choose to avoid Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw altogether! (Sorry, Grimmy!)

What is interesting is that this data suggests that candidates would prefer a mentor who has solid experience in their field – perhaps explaining the lack of interest towards poor Nick! While 51% of you said that you would choose Simon Cowell for a long-term mentoring relationship, the vote was split between Rita Ora and Cheryl at 24% when we asked who candidates would prefer for a short-term relationship!

You also told us:

  • Cheryl topped the polls when asked ‘who would be best in a working environment’ with almost one third of the votes
  • Simon would be your first choice for career advancement, with 74% of workers saying they would pick him first

As well as giving an insight into what you are looking for in a mentor, CV-Library is also able to reveal how mentorship opportunities make you feel:

  • 94% of candidates feel that mentorship schemes are valuable
  • 89% of employees believe mentorship opportunities to be important when considering a new job
  • Three quarters of workers say they would feel more valued at work if there were mentorship schemes available to them


That being said, only one quarter of those asked are actually in employment that offers mentorship opportunities. Having a workplace mentor can be a great way for you to learn through somebody else’s experience, as well as being a way to feel happier and more fulfilled at work. If something’s not quite right in your current job, why not ask about the possibility of a mentor – it could make all the difference!

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5 ways to get in the creative zone

Creative Process Design Concept

Most working professionals can probably kick-start their creative sides when they’re fresh in the morning. However, if the entire working day requires constant creative output, it can sometimes be quite difficult to remain in the creative zone. Don’t panic! Dips in creativity are just a side effect of constantly using your brain. CV-Library has some top tips that are sure to re-engage your brain when you’re in need of a creative boost.

Prepare your workspace

If your workspace is totally cluttered with paper, pens, the end of a sandwich or an abundance of junk, chances are your mind is just as cluttered. Your workspace becomes less of a distraction if it is tidy and organised. No, you don’t have to go all Monica Geller on it, just make sure that avalanche of paperwork is put in one place rather than scattered across your desk. Put that sandwich crust in the bin too.

Move your body

Creative slumps are often caused by remaining in a static position such as sitting at a desk, staring at a screen or continuously typing task after task after task. Lunch time is obviously the perfect opportunity to take some time away from your desk, but sometimes you need a boost at other points of the working day too. Try taking a couple of laps around the office, going to the kitchen to make a brew or even standing by the window to observe your surroundings for a moment. By taking a quick break like this, you’ll be more refreshed to start that next piece on your to-do list.


There are many misconceptions about doodling. For one, doodling does not mean that someone is not paying attention. Similarly, doodling does not mean someone is not doing their job and would rather see how many ways they can draw a cat. Doodling actually helps the brain stay focused and in the creative zone rather than drifting off into hammerspace. It can even lead to new insights and cognitive advances!

Allocate a block of time and stay committed!

You may have all day to complete a few tasks, but that’s not going to work if you spend endless hours on the first one and leave the others hanging in the balance during the last hour of the working day. Split your workload and dedicate chunks of time to each section. This way you are more likely to stay focused and in the creative zone due to the small amount of pressure you put on yourself to complete a task.

Just start!

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just start. But you just have to do it. What you’ll find by just starting instead of re-writing your to-do list several times over, is that you’ll fall into a zone of concentration, a creative zone if you like. Keep going until you have created the bare bones of your project. Now seeing a shadow of a finish line should boost creativity enough for you to reach your end goal.

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How to become an accountant

Female Accountant


If you’re thinking about a career change but don’t know which way to go, why not have a look at becoming an accountant? The good news is that you don’t even need a degree; there are plenty of ways to get yourself qualified! Take a look at this Sage IAB Computerised Accounting for Business course from e-Careers, and then read on to discover the top 5 reasons why you should be considering a career in accountancy.

  1. You love numbers

If you have an aptitude for numbers and dealing with figures then an accounting career could be right up your street! A passion for balancing budgets and making numbers ‘work’ is ideal if you’re thinking about becoming an accountant – otherwise you might find yourself frustrated!

  1. Solid job opportunities

If you’re seeking career progression and solid job opportunities, there is no better option than accounting. There will always be a need for someone who can crunch numbers and make sure that businesses are on track!

  1. Set hours

One of the major benefits of working in accountancy is that the hours are usually set and predictable; if you’re looking for evenings and weekends off, then this could be the career path for you!

  1. Earning potential

If you fancy a job with real earning potential then accounting could be the one! With some accountants earning upwards of £80,000 each year, this could be a solid base on which to build a fulfilling, well-paying career.

  1. You’ll be helping

As an accountant, you’ll be playing a role in ensuring that businesses stay afloat. If the thought of helping fledgling businesses is one that appeals to you, get yourself qualified now and kick-start your future!


CV-Library has partnered with e-Careers to provide you with the best training opportunities available. e-Careers can offea range of courses at a variety of levels from basic, intermediate and advanced. To have a look at what other accountancy courses are available, click here. Get searching now and see where they can take you!

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What to do with your commute time

Business People Commuting Rush Hour Concept

The average UK commute is 54 minutes, with most major cities causing that average time to increase. Whether you spend one or two hours a day getting to and from work, there’s plenty you can do during those travelling hours to make your commute a more productive part of your day.


In the car

Driving to work is a blessing for some and a curse for others, but whether you’re in the car for 10 minutes or 2 hours you don’t have to listen to the same radio show every morning. Here are a few ways to mix up your morning drive:

  • Offer to lift-share – you’ll help the environment and could get to know your colleagues a little bit better. Spending some social time with co-workers could even lead to some professional wins as well.
  • Listen to an audio book. One of the biggest frustrations we hear from driving commuters is that they have to focus on driving and can’t dedicate the time to relaxing. Pick an enjoyable, educational or professionally relevant book and find an audio copy.


On the train…

…bus, or tube. Public transportation is one of the most common ways of getting to work – it can be uncomfortable and stressful at best, so here some ideas to brighten up your daily commute:

  • Books, newspapers and magazines galore. You can’t go wrong with some reliable reading material!
  • Netflix – your new best friend, letting you catch up on any TV shows or movies you may have missed during the week. By relaxing on your commute you should go into work feeling refreshed and ready to work.
  • Be even more productive and tackle work – emails, reports, research, or whatever’s left on your to-do list that you can tackle while on the go. Make sure you bring your laptop, tablet or phone and have a reliable data/ internet connection.
  • Learn something new – take a look at Training Courses on CV-Library. Most online courses provide e-books, audio books and online resources, meaning you can work from anywhere.
  • If you’re tired or just feeling a bit grouchy, try and catch a few minutes of sleep. A power nap can work wonders for your mental and physical well-being!


While you’re walking

Lugging your laptop, a change of shoes, lunch and documents isn’t the easiest of tasks, but walking to work is a great way to get the blood flowing and a cheaper alternative to driving or public transport. Your hands may already be full, but if you’re looking to make more of your commute, consider these options:

  • Go ahead and give mum a call and return those voicemails. Whether it’s personal or business, using your walking commute to catch up on phone calls is a great way to spend the time. It also gives you a great excuse to get off the phone when a conversation runs a bit longer than you’d like!
  • While we wouldn’t recommend reading while walking, you can pop in your headphones and listen to an audio book. A great way to catch up on your summer ‘reading’ list.
  • Make the most of that fancy smartphone and use the voice commands to make your to-do list for the day; a perfect way to set yourself up to be as productive as possible when you make it into the office.

Many also opt to cycle, jog, scoot or even kayak into work – while you could probably listen to an audio book on your journey, we think you’re already making the most of your commute; now you can skip the gym!



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How to optimise your LinkedIn profile

Businessman Holding Iphone 5S With App Linkedin On The Screen On

With more than 380 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has evolved into the world’s largest professional network. It is an extremely beneficial platform offering the best opportunities to establish your professional identity, grow your network and increase your visibility and credibility with other professionals.

Understanding how to optimise your LinkedIn profile is the best way to get noticed and obtain career success. Here are some top tips:


You would never dream of sending an incomplete CV to a potential employer, would you? You need to treat your LinkedIn profile the same way as a variety of professionals, including your potential employers, will look at it. Here’s what you need to do:

Photo – You need to have a photo of yourself. Did you know that professionals are 14 times more likely to view your page if you have one? And that’s a professional one by the way, no selfies!

Details – Make sure that you fill out ALL the sections. In addition, make sure it’s not copied directly from your CV. Obviously it needs to list all the relevant information, but consider changing the wording, using bullet points or brief summaries for your profile to make it easier for other professionals to scan.

Vanity URL – You are probably wondering what on earth this is. Vanity URLs are personalised URLs with your name instead of a bunch of randomised numbers and letters – a sure way to smarten up your profile.

Be visible

Get written recommendations and endorsements – On your profile, you can list your key skills that quickly let employers know your professional specialities. Other professionals that you are connected with can acknowledge your skills with one click to prove to other employers that you have them and aren’t just writing down a bunch of buzz words. Written recommendations from past and present employers are also sure to boost your profile ranking as they support your credibility.

Keywords – You aren’t going to appear on the first page of a LinkedIn search if you don’t have your keywords in place. They need to be based around your skills and strengths and should appear in your name, headline, company name, job title and experience. If you’re not sure what your keywords should be, check out job descriptions or browse professional profiles from your specific industry.


Build your network with connections – Now that your LinkedIn profile is looking slick, you can begin to build your connections. Chances are you already have your current employers on your profile, but you don’t need to stop there! You ideally need at least 50 connections to have a solid profile, but don’t go totally crazy about the numbers: it’s quality not quantity.

Keep business focused – When you’re connecting with other professionals on LinkedIn, make sure that you have a business relationship with them. Don’t go connecting with everyone you have on Facebook or have known since college. Similarly, don’t feel bad about not accepting their request if they’re not going to benefit you professionally!

Join groups – Groups are an excellent way to connect with professionals in your industry or with similar interests. Try and join up to 50 groups. You don’t have to remain active in all of them, that’s quite a task! But try to be committed and actively involve yourself with at least three as it will improve your visibility.

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Thinking of starting your own business?

New business perspective

So you’ve made the bold decision to venture out on your own and start your own company – congratulations! Before you pack in the day job, however, there are some important things to be considered. To help, CV-Library has compiled a list of issues that you should make sure are addressed before you set off into the unknown.


What will your business be called?

Perhaps the most important consideration when starting a new business is the name! You should think long and hard about your business name – you’re going to be stuck with it forever, as rebrands are expensive, messy, and should generally be avoided if possible. Think about what you want your name to promote; do you want it to be short and self-explanatory, or do you want it to allude to different aspects of your brand? Either way, you should give your company name some serious thought, as a dodgy name could cause the entire business to fail.


What is your USP?

Find your angle in the market, and make sure that your product offers something that does not exist elsewhere. Consumers will generally only purchase your product if you are offering something different or unique; this could be your product itself, the way it is produced (perhaps you use all organic components?), or the customer experience you offer.


Have you identified your competition?

Identifying and researching your competitors, allows you the chance to see where your business can be different. Spotting weaknesses in the way your competition deals with things means that you will be able to adjust your business accordingly. Similarly, if you observe good business practices from your competitors then you should be able to adopt them for your company too.


Who is your target audience?

The reality is that if you try to appeal to everyone, you will end up appealing to no one. Everything about your business should be defined by your target audience; from your website to focus groups and marketing, you should make sure you are appealing to the right people. Involving your target audience in the development of your business is a good way to make potential customers feel involved and important. If you make them feel like they have a voice, they may become loyal customers and there is a chance they will recommend you to others too!


How many employees do you need?

Determine how many employees you will need for your business, both from day one and for further down the line. It is advisable to have a plan in place for the future so you can keep track of your company’s expansion and progress. Hiring somebody is a big commitment for both parties, so you should be certain of your staffing needs before you fill a position.

Finally, good luck!

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The Apprentice

Engineer And Apprentice Planning CNC Machinery Project

Here at CV-Library, we’re trying to contain our excitement that The Apprentice is finally back on our screens tonight! In an attempt to channel some Lord Sugar vibes, we’ve come up with the top reasons that you should consider an apprenticeship.

Earn while you learn

One of the best things about doing an apprenticeship is that you are paid to learn on the job. There’s no need to study for qualifications and land yourself in debt; you can start earning from day one. You will be provided with quality support throughout your time as an apprentice. Your employer will ensure that your training meets your personal requirements and that you are learning the right skills for the job, as well as making sure that national standards are satisfied!


The number of professions that offer apprenticeships is staggering, and is constantly increasing. Working as an apprentice is a great way to get into your chosen industry, as it will provide you with the necessary skills and hands-on experience to really progress your career and improve your earning potential – a real opportunity to kick-start your career!

Secure your future

You don’t have to go straight into employment after you’ve finished your apprenticeship; there are usually three levels available – intermediate, advanced level, and higher. You can progress as far as you like, and you can also gain other qualifications right up to degree level if you wish. If you do choose to go straight into employment, you’ll likely find that many employers will value your skills and experience; with so many people going to university and seeking employment with little experience, an apprenticeship will help you to stand out.

Anyone can do it!

If you’re aged 16-64 and not in full-time education, you’re eligible for an apprenticeship. The good news is that you don’t actually need any qualifications to apply, meaning that an apprenticeship is an option for everyone! If you’re just leaving school or college, or are in employment but fancy a change, you should consider becoming an apprentice – you never know where it might take you!

If you’re unsure, just remember that unlike the contestants on The Apprentice, you won’t have to deal with Lord Sugar as a boss! Why not click here to have a look at the apprenticeships on offer at CV-Library.

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