The Week in News: UK Employment Round Up – 08/08/14

Time for a break from your job search? Check out our run down of the news which caught our attention from the UK employment industry this week.

Builder and Merchant organisation ramps up youth recruitment

A new recruitment campaign aimed at youths has been launched by The Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) to attract youngsters to the industry. The campaign is targeting over 7,500 educational institutions with posters and brochures. An open day at the BMF‘s HQ in Coventry will be held on October 21st.

Payday lender The Cash Store closes down

Payday lender The Cash Store has gone bust this week. All 120 employees across 27 outlets in the UK will unfortunately be made redundant. The business has been headquarted in Stockport, and was an expansion of Canada-based The Cash Store Financial Services Inc.

Belfast IT firm bucks growth trends

Belfast-based IT consultancy Leaf is due to expand into Dublin, with over a dozen jobs already available and further growth expected. This bucks the trend for expanding businesses, with firms typically looking to grow into Belfast from across the border.

Russia sanctions could affect UK brand JCB

JCB jobs could be at risk due to Russia sanctions, company chairman Lord Bamford speculates. With the troubled nation’s business equating to a significant percentage of digger sales, Staffordshire-based manufacturer JCB could feel a knock-on effect from recent political actions. The company has just opened a new depot in Ekaterinburg, which is one of Russia’s biggest cities.

Great news for SMEs as BT rolls out new 4G plan

BT has recently launched a selection of 4G business plans suited to small and medium-sized businesses. The telecoms firm are now providing 4G as standard, as opposed to it’s previous stance of offering 3G as standard with 4G as an optional extra.

cv library in the newsWe’ve just released our Q2 Job Market Report! By comparing our own data on a quarterly basis, our independent research sheds light on job seeking trends and provides insight into the UK’s recruitment and job market. announces change of function as jobs are lost

Jersey-based have announced they are no longer to operate as a retailer, but as a marketplace only. The firm, which was bought by Japanese e-commerce entity Rakuten in 2011, has revealed the plan will mean making redundancies in Jersey, Cambridge and Bristol.

Big plans for utility recruitment in South Shields

Energy consultancy Utilitywise is set to vastly increase its headcount over the next two years. The consultancy will open its doors to up to 1,400 members of staff. This comes off the back of two new partnership deals. Certainly one to watch for local job hunters in the Newcastle area.

Career advice award for Milton Keynes College

Milton Keynes College has been commended for its efforts to provide career advice and support to children and young adults. It has won the Matrix Award which is backed by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.

300 new jobs for Greater Manchester ASDA

A brand new ASDA store soon to be opened on Manchester Road in Stockport, will see around 300 jobs opportunities created for local residents. The store is due to open in October.

Recruitment drive for Kentish Town Publishers

North London-based publishers MVF Global – one of the fastest growing technology firms in the capital – are looking to double their workforce over the coming months.

And some news from across the pond….

A new survey by the Pew Research Center has revealed respondents believe robots will create more jobs than they will destroy over the next decade. However, results were mixed, with 48% believing the converse – that robots will take over more jobs than they will create. With the recent developments in self-driving vehicles, this will surely be a widely discussed topic over the coming months.

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Why Should You Become a Career Mentor?


In this new blog from Career Savvy, the team look at why you should consider becoming a career mentor.

The benefits of having a career mentor are a lot easier to fathom than those associated with being someone’s mentor. The truth is, you can learn just as much from the relationship as your mentee(s). To discover how it can enhance your career and just how rewarding it can be, see below for our top reasons for becoming a career mentor and how to do so.

Boost productivity

Whether you’re a whiz at filing or a master of to-do lists, imparting your skills on your mentee(s) can boost the productivity of your fellow colleagues. As those around you develop the necessary skills to help them achieve more at work, you will find your whole team benefits from the increased efficiency. Thus becoming a mentor for someone in your company will see your expertise not only benefiting your mentee, but you and the rest of your team in terms of productivity.

Test yourself

In order to advise others, your knowledge has to be top notch. This involves making sure you’re up to date with industry news, that you’re aware of your own actions and experiences, including learning from and sharing them. As you’re forced to consider all of these aspects of your own career, you will constantly be challenging yourself and developing your own skills, as well as assisting others through their career progression.

Recall past lessons

No matter what stage of your career you’re currently at, revisiting the obstacles you have overcome will always benefit your career. As a mentor you will have to discuss and consider the lessons you’ve learnt over the course of your career and this can help you to better understand your own career development, as well as provide useful advice for your mentee.
Feel great
In truth, it feels great to help others. Often people aren’t aware of their own talents or perhaps how they can use them effectively at work. By mentoring someone you can help them to discover where their skills lie and nurture them so they can reach their potential. Your support and guidance could be genuinely life-changing and no doubt your mentee will be eternally grateful, filling you with a great sense of pride.

Learn something new

As a mentor you will learn something new every day. Mentoring creates a two-way relationship: your mentee is there to learn from your knowledge and experiences, but you may also gain something from their experiences. At the very least it can broaden your outlook in terms of your career as you are exposed to new ideas and perspectives.

How can you become a mentor?

Think about exactly who you would like to offer your help to: a junior member at your company? Or perhaps someone from a different organisation? If the first, ask your boss if there’s currently a mentoring scheme and if not propose creating one. Alternatively, inform your colleagues that you’re happy to mentor anyone who’s interested. If you’d rather mentor someone outside of your workplace, sites such as are a great source for discovering mentees.

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Our Top Awkward Office Moments

Thousands of people across the UK work in office jobs focussing on anything from administration, to sales, to finance, to customer service. This kind of environment can be fun and rewarding in equal measure. However, working in such close proximity with the same people day in, day out, can lead to some pretty cringeworthy situations. Below is our list of  top awkward office moments. How many can you identify with?

1 – Having to say thank you every time someone opens a door for you when you are walking behind them down a long corridor.

2 – Being asked to transfer a call, and then having no idea how, so randomly pressing buttons until you completely cut the person on the other end of the line off.

3 – Awkwardly hovering behind someone using the microwave, because you’d really like to use it next and there’s no way you’re going to let anyone else cut in front.

4 – Stealing a spoonful of decaf/ piece of bread/ squirt of ketchup from the kitchen as quickly as possible, because you’re pretty sure it belongs to someone in particular and you don’t want to get caught.

5 – Receiving a birthday card on your desk and having no idea who it’s for, so writing the most generic message possible.

6 – When someone takes your pen and then forgets to bring it back. What do you do? Stay silent and rue the day you let them borrow anything of yours, or make a point of going over and asking for it back – even though it seems incredibly petty? Even though you could go and get a new one from the stationery cupboard, you really want that specific one back – it’s the principal of the matter!

7 – When you friend request a colleague on Facebook and they don’t respond, ever… but you can see them logging into their account every day.

8 – Realising you’ve been saying someone’s name wrong for the whole time you’ve known them. Really, really wrong.

9 – Awkwardly making small talk with that person you really don’t like because you both got up to make a round of tea at the same time.

10 – Having a chair which makes questionable groaning sounds whenever you move.

11 – Accidentally touching someone’s hand at the photocopier/ water cooler/ paper towel dispenser.

12 – Spraying a considerable amount of water up yourself at the sink and then having to do the walk of shame back to your desk looking like a messy child.

13 – Borrowing someone’s stapler and then breaking it.

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The Week in News: UK Employment Round Up – 01/08/14

Time for a break from your job search? Check out our run down of the news which caught our eye from the UK employment industry this week.

NHS careers event in Worksop: Call for candidates

The National Health Service are holding a careers session in Worksop Library on Thursday 7th August. With over 28,000 employees in Nottinghamshire alone, there are numerous opportunities within the organisation. The aim of the event is to inform and advise local job hunters on the scope of NHS vacancies within the area.

Careers advice in schools not up to scratch

Research from the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) has found that the careers advice given to young people (ages 14-19) is largely viewed as irrelevant and not up to demand. 84% of the young people surveyed have said they would welcome further advice from educational authorities.

Oxfordshire medical technology increases local jobs

A medical heavyweight in Witney, Oxfordshire, is soon to increase its workforce by 10% (around 60 personnel). The announcement by Abbott Diabetes Care precedes the launch of a new product which will revolutionise the lives of sufferers of the disease.

Fashion brand Internacionale‘s intellectual property for sale

Fashion chain Internacionale went into administration in March of this year. Now, the associated intellectual property has been put up for sale. Metis Partners, who are coordinating the sale of the firm’s intellectual assets, expect lots of interest from fashion and retail professionals.

cv library in the newsWe’re in Forbes! Our Managing Director, Lee Biggins, talks about what life is like as a disruptive start-up founder – a must-read for anyone interested in business entrepreneurship. Check out the article here!

VIDEO FEATURE: Jobs in the film industry

The rise of film and on-set technology has opened up a whole new job market. Watch the BBC‘s video on the booming industry here.

Job hunters more likely to succeed with spot-on soft skills

Authorities in British employment have compiled data suggesting UK employers prefer soft skills to technical capabilities. A survey conducted by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) collected data from 198 companies. The findings show firms are happier to train workers in technical areas than to employ someone lacking in the right soft skills.

Oil refinery sale saves hundreds of jobs

Good news for Murco in Milford Haven, Wales, where over 400 jobs have been saved. The oil refinery – which was facing closure – has been bought by Switzerland-based Klesch Group. A spokesperson for the firm has confirmed they will be keeping the current workforce.

And some news from across the pond….

Following its acquisition of music company Beats Electronics LLC, Apple Inc. plan to fire around 200 employees from the workforce. Jobs will be cut from a number of sectors where there will be an overlap with Apple resources. The $3 billion purchase is the biggest in Apple‘s history.

see you next weekCheck out our partner site Resume-Library to browse our US job opportunities!

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Hacks For Making a Better Workspace



In this new blog from Career Savvy, the team look at hacks for making  a better workspace.

Whether it’s an office, your bedroom or somewhere a little more unconventional, we all have a place for knuckling down and getting stuff done. So what tricks can help you transform your desk into a hive of productivity? Here are our hacks for making a better workspace.

Make more space

An efficient desk or workspace has everything you are likely to need to hand.
The trouble with this is that desks get cluttered and messy quite rapidly.
Expand your desk space by placing things on different levels. Shelving or pigeonholes underneath your desk can be great for discreet storage, as well as a pull-out work top or tray for extra space when you need it.

Stand up

A great way to boost productivity and to shake up the way you work is to have a stand up desk. Allegedly used by Benjamin Franklin and Ernest Hemingway, standing is a good way to keep circulation flowing and manage your energy levels throughout the day. Prolonged sitting has negative health benefits attached too, and those who do it can have a slightly lower life expectancy than those who are more active on a daily basis. Try installing a desk that can be raised or lowered, or working at a kitchen counter for a while.


Feeling at home at your desk, wherever it may be, is important. You are most productive and focused when you are comfortable, so this should be a priority. Putting your own stamp on your workspace is a big part of this, so don’t be afraid to style it in a way that suits you – to the extent that somebody else would feel strange sitting in your spot. However, don’t go overboard: just a bit of artwork and desk furniture should be enough to make your desk truly yours!

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How To Get Into Accounting and Finance


In this new blog from Career Savvy, the team look at how to get into Accounting and Finance.

Whether it’s banking, accountancy, insurance or pensions, there is always scope in the financial services sector. As long as the UK is making and spending money, people will be required to manage it, plan how to use it and identify the best uses for it.

Finance attracts school-leavers and graduates from a range of different backgrounds. Graduates studying accounting or business studies (the most popular degree subjects in the UK) are often drawn to finance roles. There are also lots of opportunities for maths graduates and those with scientific backgrounds – due to the amount of maths involved in their degrees. Lots of large companies in the UK also employ school-leavers as apprentices and trainees – working towards qualifications combined with workplace training.

Why finance?

Despite having its ups and downs, the finance sector has always remained fairly vast. This is because its services are required and used by every type of business, as well as individuals. As a result, there will always be room for teams and organisations to grow – especially as the economy is beginning to pick up.

Graduate salaries in finance roles boast some of the highest levels there are – especially in London and corporate finance positions. Consequently, competition for jobs is high as lots of graduates go for the same vacancies. For the top graduate programmes, Monster reported roughly fifty applications received per vacancy. Graduate salaries can start from £24K, depending on the location.

A big pull factor into the finance world is that it can boast good prospects for career development. Although it can be competitive to get into, the sector is so broad that there is a lot of scope for movement and promotion. Employers that take on apprentices or graduates through schemes want the staff they invest in to become assets for the company and to become the future business leaders.


Chartered accountants work for clients – organisations or private customers – to provide a range of services. It includes managing payrolls, devising budgets, creating reports on expenditure and handling client relationships. It can also involve analysis of proposed business plans and elements of financial planning, forecasting and risk analysis. After obtaining a degree, you’ll have to train to qualify as an accountant, which takes about three years. Your degree doesn’t have to be relevant to finance or business, but you’ll need to demonstrate a solid academic record. There are different ways to train to become an accountant, so have a look at some here.

Working in banking will generally see you specialise in a certain area, such as mortgages, corporate finance, investment banking, etc. There are many different roles within banking that can see you taking on varying tasks which include researching, trading and analysis. Corporate and investment banking offer the highest salaries – not just in the finance sector, but across all sectors. The banking world can involve long hours that exceed your typical nine to five, but the rewards and progression can be significantly higher compared to other sectors. For more information, see the Investment Management Association website.

Transferable skills

For the majority of roles in the finance sector, you’ll need to be pretty nifty with numbers. Many of the tasks involve a lot of calculation, as well as data management and the presentation of this data (think graphs and charts). Data analysis is also required, so you would need to be able to identify changes, averages and erroneous information in order to provide accurate reports.

Successful employees in the finance sector are the ones that put in time and effort to ensure their work is accurate. This is hugely important in finance as mistakes can not only look unprofessional, but also lead to the wrong business decisions being made. If you make sure your work is correct every time, you could be a good match for this sector.

Interpersonal Skills
A great deal of finance roles include interfacing with clients. As well as managing the accounts and finances, you will need to manage the relationship with the client or customer, ensuring that you provide an exceptional service and are a good ambassador for the company.

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Nail Your Literacy and Numeracy Skills


In this new blog from Career Savvy, the team look at how to nail those all important literacy and numeracy skills.

While everyone has their own unique skills and abilities, to become employable, most roles still require you to possess a sufficient level of literacy and numeracy to be able to perform tasks associated with the job. This can include admin, IT, writing and keeping records, cash handling and much more. So where do you go to receive the best help with your literacy and numeracy skills and make sure you are as ready for the workplace as you can be?


If you struggle with maths skills, this isn’t something that comes to light during the hiring process as clearly as written skills do. However, lots of companies now ask their candidates to complete competency-based questions, which can include assessing your numeracy skills.

Maths is the type of skill that easily ebbs away if you don’t practise it enough. You may have been competent at maths in school but your memory of most of it has since deteriorated. Brain training games or online tests are good ways of keeping the numbers side of your brain ticking over.

If you really resent maths (and you’re not alone!) it’s important to remember that you don’t necessarily need to re-learn ALL of it. For example, for a retail job, you should prioritise knowing percentages over things like trigonometry.

Seeking help is a fine technique to get you through. In the interest of presenting your weaknesses with a positive spin, make sure you can admit to needing help rather than silently struggling. For example, if you’re asked about your maths ability in an interview, give an honest answer but finish by stating that you always ask someone to double check your work. They will appreciate someone who identifies their weaknesses and makes an effort to work on them, as opposed to someone who makes claims that they cannot deliver on.

If you really feel that you’re starting from the beginning when it comes to revising maths, consider an online course or evening classes. For more information on these, have a look at the website.


Written skills come into play in a variety of jobs. Most correspondence in the workplace these days is done via email, meaning that written communication is still very important. It is also an aspect of your job application that will be assessed. Here are some ways of improving your written skills:

Ask a friend or colleague to check over your work. Don’t send off a CV or cover letter without it being proofread first – whether you struggle with writing or not.

Practice makes perfect, and writing is no different. Becoming well-rehearsed in the written word is a great way of improving your skills. You will develop a feel for certain phrases and begin to find structuring a sentence or paragraph comes a lot more naturally.

Reading is a key ingredient in the making of a good writer. Absorbing the written word every day means that you subconsciously take it in and become more familiar with it. It’s not an overnight fix, but it certainly works!

Using a template can help you when writing a range of documents. From CVs and cover letters to emails, it can assist you a great deal as you don’t have to start from scratch each time. Examples of CVs and templates can be found in places such as the National Careers Service website (Also check out our article on CV Formats.). Have you ever received a formal, well-worded email? If so, you can use this as a template to create your own, changing the necessary details and putting your own spin on it.

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Squeezing in Exercise Around Your Hectic Life


In this new blog from Career Savvy, the team look at ways to fit exercise into your hectic, working life.

The reasons for getting more exercise couldn’t be more important. Regular exercise can reduce the risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer by up to 50%, as well as improving your life expectancy. While it can be difficult to get enough of it, it should be a higher priority in many people’s lives. So how can you make sure you fit in that all important workout around your job?

In the morning

You might find that you spend a bit of time in the morning travelling, watching Good Morning Britain or sleeping until the snooze button cannot buy you any more time. If you struggle to fit in exercise in the evening, making the effort first thing could be a great idea. Most gyms open as early as 6am and classes often run as early as 7am – a great time to go as it’ll be much quieter. Alternatively, schedule in exercise by walking or cycling to work instead.


Sometimes it’s all too easy to make excuses not to work out. It’s raining, you’ve got a bit of a cold, you stubbed your foot on the doorway this morning and you don’t want to risk damaging it further. If that sounds familiar, a good way to motivate yourself to exercise is to make some sort of commitment to it. This could be paying for gym classes ahead of time, or getting a dog that will need walking every day. Either way, when you have to make the effort, you’ll end up fitting your life around exercise, rather than the other way around.

Plan Ahead

If you don’t have a standard daily routine or cannot always rely on having the same spot free, a regular class will not necessarily suit you. For many, fitting in exercise whenever they can is the only option. If this is the case, make a plan at the start of every week of what you hope to achieve. This could be to visit the gym at least three times a week, or run for thirty minutes each day. Setting yourself targets will give you something to aim for, which means you can gradually raise the bar as you see your fitness levels improve.

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CV-Library Triumphs with 94% Success in Customer Service Poll

CV-Library’s Client Response Coordinators form a vital part of the job board’s business offering. The twenty strong CRC team is the highly valuable customer care unit which keeps client relationships running smoothly. Now, a recent survey of customer feedback has found that 94% of the businesses currently working with CV-Library report a ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ level of service.

Such an overwhelming result is not only an individual achievement but also virtually unheard of within the industry.

CV-Library is the only job board in the UK to dedicate full-time resources to caring for their current client base. The Client Response Coordinators exist alongside the Sales team who deal with new business and contract management. The team is in place to ensure the ongoing success of client recruitment campaigns, doing so through dedicated attention to detail and unrivalled knowledge of industry best practice.

Founder and Managing Director Lee Biggins believes that customer service should provide a foundation for businesses to build upon. During the recession many companies allowed their customer care teams to become depleted, however Biggins believed it right to do the opposite – employing new staff members to look after CV-Library’s growing customer base.

“Excellent customer care must remain constant in order for a business to grow. That’s why we maintain a team of in-house customer service professionals to maximise our customer’s success with our range of products. Gaining new clients is one thing, but the real hurdle is keeping the ones you do have as happy as possible,” Biggins has said.

Results of the poll show that the CRC team were mostly commended for their pro-active – rather than reactive – approach.

The team endeavour to make phone contact with clients on a weekly basis to prompt for any queries they may have. Similarly, they continually monitor product usage, encouraging the most effective use of the CV-Library tools. They even provide training via remote access – perfect for first time job board users.

Their aim to maximise the exposure and effectiveness of their client’s vacancies
is achieved through not only the tools of the trade but also sheer dedication and
hard work. When the survey was carried out in June, the client response team had
spent nearly 3000 hours on the phone supporting clients in 2014, a total which
included time spent on 40,000 outbound calls.

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Unemployment figures at a six year low as job market booms

Everyone loves a bit of good news, and what could be better than to hear UK unemployment figures have fallen to their lowest in six years?

This week, major news sources such as the BBC have reported a substantial drop in the number of people claiming jobseeker’s allowance and declaring unemployment.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed a decrease of more than 120,000 in the number of unemployed, meaning there are now only 2.1 million UK residents declaring this status. The drop occurred during the three months leading up to May when the figures were assessed.

CV-Library have been analysing monthly and quarterly data related to the UK job market, and have noticed an upward trend in the number of job applications across all employment sectors since this time last year.

Jobs boom

Job applications are on the increase!

Sectors such as Administration, Retail, Sales, Construction and IT have been doing particularly well – especially in the capital – and it must be noted that the number of job applications have increased substantially in all areas of the UK since June 2013.

The number of jobs being advertised have also increased during the last 12 months – job postings in London alone are up 70% on last year’s figures. This indicates a higher demand for candidates as the job market expands and businesses recover from the recession.

To read CV-Library’s analysis of the London job market in Q1 of 2014, click here:


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