CV-Library Sponsors Staffroom Education’s Charity Cycling Event


CV-Library is one of five companies who have signed up to sponsor the Staffroom Education team as they take on the mammoth task of cycling from Paris to Cardiff.

The team of 3 will join almost 70 others in the 360 mile trip in order to raise much needed funds for Shelter Cymru – a locally based Welsh charity that helps the homeless as well as those having issues with securing or maintaining housing.


The fundraising event will begin on February 25th and should take a total of four days to complete – two of which will be spent in the UK and two in France.


Staffroom Education – the education recruitment specialists – has been using CV-Library since the beginning of the year following a CV Database trial in 2014.


Now, CV-Library will be helping to spur the team on with online support and by sponsoring their bespoke cycling jerseys.

Keep track of Staffroom Education’s ‘Ride to the Rugby’ Facebook page here.

To everyone taking part in the event – good luck!

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Three Thumbs Up! CV-Library Joins Coca-Cola in Spreading Emoji Joy

emoji-ws-billboard (2)

If you liked Coca-Cola’s selection of new web addresses – you’ll love CV-Library’s. Not to be outdone by the soft drinks giant, who recently purchased a string of domains based around smiling emojis, the leading job site can now be found at thumbs.


Acquisition of the new, memorable URL has made CV-Library the first careers site, globally, to incorporate an emoji into a domain.


To try out CV-Library’s latest redirect, simply use your mobile to enter three thumbs up, or copy and paste the relevant Unicode into your internet browser.


Marketing Director Will Miller comments: “As a job search platform trusted by over 8.4 million UK professionals, we aim to inject positivity into the nation’s job search. With our frequently updated blog, active social media channels and Career Advice Centre, we truly engage with job hunters by offering more than basic job search and CV posting services.


“With the new thumbsdomain, we’re showing site visitors that with the right support in place, their job search can be a positive, happy experience.


“We also wanted a domain that reflected the aspiration of finding that perfect job that’s easy to wake up for in the mornings.”


So why do these fun domains need to rely on the Samoan suffix, .ws?


Your usual .coms, .nets and .co.uks don’t allow the inclusion of emojis, so companies are having to get creative. The limitations work for CV-Library, though, and with Coca-Cola claiming the .ws can stand for ‘we smile’, the job board suggests a more relevant ‘work success’.


Visit CV-Library at thumbs or the more traditional to find out more about the award-winning job site.

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Our Survey, Your Opinions!


You may be aware of our recent survey into social media, office perks and honesty when it comes to filling out job applications. Here’s what you said!


Social Media and Work

Only 28% of respondents have added their boss on social media. 24% would consider doing so in the future, and a resounding 48% would never consider ‘following’, ‘circling’ or ‘friending’ their manager!


Of those who have been caught out by what they post on social media, the biggest percentage had been caught out by talking about their workplace, many had been in trouble about lying about being ill, and 1% had been told off about posting incriminating photographs.

Are you worried about what you post online being seen by the wrong person?


Workplace Perks

When asked about workplace perks, 54% of those surveyed said they’re allowed to listen to music, 60% are allowed to eat at their desk, 54% are permitted to wear casual clothes and 4% are allowed to take their pets to work.

Some of the top workplace perks include the ability to work from home when required, free lunches, gym and shower facilities and even massages at work!


An Honest Approach…?

How honest are you? 12% of those who answered our survey have lied about their experience on their CV, and a massive 30% admit to omitting information in a job application or interview, to make themselves look better!

Have you ever told a little white lie, or lied by omission, to get your foot in the door with a company?


The Future of Job Hunting

We wanted to find out if the traditional CV was still perceived as relevant by today’s job hunters, or if there was a better alternative. 45.5% of respondents believe CVs are the best way to show off your skills, 21% prefer using online profiles, and the rest were undecided.

With online profiles on business networking sites such as LinkedIn becoming commonplace and more employers looking online to find talent, we wonder what the future of job applications will hold!


Want to take part in future CV-Library surveys? Keep an eye on your inbox – we may be sending you an invitation to take part and win prizes soon!


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Our New Job Search App – Features and Perks


Our latest job search app has launched, and is already making waves. Download the free CV-Library app now – it’s like having your own, personal job search assistant in your pocket!


We’re working hard to improve CV-Library and are constantly refining our website and mobile services to help you apply for jobs quickly, wherever you are. The latest version of our Job Search app includes several updates and new features.

We’ve added new functionalities including an ‘apply later’ button, where you can email jobs to yourself and complete your application at another, more convenient time.

You will also now be able to see a list of previous searches, enabling you to re-run favourite searches with just one touch. Plus, you can view a list of recently viewed jobs, enabling you to save or re-view each one at the touch of a button.

Finally, we have made improvements around the overall user interface and user experience, giving you a more enjoyable and familiar app experience.

Download the latest version of CV-Library’s free iOS and Android App and see just how easy it is to search and apply for jobs using almost any phone or tablet.

Our app lets you:

  •  Access over 120,000 jobs immediately
  •  Receive notifications when new matching jobs are added
  •  Apply quickly with the CV you saved online
  •  Save favourite searches with just one touch
  •  Update your CV, cover letter and profile ‘on-the-go’
  •  Fit your job search around your day

Our award-winning mobile app lets you carry your own, personal Job Search assistant with you at all times.

Compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, you can update your CV with ease and make sure you’re keeping up the date with the freshest vacancies in your industry.

Visit our app store!

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The Best Interview Questions to Ask Employers


Every interview is a two-way street.


Whilst you may be preoccupied with memorising your CV and picking out your smartest, ‘go on, employ me’ outfit, it can be easy to forget that an interview is your chance to find out all about your would-be employer, too.


So, during your interview preparation, it’s worth spending some time deciding what you’d need to know before accepting an offer of employment. Here are our suggestions on insightful interview questions to ask your employer.


Who would I be working with on a daily basis?

It can be useful to find out how many people you would be interacting with on a standard day – from who you would report to, to how many people you would be sitting with, and whether you would be expected to integrate with any other teams. This will help you to paint a picture of the working environment, as well as the number of new people you would be coming into contact with in your first few weeks.


How would you describe the working environment?

This can be a really helpful question to ask in your HR or direct management interview, and can assist in giving you an insight into what it would be like to work for the company in question. If you have an established idea about the type of environment you prefer – quiet, busy, animated, corporate or creative – see how well your interviewer’s interpretation of the workplace matches up with your ideal scenario.


What’s the social side of things like?

Your interviewer will be looking at you from a ‘team fit’ perspective, so you should aim to find out if the team could be a good fit for you, too! Ask about social events, lunches, trips and even the social habits of employees. Do people tend to go to lunch together, or separately? Is there a social committee? Even if you are not usually inclined to spend time with colleagues outside of work, these types of questions can help you gain an understanding of the environment and whether the workforce gels together.


How did this position open up?

This information is integral to your understanding of how the company is developing and whether there are any issues with staff retention. If the role is new – did it come about because they have recently taken on more work? If you’re replacing someone – why did they leave? You could also ask how long someone in your position usually stays at the company for.


Do you foresee the company growing or changing in the near future?

This question is fairly open and allows your interviewer to respond based on predicted company growth, workload, and their own hopes for the team. It’s important to figure out what the company will look like further down the line – are there any office moves in the pipeline? If you are at all concerned about the stability of the company, their answer to this question should hopefully alleviate your concerns.


How will my performance be monitored? What is the learning curve like?

You need to know how you will be expected to perform, how your workload will be set out, and what kind of targets you’ll be expected to achieve. Whilst you may have the perfect mix of skills for their open position, you need to know if you can keep up with the level of work that will be expected of you, and whether you’ll be happy to work to their targets. Ask about induction and training, too – it can be comforting to know more about any training programmes taking part during the first few weeks.


What is the usual structure for appraisals?

This question will show that you are thinking ahead, and are ambitious to succeed within the company. Depending on the type of role, it may not be pertinent to mention pay rises or promotions; however you can gather this information by asking about how your progress will be appraised. It is always good to know what opportunities for growth are available.


So there you have it, CV-Library’s top suggestions for what to ask in your next interview. For further interview advice, visit our Career Advice Centre.

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Ex-Forces Jobs? Tips for Finding your New Career


Service men and women may find it hard to make the transition into a job outside of the Armed Forces. You may never have had to write a CV or make a formal job application. As recruitment specialists, we’ve put together our top tips to help guide you into a new career, outside of the Forces.


First of all, decide what you’re looking for. Do your research, read advice articles, and talk to a career advisor if possible. Figure out what you want to achieve, and in what type of job. If you have spent a lot of time in the Forces you may not have considered this in any great depth before. This is a fantastic chance for you to pursue any lifelong career ambitions.

Your CV shouldn’t look too different to any other career changer’s CV. You should set out to explain what you’ve done in the past and why your skills are relevant to the new job. Consider the skills you have, and which of those could transfer into the new position – focus on these transferable skills.

  • Start with an opening paragraph that summarises your profile and strengths, and explains your motivations to succeed within your chosen industry.
  • Break your experience down into a timeline, with different postings in a chronological order. This way, potential employers can get to grips with your progression and development.
  • Stay away from technical terms – explain your experience with ‘civvy speak’!
  • Include a section on ‘key skills’, which can be anything from leadership skills, to self-motivation, to efficient communication to logical problem solving.
  • Do include any pre-Forces experience. If you had a Saturday job as a teenager or used to work in a bar, make note of this in your ‘experience’ section. Your potential employers will be looking for as much relatable experience as possible, so any experience you have of working within a civilian job should be mentioned.
  • Talk about your experience in terms of achievements rather than what you did. How did your contributions help your team? Did you improve efficiency? Did you mentor others? Rather than just saying ‘I did this, I did that’, try to angle your explanation so that it provides an overview of how integral you were to your team and its success.

Remember, there are many organisations out there who specifically look for your skill set, so don’t get disheartened along the way. Your skills in communication, efficiency and problem solving can be perfect for roles in maintenance, construction, engineering, distribution, administration, along with many others.

Visit our training partners The Learning People for tailored training courses to help you discover your potential.

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Pros and Cons of Temporary and Permanent Roles

imaginary office

The latest article from Career Savvy looks into the pros and cons of temporary and permanent roles.

Temporary work, where employees work a contract with a fixed end date, is becoming increasingly popular as workers strive to achieve a better work-life balance. You can work for an employer from as little as a day, to months or even years. Some use this form of work to simply pay the bills while looking for a permanent role, while others with specialist skills freelance as their services are so in demand that they’re able to secure enough temporary work to live off. So what are the pros and cons and would it suit you better than a full-time role?

Temporary Work


Explore – There’s no better way of exploring different career paths than to have a taste of a variety of jobs through temping. Agencies will allocate you to assignments relevant to your skill set, therefore you could end up working in a number of different roles and working environments. As well as expanding your skill set, this may help you to realise a passion and identify a career path worth following – perhaps even for a full-time position.

Network – Temporary contracts enable you to continuously meet new people as each role brings with it new colleagues, managers and clients. Building relationships with these people and connecting with them via professional networks such as LinkedIn will help open doors to more opportunities in the future. Furthermore, you can reap the rewards without having to be too exposed to office politics – you can leave any drama behind you when your contract ends.

Flexibility – Unlike with a permanent role, if you don’t like a job you can simply decide not to accept similar offers in the future. Although agencies will suggest jobs which are suitable for your skill set and interests, you’re in control: you decide which positions to interview for and the number of contracts you take on.


Inconsistent – Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know how many suitable assignments are going to be available and how much money you’ll be able to earn. Therefore it’s difficult to manage your expenses and commitments. This can lead to you taking work as and when it comes, thus you could end up in jobs you dislike or which are less relevant to your career goals.

Restricted Benefits – Temporary workers enjoy less benefits (if any) in comparison to permanent employees, therefore aspects such as sick and holiday pay may be hard to obtain. It is entirely the employer’s discretion as to whether you receive full benefits or not.

Permanent Work


Security – Working a minimum of 36 hours per week entitles you to a range of benefits including sick and holiday pay, as well as assistance with your pension. You’ll also have financial security: you’ll know exactly how much is coming in and out each month so budgeting is a lot more manageable.
Job Satisfaction – Having the time to build close friendships among your colleagues, work towards your career goals and make a difference to the company you work for will provide a good level of job satisfaction.

Progression – Moving up the career ladder to more senior roles generally requires a long-term commitment to a company. Permanent roles offer more opportunities to progress to management positions as you build your reputation over a significant period of time in a company.


Confined – If you want to move on, notice periods set by your employer can prevent you from being able to leave when you want to, thus you may miss out on great opportunities. In addition, once your hours are set you may find working to that schedule negatively affects your work-life balance.

Monotonous – Seeing the same people, completing the same work and making the same journey each day can become tedious after some time.

To search and apply to over 100,000 jobs visit CV-Library today.

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An Interview with TNS Global – CV-Library


TNS Global are the world leaders in market research, global market information and business analysis. Here we talk with Sarah Osborn, Head of Field Recruitment and Training, about recruiting for the leading organisation.


sarah osbornHi Sarah. What makes TNS Global stand out from the crowd?

Everyone at TNS has the opportunity to hone their skills into strong expertise across departments, categories and geographies. We help the smartest thinkers explore their potential and become trailblazers in our industry. We’re leaping into the future with new technology, listening to our field teams to know what they want and to give a better employee experience.

How did you get into recruitment?

I went to a recruitment agency looking for their help in getting a new job, I was asked if I would like to apply for a resourcer position. Previously working in outplacement and working with people looking for jobs really spurred me on, knowing I could help people. Since then I have worked in retail recruitment, and in consultancy, I have realised – the faster the better!

What would you be doing if you weren’t in recruitment?

Probably something to do with Customer Service. I love people, knowing what makes them tick, I am a massive advocate of customer service and how important it is to businesses. I am very com-mercial by nature, always looking at the ROI on everything we do, but also investing in the right things to make our teams life better. So I may well be in some kind of cost saving team somewhere!

What is your top tip for candidates looking for work?

Don’t just read a job title, sometimes, they mean nothing. Investigate and apply. A job interview is a two way street, ask lots of questions.

What do you find the most rewarding about working in recruitment?

Knowing that you are fixing a problem in the business, and giving that person the opportunity to make a real difference in that department. Knowing that they might change the world!


What are your predictions for the recruitment year ahead?

It’s a candidates market, they choose where they go, what they do. The recession is almost a distant memory for some people. People in my role will have to work a bit harder, a little bit faster and show a bit more about the company to get candidates attention.


Have you, personally, ever made an interview faux pas? If so, what was it?

Yes, of course, we all have. I went to an interview for a very large accountancy consultancy in Ca-nary Wharf a number of years ago. They asked me ‘what stakeholder relationships do you manage’. ‘Stakeholder’ was a very new ‘recruitment word’ I had never heard of, I fumbled and mumbled and waffled my way through, what is actually a very easy question when you know what a stakeholder is. At that time – I didn’t. What it taught me was ask what people mean. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake. I looked silly because I waffled. But it also taught me that an interview is not to make people jump through hoops, but to help them give you their answer. No surprise – I didn’t get the job!

If you could meet one famous person – dead or alive – who would it be and why?

It would be Judy Garland. Since being a child, following the yellow brick road was all I ever wanted to do. I’m quite theatrical by nature and would love to find out all about her life from her story – it also might mean I could meet Liza Minelli too!


Visit the TNS Global website to find out more about their market research services, or view their current UK job opportunities.

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Dream Careers for Great Romantics

hands holding a string of paper hearts up to the sun during sun

Looking for love, happily settled, or just wishing life was a little more… rom-com? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve compiled our list of the top eight romantic jobs and dream careers. Search for a job you’ll fall in love with at CV-Library.


Bridal Sales Assistant

If you adore everything about weddings, working as a Bridal Sales Assistant could be a natural choice for you. This customer-orientated sales role could be right for anyone with a passion for weddings and experience of selling high quality, low-volume stock. Benefits of this role include the ever-expanding magnificence of your ‘Wedding Inspiration’ scrapbook and the fact that no one can tell you to stop daydreaming about your perfect day.


Wedding Consultant

As many good rom-coms have told us – this is the perfect role for finding love. Increase your chances of finding a soul mate by attending every single one of your weddings and keeping an eye on that cousin of the groom who scrubs up surprisingly well.



Chocolate – the international language of love. The way to a potential mate’s heart is almost always through the stomach, so get the edge on other singles with your expertise, recipes and constant warm, chocolatey aroma (we assume). Plus, we can think of few conversation starters better than, “I test chocolate for a living, what do you do?” Become a chocolatier by starting out in the world of food technology and specialising in confectionary.



On that token, working as a florist can be equally as romantic, as your world becomes one long Valentine’s/anniversary/birthday. You may find love blossoming, too – you’ll be an arty, creative type and they’ll be a kooky singleton ordering a last-minute bouquet for their mother. It’s possible to train in floristry, but a career in the field is also obtainable with the right mix of natural skill and a great CV / Cover Letter.



You may not find many options for a ‘matchmaker’ on CV-Library, but with even more of us looking for love online, your skills could be put to good use working for the team behind your favourite dating site. Cue the warm, fuzzy feelings as your hard work helps thousands find love.



While away your afternoon in your own little dream world as you tap away at a romantic article, short story or novel. Full-time jobs in this industry can be sparse; however there are many freelance opportunities available. Contact local publications as a starting point!


Marriage Counsellor

You don’t have to be settled down to perform as a great marriage counsellor, but you do need to have a spot-on understanding of human psychology and what makes relationships successful. Work as a marriage therapist and use your skills to mend broken hearts and soothe troubled souls -seeing your expertise bring people together can be very rewarding. Step into this career by training in relationship therapy. Search available courses here.


Greeting Card Designer

If your talent lies in illustration, poetry or a combination of both – you might like to try your hand at designing greeting cards. Where a single four line verse can earn you hundreds of pounds, get it right and you could be rolling in it. These days there are cards for every occasion, so whether you fancy writing about new love, old love, back-together-again-love or best-friend-love, if you’ve got a great idea for a greeting you could well see your design become reality. Routes into this career include web design, print design, or copywriting.

Search CV-Library to find your perfect job match.

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Job site CV-Library named amongst the South’s 100 highest-performing technology companies


A list of the top technology companies in the South has recently been published by The Business Magazine, and CV-Library is delighted to have been named 65th in the Southern Tech 100.


The leading job board is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the South, with the number of users on the rise and rapidly increasing site traffic.

The annual listing – ranked by turnover – celebrates the top 100 private, independent technology companies in an area stretching from Banbury to the Isle of Wight. The aggregated turnover of the businesses involved is around £52 billion.

Importantly, CV-Library’s success is not just self-serving – with the number of job and candidate searches increasing dramatically year on year, the 9,500+ businesses and millions of candidates that trust CV-Library with their recruitment requirements also benefit hugely from the company’s success.

CV-Library featured on the Southern Tech 100 list last year, but moved significantly up the rankings and look set for a top 40 spot next year.

Managing Director Lee Biggins comments: “CV-Library’s market success has a correlative impact on the businesses using our services. As our influence increases, we are able to refine our product offering and connect even more recruiters with professionals looking for their next move. To be recognised by The Business Magazine for our achievements is a valued indicator of our ongoing success.”

Find out more about CV-Library here.

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