You Know you Work in Retail When…


If you can identify with more than a handful of the points on our list, congratulations – you definitely belong in Retail!

  • You are immensely proud of your brand and self-five every time you spot someone wearing or using your product.
  • You can make a display of any product look absolutely spectacular. Tins of tomatoes? Ink cartridges? Socks? No problem – let’s get creative.
  • You’re aghast at how much ordinary people are willing to pay for everyday items. Where’s your staff discount? Oh, wait…
  • You accidentally ask your gran, “Can I help you?” when she comes over for Sunday lunch.
  • When you walk into any shop you’re immediately critical of their merchandising decisions.
  • You’ve also been known to ‘pull forward’ out of habit whilst doing your weekly shop.
  • You’re always mindful of fishing out those extra pennies so the person serving you can give you back a note, without rinsing their till of all its small change.
  • Your hands are pretty cut up from tearing open boxes of delivery all the time.
  • You’ve perfected the art of ‘watching but not watching’ shifty looking customers.
  • Even if it takes you an hour to vacuum and dust your own living room, you can tackle a shop floor that’s ten times the size in just a few minutes – and it will be SPOTLESS.
  • You remember members of the public not by their faces or names, but by their shopping habits. Oh hi, packet of Polo Mints and an Angling Times every Wednesday.

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You Know You Work in Customer Service When…


If you can identify with more than a handful of the points on our list, congratulations – you definitely belong in Customer Services!

  • Your head feels naked without your headset on.
  • You often find yourself putting on your ‘work voice’ when resolving problems at home with your family or friends.
  • You get a weird sense of satisfaction when you see an advert for your product when you’re out and about…
  • … and if your friend mentions that they’re using a competitor’s service, you have to stop yourself from reeling off ten reasons why your service is much better.
  • Maintaining a conversation over lots of background noise doesn’t faze you in the slightest.
  • In fact, you’re finding it increasingly necessary to turn on the TV when you call your mum for a chat.
  • You have a crazy-high tolerance for phone rudeness…. or, at least… you’re great at faking it.
  • You’re a natural born problem solver… life is a puzzle and you can solve it!
  • Whenever someone cold calls you at home, you are always super nice and put yourself in their shoes.
  • You consider asking your dates for feedback on their experience.

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It’s All in the Customer Experience!


Have you heard the one about the ‘Giraffe Bread?’ This heart-warming tale of customer service excellence from grocery retailers Sainsbury’s occurred when a 3 year old customer noticed the brand’s Tiger Bread looked a little more… Giraffe-y. After a series of delightful emails back and forth, the retailer decided to rename their product to the joy of little Lily and thousands of customers UK-wide.


Of course, we’re not saying that you’re in the position to rename your products on whim; however you can take a leaf out of Sainsbury’s book and endeavour to provide your customers with thoughtful, personalised customer service. Our tips, below, explain how you can do just that.


Quality over quantity

You may be receiving hundreds of calls a day, but try to take a step back and treat each person as an individual. For them, their point of contact with you is an important part of their day, as they try to resolve their issue.


Connect on a personal level

If you can, try and find some common ground with your caller, even if it’s just about the services you’re providing. Great things to comment on include: their area of the country, the weather, sports… you know, the kind of small talk you’d make with someone on the bus. You may be divided by distance, but you should endeavour to talk to your customers as if they were right there in front of you.


Endeavour to diagnose the whole problem

Ask lots of questions and aim to get to the root of the problem. By getting every possible scrap of information you will be able to diagnose and resolve the issue a lot quicker and sound even more interested in what they have to say – it’s a win-win situation.


Is that everything?

Instead of looking to close down the call once you’ve resolved their initial problem, make sure to give them enough time and space to mention any residual queries they may have. Don’t rush them off the phone – let them take their time and they will thank you for it, especially if they were in a phone queue for half an hour before getting through!


Do something different

Take some time to assess your approach to customer service, read some stories about other great examples of customer experience, and figure out if there’s anything you can do differently to make yourself- and your brand – stand out from the competition.


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Admin: Skills for the Future


Working in admin, you may feel like you’re the backbone of your company – and you’d be right! From organising events, to invoicing, to keeping everything ticking over – your role is integral to the day-to-day running of your organisation. So, whether you plan to work in admin for the long haul, or have your sights set on a different career path, here’s how your job in administration can help you in your future.


Organisational skills

From your desk to your database, to the massive filing cabinet in the corner – you’re so organised it’s almost unreal. This is a great skill to have, and one that can transfer to almost any career our pastime.

People skills

Don’t underestimate the power of people skills. Admin roles teach you a variety of interpersonal techniques and help you deal with almost any situation life may throw at you.



Being able to assess situations and respond in a logical, measured way is an important factor in many jobs. You’ll learn so many skills in this area when dealing with particularly busy periods for your company.


Computer skills

Much of your admin role will revolve around using computer programs such as Word, Excel and Outlook. With even more jobs relying on digital technology (and more to come in the future), working in admin will set you up nicely for a life of techno-whizziness.


Written communication

Being able to express yourself in a written capacity is key to succeeding in the world of administration, and skills you learn within this area can be applied to majority of career paths. Additionally, you’ll find dealing with paperwork and official bodies a LOT easier once you’ve worked in admin. Trust us!

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You Know you Work in Administration When…

????????????????????????????????????????????????????If you can identify with more than a handful of the points on our list, congratulations – you definitely belong in Admin!

  • You’re on a first-name basis with everyone in your office…
  • …. and could reel off their job titles, how long they’ve been with the company, and whether they have any particular dietary requirements.
  • Without checking, you have a sixth sense about when the company’s stock of post-it notes is running dangerously low.
  • You know exactly what’s in the office diary for the next three months, and can already tell which appointments are likely to move around.
  • You know the exact cost of a train ticket from your local station to the centre of London.
  • You get a weird sense of satisfaction every time your budget works out perfectly. You love it when a plan comes together!
  • You know the best rooms to book for interviews, appraisals, external and internal meetings. The layout, the temperature, the view – there’s an art!
  • You treat your company database like a second home. You like things neat, organised and colour-coded, what’s wrong with that?
  • You have your suspicions about that certain member of staff who often receives unmarked packages in the mail.
  • You sometimes have to work very hard to maintain your ‘company tone of voice’ when answering emails.

Are you looking to work in administration? Visit CV-Library to search for your perfect job.

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An Interview with Hertz Car Rental – CV-Library


Hertz are proud to be the only true global car rental company, providing quality car rental service for over 90 years. Here we talk with Ajaz Qureshi, Talent Aquisition Specialist for the UK, about recruiting for the leading organisation.


AjazHi Ajaz. What makes Hertz Car Rental stand out from the crowd?

What makes our company stand out is how Hertz started as a 12 Car operation in Chicago in 1918, and has since grown into the world’s leading car rental company with over 11,500 locations in 140 countries. The secret of our success is no secret, really – it lies in providing rewarding career paths, fostering personal achievement and celebrating our collective success.
Being # 1 takes talent, a clear vision of the road ahead, a driving passion for excellence, but most of all, great people. Across the UK we employ 1,400 people from over 30 different nationalities.

How did you get into recruitment?

After completing my degree in Multimedia Computing I realised it wasn’t a path I wanted to follow. Since I was a kid I’ve always had a passion for speaking, helping people and making a positive impact on people’s decisions. I felt a career in recruitment was the way forward.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in recruitment?

I’d be a professional boxer living in Las Vegas – a people’s champion, always signing autographs and spending quality time with family and friends.

What are your top tips for candidates looking to work?

First of all, make sure that you treat looking for a job as a job itself, and remain professional at all times. Stay positive, and explore as many avenues as you can whilst seeking  anew position. Practise your interviewing skills with friends and family. Make sure you read adverts clearly before you apply, and only apply for positions you really want to be put forward for. Finally, show your potential employer how enthusiastic you are – and don’t forget that all-important smile!

What do you find the most rewarding about recruiting for Hertz?

The most rewarding part of my job is speaking with nice people and securing them an excellent opportunity with us. It is greatly rewarding to find someone who we know is going to be happy in their new position, and will make a positive impact to our organisation.

What are your predictions for the recruitment year ahead?

I think this year will see a lot more candidates applying directing to companies via social media and job boards. Recruitment agencies are somewhat a thing of the past and many companies now have internal recruitment teams who candidates can trust and reach out to directly.

Have you, personally, ever made an interview faux pas?

Now that would be telling!

If you could meet one famous person – dead or alive – who would it be and why?

I would love to meet Mohammed Ali – the greatest boxer who ever lived. Not only was he so good at the sport, he was also a great entertainer with a lot of charm and charisma outside of the ring. He had a lovely heart.

Visit the Hertz website to find out more about their vehicle rental services, or click here to view current UK job opportunities.

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What happened this week in recruitment industry news?


What happened this week in recruitment industry news?

Can you remember or are you in the fog of Friday?
Test your ability to recall a few select stories and solidify new information in your mind by being tested on it.

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Rewarding Careers – Ecologists

Seeding,Seedling,Male hand watering young treeThis week’s blog post from Career Savvy takes a look into the rewarding career of an Ecologist..

The environment is precious and it needs preserving so that living things can continue to reside in stable habitats. Ecologists carry out surveys to keep track of various species and ensure they’re safe and thriving in their surroundings. Your work will see you contributing towards maintaining a secure environment for all, which will feel very rewarding.



You’ll be responsible for conducting environmental impact evaluations which will likely focus on the area you have chosen to specialise in (marine, flora, freshwater, etc.). You’ll complete research concerning the quantity and dispersion of organisms, as well as categorising them. You’ll then create reports on your findings and offer your suggestions on how the habitats you’re monitoring can be managed in order to best suit the living things concerned. You will need to work alongside and counsel other professionals on the sites you’re overseeing, such as site managers and engineers. Being aware of the latest news in environmental procedures and regulations is vital in order to carry out your work to the correct standard. Once you’re established as an experienced ecologist you may also be able to present your ideas for adapting and improving current legislation, which will be influenced by the results of your research.


What Makes It So Rewarding?

Your work is ensuring that the environment is preserved, suitable and safe for the organisms living within in it.

Clare, a research scientist, explains why she finds the role so satisfying on

‘Discovering rare or different types of vegetation, being able to use the species and vegetation types to ‘read’ the environmental conditions at a site, and advising clients on how to manage their land to improve its biodiversity. I get a kick from simple things like identifying a plant species that is regarded as difficult to correctly identify.’


Skills Required

Most important is a passion for the natural environment and an analytical attitude towards your work. You must be able to both collect and define data effectively, as well as display this information via excellent writing and presentation skills. In order to conduct your research you’ll also need sufficient IT expertise so you can utilise specialist software, as well as project management skills so you can effectively organise your fieldwork.

Salary & Entry Requirements

Employers usually require you to have a degree in ecology, environmental science, conservation biology or similar. To achieve this you will need at least five GCSEs (A-C) including the core subjects (English, maths and science), as well as three A-levels. While obtaining your degree it’s worth signing up to the British Ecological Society Undergraduate Fellowship Scheme, which can provide you with experienced mentors, careers advice, the chance to write for their bulletin and general job search guidance. Volunteering opportunities are perfect for obtaining work experience and boosting your chances of securing a paid position, as well as determining which area of ecology you’re best suited to and enjoy the most. Starting salaries range from £17,000 to £22,000 per annum and experience can see this rise to £30,000. Consultant ecologists can earn more than £45,000 a year.

Search and apply for your next rewarding career at CV-Library today.

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What Candidates Really Want (vs. What They’re Getting)

Recruiters! Ever wondered what your candidates really want? Leading job board CV-Library polled 2,400 active job hunters from a variety of demographic groups across the UK, in a bid to answer top recruiting questions such as; ‘why am I having a problem getting through to candidates?’ and ‘how can I improve my job adverts?’


Questions were split into three categories, pertaining to what candidates want from recruiters, their job hunt and the interview process itself. The survey aimed to provide an honest insight into the needs of the UK’s job hunting population. Read on for some of the most revealing findings!

First things firstnewpic

When asked about their method of choice to begin a job search, 35% of candidates said they would initially look on a job board. This is almost double the number whose first port of call is to contact recruiters (18%). Statistics show that by integrating the use of a job board into their recruitment repertoire, recruiters are more likely to find candidates earlier on in their job search.

They’ve gone mobile, have you?

The survey also found that majority of candidates like to have the option of searching and applying for jobs on the move. 55.5% of those polled use a job hunting mobile app or would consider doing so in the future. With today’s working population often time-poor, job hunting can be a productive way to spend those precious moments on a commute. It is no longer necessary to endure evenings and weekends hunched over a computer writing cover letters.

In turn, recruiters can expect to receive a more even distribution of job applications throughout the day. To secure the best candidates for vacancies, recruiters need to get rid of ingrained habits and employ reactive tactics.


Heavy resourcing is no longer the preserve of pre-9am. Data shows us that top candidates can appear at any time during the day.

Don’t leave it to chance and only hit the job boards first thing in the morning – create alerts that actively inform you when that perfect candidate has uploaded their CV.


Phone or f2f?

CV-Library then asked respondents to comment on their relationships with recruiters. Data shows that most candidates prefer to conduct an initial meeting with a recruiter in person (46.5%). 30.8% would rather use the phone, 20.5% email, and a mere 2.1% would choose to video call a recruiter in the first instance. Consider how often you offer to meet candidates in person. With almost half of those polled insistent that face to face is the way forward, if you’re not offering this kind of service you – and your candidates – may not be getting the most from the relationship.


It may take a little longer to qualify your latest contact, but the added value for both parties could be highly significant.


In regards to maintaining relationships with recruiters, 52.7% of UK job seekers would prefer email contact, 43% to converse by phone, 3.8% text, and a minimal 0.6% by video call. With agencies often targeting consultants on phone time, the mere suggestion that they may have more luck corresponding via email might send recruitment managers across the country reeling in shock. Now, we’re not suggesting that email could ever replace the flow of human conversation, but you can’t ignore the data – the people have spoken and our research suggests that job seekers are more comfortable communicating by email than they are on the phone.


So, what can be gained from these findings? CV-Library suggests recruiters take this opportunity to get inside the collective head of their candidate base and question how they can make the relationship mutually easier and more efficient, whilst increasing its value for both parties. Visit CV-Library to find out how working with a top UK job board can enhance your candidate search.

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7 Ways to Avoid Skype Job Interview Fails


Despite the cost and time efficiency of video call interviews, they remain the least favourable interview type to our candidates. In CV-Library’s recent candidate survey, only 2.6% of people said they would want their first interview stage to be in the form of a video interview. So, if you too are concerned about an upcoming Skype job interview, read our 7 ways to avoid common skype interview fails.


  1. BarbieGurl92 is calling…

Ensure that your Skype name and profile photo are professional. Names such as footballfan89 and photos of your night on the town will not work in your favour.


  1. Stay away from the light!

A bright white background might appear to be the perfect neutral setting for your Skype interview but be warned, it can wash you out and give off a glare like you are calling from Heaven or a padded cell. On the other hand, cluttered settings might distract the interviewer from your amazing interview answers so try and find a happy medium.


  1. Dress to impress, at least from the waist up!

Although you are at home, you still need to look prepared for work. Dress for the formality of the job you are applying for even if the time difference means it is Pyjama time for you. Save your patterned and pin striped shirts for another day, they create optical illusions on camera as if they are moving independently from your body.


  1. Meeting Spot

We’re sure your new puppy/ kitten/ child is adorable, but if he/she wanders into frame while you’re talking about your work experience it will be a guaranteed distraction for you and your interviewer. Tell everyone in the house that you need a quiet hour for your interview and be sure to shut the door to the room you are in.



  1. The camera adds 10lbs

The ideal camera angle to avoid a double chin is to have the camera by your hairline. Keep your spine against the back of your chair for an upright, confident posture and don’t forget to smile!


  1. It’s OK to break the fourth wall

It may feel unnatural to look straight into the camera but it will give the interviewer the sense that you are giving them eye contact and show you are actively listening. Avoid looking away from your computer as this could make you come across as disengaged and nervous. Unlike with an ‘in person’ interview, hand gestures can be a hindrance in video interviews as they might blur on the camera.


  1. Can you hear me now?

Do a test-run to get used to seeing your face on screen. This will also help you check that your setting, camera angle and lighting are on point ahead of the call. Of course it also goes without saying that all your devices need to work and be fully charged.


For more guidance on acing your interviews, read our comprehensive Careers Advice pages.

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