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Career Videos

CV-Library have put together a series of videos to help you with every step of your job search. Short and easy to follow, access useful career advice and top tips in under two minutes!

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Job and Career Advice

This short video takes you through the key stages of your job search - from what to include on your CV and how to get it noticed, through to how to prepare for your next job interview.

Identify your Achievements

A short video which helps you to identify what accomplishments you have achieved in your previous role. This will be a prime indicator to future employers as to whether you would be able to complete a role. You need to do more than just list your skills, as this will not set you apart from other candidates - you need to provide thorough examples and justifications.

Spin Doctor

Taking a spin doctor approach allows you to learn the key of selling yourself to potential employers, cutting out cliches and using supportive language. The spin doctor video takes you through a step-by-step guide of how to put a positive light on your experiences.

Quantify your Experience

The experience section of your CV is the area which will showcase how you have gained all your relevant experience. This video will allow you to categorise and add depth to your CV through quantitative data. Whether it is the amount of members in your team, or the total of accounts you have secured, this video will ensure you use the data appropriately.

Prioritise your CV

Prioritising your CV is of ultimate importance when applying for vacancies, as an employer will briefly scan your CV first to see if you look appropriate for the role. On average you have 8 seconds to make an impression. This short video will show you how to get the content of your CV noticed!