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Graduate Cover Letters

Follow our simple tips to write the perfect cover letter and stand out from the crowd:

Style Tips

The style of your cover letter says a lot about you. Ensure it looks professional, is typed out and follows a professional layout.

  • Use one side of A4; approximately three to four paragraphs
  • Send your letter to a named person, if possible
  • Double check your spelling and grammar and get someone else to check
  • Use a professional, friendly tone
  • Your writing style should reflect the job you're applying to. For example, an IT Developer's cover letter will be very different to a PR Executive's
  • Date your letter and include your contact details
  • Don't forget to attach your CV!

Content Advice

Content is of course key. Your graduate cover letter is the first chance you get to present yourself and sell your skills to the recruiter. Make it count.

  • Open the cover letter clearly indicating which role you are applying to
  • Describe why you are the perfect candidate for the job
  • Advertise why you are unique; persuade the recruiter to read your CV
  • Briefly describe your qualifications; try not to repeat your CV too much
  • Show you have researched the company and role
  • Outline why this specific role interests you
  • Your cover letter can also be used to explain any anomalies on your CV, such as low grades or a change of degree
  • If you can obtain a strong reference from a university tutor or lecturer you can include this information

Contact Information

  • Include your name, address, email and phone number in the letter header
  • Indicate the best way you can be contacted
  • End your cover letter by specifying when you are available for an interview
  • Sign off the cover letter with both a typed and hand written signature and include your contact details again

Next Step

Follow up your application after three days to check your CV has been received. This will highlight to the recruiter how passionate you are about the graduate role.