Monday 22 December 2014

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Richmond Group

About Richmond Group

Based in Bournemouth, Dorset, The Richmond Group is a finance company made up of four brands offering loans, loan brokerage and affiliate networking. 

Each brand delivers products designed not just to help people who’ve been turned away by the big banks, but to do things differently too. Whether that’s by being entirely independent (like Loanfinder), entirely online (like Ratio) or offering a new style of loan that doesn’t rely on credit scores (like Amigo Loans), they’re all innovations that we did first. 

Personal finance is rapidly evolving from a clunky office-based business into a fast-moving online industry. We’re at the front of that change thanks to our ground-breaking products and our ability to quickly adapt our business according to the needs of our customers. That’s why we’re always looking for amazing people to drive our brands – if you get excited about big problems and unanswered questions, we’d like to talk to you. 

Just as we’ve innovated in our business, we’ve also innovated in our workspace. Our offices have sleep pods, relaxation areas, recreational activities like pool, table tennis and table football, televisions, aquariums and sea views. Our in-house kitchen service RBucks, creates restaurant-quality food on a daily basis and our benefits package offers regular bonuses, iPhones, massages and free healthcare to name but a few things. No wonder we’re considered one of the best companies in the UK to work for… 

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Contact Us

Walton House
56-58 Richmond Hill

Tel: 08000 913 239

Richmond Group


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