Sunday 21 December 2014

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Paul or Danny Sherman

01923 819819

Temple house

1st floor 14 The Parade


WD17 1AA

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About us

Liquid is a recruitment company run by two brothers, Paul & Danny Sherman. We are both highly driven by the belief that recruitment should be more personal and less corporate, that character and personality are as important as skills and experience and that we should be 100% accountable, emotionally and professionally to our clients, to our candidates and to the customers of the companies we supply. We provide temporary, permanent and contract staff to all organisations who are involved in the life-cycle of social residential properties in the UK, from conception right through to sale. A genuine holistic approach makes us not only responsible to the hiring manager, but to every organisation and person involved in social housing projects. Whether you are a Housing Association who has just been given the go-ahead to develop or regenerate stock; a contractor that has been awarded the project of building such a development; a company or department that is responsible for the repairs and maintenance of residential properties, or you provide services such as housing management, home ownership or home sales, Liquid are here for you...every step of the way.

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