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The CV-Library Timeline

From a young carpet fitter's struggle to find a new job, to the largest independent job board in the UK in little over a decade - learn about the history behind CV-Library.

From Bedroom to Barns

The idea for CV-Library came as founder Lee Biggins was on his own job search and recognised a gap in the market. Taking advantage of the dot com boom, Lee thought up a website where people could upload their CV and employers could go to source the staff they needed. With the help of Brian Wakem, the CV-Library website was built.

With low budgets and emerging competition, Lee and Brian counted on support from family and friends and hands-on marketing strategies such as local flyer distribution to get the business under way.

The BBC became CV-Library's first official client in 2001, leading to business growth and a move away from bedroom offices to the “shoebox” offices at Grove Farm, Crookham Village. Lee and Brian soon realised they needed some employees, with their first brought on board to assist with Sales and Marketing.

1000 New CVs a Day

Strong business strategies were put in place and the company started to grow internally as the database started to increase by 1,000 new CVs every day. Award nominations started to flood in and they haven't stopped to this day.

The job board reached its first one million turn over and the Renewals Team was launched.

2007 was a record breaking year for CV-Library as they hit one million CV registrations and a second work unit was opened

CV-Library Team Expands

In 2008 the job board took on its 20th employee and the affiliate network grew to over 150 different job boards.

Lee won personality of the year at the OnRec Awards in 2010 and two million CVs were recorded. 15 new staff were employed and CV-Library spread throughout three of the converted barns. The BritishJobs Network was also acquired.

CV-Library is officially the leading independent and fastest growing job board in the UK according to the ABC Electronic (ABCe) audit.

CV-Library Today

In June 2011, CV-Library moved from the converted barns to the Waterfront Business Park, Fleet to accommodate their expanding team. There are currently over 90 full-time members of staff divided into Sales, Client Response, Development, Design, Press & Marketing and HR teams. Why not meet the team and view our current vacancies?

CV-Library.co.uk continues to go from strength to strength. The site now offers candidates over 100,000 live job vacancies and offers clients access to over 7.5 million high calibre candidate CVs. Over 2.8 million unique users visit the site each month, with 16 million job searches and 2 million job applications being delivered.

CV-Library is a multi-award winning company and the UK's leading independent online job board.

Award Recognition

CV-Library has won several recruitment awards over the years highlighting their on-going achievements and continuous hard work.

CV-Library Award Recognition
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